Iowa GOP District Convention (part 2)


The Iowa GOP District Convention for 2016 has come and gone. There are a few young (under 20) delegates who attempted to get run for some of the offices that were open. They didn’t make the votes but good for them for trying it out.

For those that don’t really know me I’m an introvert. I really don’t like large crowds or public speaking. So when I decided to run as a National Delegate. It was way outside of my comfort zone. Writing on the other hand is well within my normal comfort zone. I spoke with the Donald Trump leadership present at the convention. There it was decided best to run as an Alternate rather than a Primary National Delegate. So that is what I did.

There were 18 of us running for 3 Alternate National Delegate spots. In the first round of voting. I didn’t make the top 10 to go on to additional rounds. But it was a start anyway.

The National Delegates are supposed to be a representation of the Iowa voters. But instead it looks like we will be sending a full contingent of Cruz supporting delegates. But within the Iowa Caucus, Cruz only was to get 9 delegates and Trump was to get 8 delegates. This turned out to be more of a power grab for individuals than a representation of the people of Iowa.

I am also a delegate to the State GOP Convention in May. Other than electing a National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. I’m not sure what other positions will be available at the convention. I will have to wait and see.

Iowa GOP District Convention (part 1)


This Saturday is the GOP District Convention date in Iowa. Each of our districts will meet and elect delegates to the National Convention in June and elect a Presidential Elector (that’s the person who is on the Electoral College.) It’s an important day for the GOP and the country.

In this election cycle I am a delegate to the District and State Conventions. I’ve held this post in the past a few other times. It’s good to be involved in the political process. This year is different.

I have announced my own candidacy to become a National Delegate, or even the Presidential Elector to represent my County, my District, and my State on the national level. It is an honor to be called and to serve in this function. I’ll have an update after Saturday’s convention to let everyone know if I am a National Delegate.

If you are going to be a Delegate, I would appreciate your support. If you know a friend or family member who is a Delegate, please give them a good word for me. Thank you.

National Delegate or Presidential Elector


Dear Friends,

My name is Chris Rheinherren. I am a native Iowan and a life-long conservative Republican. I have always been involved in the political process from never missing a vote, to participating in the caucus.

I have volunteered my time and talents to various campaigns, candidates, and organizations. I have also been paid at various times as well. I am no stranger to politics.

I have also been at various times a member of the Polk County Central Committee, or a delegate to the county, district and state conventions.

This year I feel called to extend my service to the national level. I am placing my name in nomination to be a Delegate (or Alternate) to the Republican Nation Convention. I will also place my name in the nomination for the Presidential Elector as well. Thus I can serve at the national level in one of those aspects for my Party, County, District, and State.

Also I feel that if I can win one of these 3 spots that I am seeking it would do well for those who are first timers to the caucus process. To show that anyone can truly be involved in politics just with determination.

I ask for your support at the 3rd District Convention in Creston this Saturday.

What’s in a Name


Some good readers have pointed out that my legal name does not appear on the blog any place. This is true, it does not. The domain name itself is a nickname I’ve used since childhood which to me is my name. (At least one of them.)

A large number of people in our internet age know me only by the name “bynw’. Or that was the first name they knew me by before learning my given name.

For those that want my name it’s easy to get. You can just ask me for it. I’ve added a “Contact Us” page to the site to make it easy too.

The reasons that may need my legal name is for reprinting of blog posts and compenssation for blog posts and writings for other websites and media outlets. Some just want to give credit where credit is do, and that’s just fine.

Thank you very much for spreading the word about my blog. And thanks for reading too.