In the closing hours of May President Trump drove the Leftist Media and the rest of Liberalism into a frenzy. He accomplished this task with a single tweet and a single word.


With just one word there is a demand for President Trump’s resignation and impeachment from the insane Left. Nothing in the President’s tweet is impeachable or even remotely demanding of his resignation however. Just anything he does makes the Left call for these two things.

Social media networks also exploded with a bad dose of crazy with the word being repeated everywhere. Everyone was trying to figure out it’s meaning and doing a terrible job at it. Since no one took it seriously. To the Left it was another joke on the President. Something to demean and ridicule.

Well calmer emotions and true intelligence is here to save the day and to pry open the closed eyes of these Leftist morons.

First of all, at the time I am writing this article, I have no idea what “covfefe” means. But that isn’t the point of this writing today.

I do know it has been around far longer than May 2017 and the President Trump was not the first person to use it or the last. But he might have been the last person to have used it correctly as all the Left use words incorrectly (sometimes to their advantage or agenda.)

Being a technologist by trade and a political junkie and activist by duty as a good citizen of this great Republic. I do like to investigate things before diving into them. It helps to make sure one does not look like a fool. In the course of my research on the President’s tweet I came cross a post on a tech message board from 2012. Yes 5 years ago, while President Obama was in the White House and Donald Trump wasn’t running for President.

That post from 5 years ago ended with a single word.


And it came from across the pond in the United Kingdom and wasn’t from Donald Trump. So stop with the insanity that the President has lost his mind. He hasn’t and there is proof. Once it’s on the internet, it’s always on the internet.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


As we’ve seen, the Left loves to control the language as a means of controlling the narrative on any subject. However, there are times when a word comes along that they don’t know how to control.

And the most recent example of this is “covfefe.”

What started out as a since-deleted tweet from President Donald Trump has turned into a firestorm of panic, anger, hysteria, and comedy. With the Left’s control issues in full effect, they are struggling to try to get a handle on what Trump meant by covfefe. Fortunately, they have me to help them through the rhetorical wilderness.


What the Left thinks it means –  secret code, proof of mental incompetence, an impeachable offense

What it really means – the Left is grasping at straws

Never has so much been made of so little by so many people. I mean, aside from Keith Olbermann’s tweets since Trump was elected.

Given the context of the tweet, it’s clear to many it was a typo, as is frequent for Twitter users. But to the Left, it was so much more. It was a secret code to Russia! It was a secret code to the Saudis! It was a sign of Alzheimer’s! It was proof he was dumber than the plot to any Tyler Perry movie! But above all else, the Big Kahuna of hot takes? It was grounds for impeachment.

Yes, you read that right. Grounds for impeachment.

See what I mean about the Left grasping at straws? Although the Constitution does allow for a President to be removed if he’s determined to be unfit for the office (a clause that could have been enacted a lot in our nation’s history), but a Tweet with a typo isn’t quite what one looks for in an impeachable offense. If typos were illegal, there would a lot of people in prison and off Twitter. Hmmm…maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all…

Anyway, the wild speculation about covfefe is an indication, or dare I say indictment, of the modern state of politics. Currently, America is more fractured than Jackie Chan’s skeleton. Both the Left and the Right have knuckleheads taking actions that scare the living daylights out of people in the middle. Whether it’s the antifa rioters…I mean protesters or some members of the extreme alt-right, events keep escalating to the point we’re going to see a meltdown where property and lives will be in danger.

That’s right. America is turning into the Sean Penn-Madonna marriage.

This is where cooler heads have to prevail. Since they’re all busy, I’ll fill in.

Regardless of whether you think Donald Trump is the best thing since all day breakfast at McDonalds or the worst thing since all day breakfast at Uncle Slappy’s Botulism Emporium, he is still the President. No amount of weekend marches, Twitter fights, or badly-conceived comedy/art pieces by a self-described D-List celebrity showing a bloody and beheaded Trump is going to change that. What will change that is to get serious and pick your battles.

And that’s where the Left needs to have better decision-making skills. Getting worked up over covfefe isn’t a good hill to die on because a) it’s too easily explained away rationally, and b) it’s damn stupid. Remember the boy who cried wolf? After too many times of false alarms, no one believed him when the wolf finally arrived. Don’t be the boy or girl who cries covfefe.

As for the rest of us, have fun with it. Make up new ways to use it. Heck, maybe you can replace vulgarity with covfefe! Make up a new drink called covfefe. (And if anybody from Starbucks is reading this, I want a cut of the profits if you come out with a covfefe drink. I’ll even settle for not having to drink one of those rainbow unicorn monstrosities.) Let’s make it go stratospheric and make it the most popular baby name in 2017 or 2018! The more fun we have with covfefe, the more Leftists will get frustrated they let another word get by them before they could adequately distort…I mean define it.

And if they don’t like it, they can kiss my covfefe.