Never Have I


In my lifetime there have been 10 Presidents of the United States. I have never shown any one of them the discourtesy that people today are showing to President Trump.

We have had bad presidents. We have had good presidents. We have had ineffective presidents. Of the 10 presidents in my lifetime, I would rank 2 of them as good. 1 as ineffective. 6 of them bad for various reasons. And 1 of them was able to established diplomatic ties with communist China that we still have today. Preventing a terrible global war from happening if we never had such ties.

There were 4 Democratic and 6 Republican presidents. 4 served two full terms. 2 served only one term. 3 served one term and a partial second term. And the current president’s full tenure isn’t known at this time.

But even with the 6 presidents I would consider to be bad ones I have never called any one of them a P.O.S. As people call President Trump.

To call another human being this term takes a level of hatred that I cannot fathom or even understand.

Maybe some of histories most infamous rulers could possibly earn this description. The likes of King Herod, Nero, Caligula, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, and other socialists. These men were vile and evil to the core. But they murdered thousands and millions of their own people and others as well.

But the United States has never had a President at this level of evil. To call our current President a P.O.S. is vile in itself. And it speaks volumes about the character of the person using the term instead of the President.

America is the greatest country on Earth. We have freedoms that even the rest of the so-called “free world” cannot understand. We can disagree with our President and the polices of the Administration and the whole of Congress for that matter. And we have done so since the time of our founding.

We used to do these things civilly without violence that now infects our homes, families, schools, and places of employment. We need to return to our roots and be that shining city on the hill again.

Last 2015 Debate


Last night was the last Republican presidential debate of 2015. And the last before the Iowa Caucus ends up casting the first vote in the nation on choosing who will be the Republican nominee.

In the first debate of the evening we had Graham, Huckabee, Santorum, and Pataki. Graham doesn’t listen to anyone. Most of his answers are naive at best and dangerous to our national security. He is a fool. Pataki likewise just doesn’t have it in him to be President, he was a little better than Graham. Between Santorum and Huckabee, I believe Huckabee won the day and the debate. He would be a good VP choice for whomever gets the nomination.

During the main event. Trump was attacked, just as he was attacked during the first debate. But Trump defended and clarified his positions. He has come a long way since entering the field of being an active voice in politics. He even defended Jeb. But Jed still openly attacked him and shared some of the same lack of listening skills shown by Graham in the first debate.

The Gov of Ohio, I keep forgetting his name, is just a blowhard. He likes to talk but really doesn’t say much of anything.

Rand and Jeb’s idea about not using ground troops in the Middle East is absolutely absurd. Rand will not make the US safe at all from Islamic or other terrorists.

Cruz, who seems to think he is leading in Iowa, based on a poll conducted by the Des Moines Register, also is a blowhard. He talks, he talks over the moderators. And he keeps on talking well after his time has expired. It shows lapses in his character. His father would be a better candidate but unfortunately his father was not a natural born citizen.

Rubio has a few issues as well. He has no executive experience. He is in full time campaign mode. Reminds me of Obama, who was always campaigning. Rubio was sent to the Senate to vote but misses most of them because he is out running for President. What happens if he gets to be President, will he do his job then?

Ben Carson and Trump seem to have patched things up as Trump had good things to say about Ben during the debate. And like usual, Ben didn’t have many speaking opportunities.

Carly is dangerous when it comes to freedom. She would trade freedom and several of our Bill of Rights for safety. This cannot be allowed. The NSA spying on Americans and the collection of metadata and other data needs to stop.

Trump has the right ideas when it comes to national security issues. With the right Congress and the right advisors in place. His ideas would be implemented with great care and ease.