It’s Raining Men…Or Is It?


In news that could only come out of the weirdest state in America, there is a bill going through the California Assembly that would punish people who don’t use a transgendered person’s “preferred name or pronouns” in certain circumstances related to public health, retirement, or housing. The punishment? A fine of up to $1000 and up to 1 year in jail.

And people wonder why people call California the land of fruits and nuts?

All kidding aside, imagine having to defend yourself in court against a person Aerosmith sung about. Get a sympathetic (or simply pathetic) jury and that dude who looks like a lady could win, meaning you would get punished for not knowing whether he/she was a dude or a lady. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Kafka-esque absurdity that makes Naked Lunch look like the evening news. On second thought, the news is getting just as bad. Nevermind.

If you didn’t catch my previous blog post about gender, let me give you the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version: there are only two genders. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying, have an agenda, or are utterly illiterate regarding science. Or a Leftist, which covers all three scenarios.

As someone whose last name has been misspelled more times than Tweets that confuse “your” and “you’re,” I can see where the supporters of the bill are coming from. Getting called the wrong name or being called the wrong gender can be frustrating. Having said that, there needs to be some common sense applied here. Granted, it’s California, so common sense may be a foreign concept, but someone has to try. So, here goes.

If you are a man who wants to be referred to as a woman and use feminine pronouns/names, then look the part. Ditto for you women who want to be referred to as men and use masculine pronouns/names. And as far as you “gender fluid” types are concerned, pick a gender and stick with it for more than 5 seconds. If you run into someone who doesn’t respect your wishes, so what? Your solution (if you can even call it that) will make it harder to be accepted by society at large which, in turn, sets back your movement by decades. There are going to be jerks everywhere you go. Making it illegal to be a jerk because they “misgender” you won’t make the jerks go away.

Here’s an idea. Try toughening up. If you base your entire self-worth on whether someone addresses you by the gender you prefer, real life is going to kick your ass. The best way to handle jerks is to treat them better than they would treat you. Not only will you look like the mature one, but if will leave them with little or nothing to say in response. Heck, you might even be able to break down a barrier or two in the process.

Unless you want to punish people for “wrongthink”, then your solution is the only one you’ll accept. Fine, but don’t be surprised if someone else gets smart and challenges you to a DNA test to see what gender you are. All the makeup or butch haircuts in the world won’t mean a thing next to hard scientific data.

“The Party of Science” indeed…

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


People have handled the election of Donald Trump in different ways. Some have been happy. Others have been sad. Others have been more unstable than a house of cards on a wobbly card table on the San Andreas Fault.

Then, there’s California. (Granted, the lawmakers there might fall into that third category, but work with me here.) There has been a movement in California for the state to break away from the United States in the same vein as England’s Brexit movement. They’ve even come up with a totally original name, too: Calexit. Those Leftists are so creative!

Let’s take a look at the Calexit movement, shall we?


What the Left believes it means – a movement for California to leave the United States and stand on its own

What it really means – the Mirror Universe version of Galt’s Gulch

If you’re not familiar with Galt’s Gulch, it’s a reference to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged which deals with productive members of society deciding to drop out of sight and start life in a society where one’s efforts and productivity are championed instead of derided by those who are less productive than Keith Olbermann. In other words, the opposite of California right now. And, if Calexit proponents get their way, they will get to live out their Leftist version sooner rather than later.

On the surface, Calexit has merit. California is said to have the sixth largest economy in the world. Not in the US. The whole fraking world! And let’s not overlook the fact the global film industry is centered in Los Angeles, or the fact Silicon Valley is still pumping out global technology that we use (usually at least a year or two after Japan had it). Agriculture is still a major force there. So, why shouldn’t California break up with us?


For a number of years, Leftists fawned over how Hugo Chavez ran a seemingly successful economy based around oil. (Also, Chavez mocked George W. Bush repeatedly, so Leftists loved him for that almost as much as his economy.) Chavez spent a lot on Leftist-approved causes.

Then the oil market crashed like the Exxon Valdez.

Suddenly, all those Leftist programs became unsustainable. As a result, their economy went into a nosedive, their currency became less valuable than a Hillary Clinton political endorsement, and widespread poverty has hit Venezuela hard. Now, who could have seen that coming? I mean, aside from anyone who has studied socialism for any length of time and realized the fundamental flaws. And it’s not like we haven’t seen the failures of socialism throughout history, either! If only there were a country that called itself socialist and even had “socialist” in its name…oh, wait. Try the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!

What the Caliexit folks don’t realize is they are setting themselves up for the same problems Venezuela is experiencing right now. What happens to your economy when you can’t afford to keep illegal immigrants and poor citizens on the public dole? How high will your taxes have to be in order to keep your dreams of high speed rail afloat while people leave the state in droves? And how much pot will you have to smoke to make these problems go away?

The problems with Calexit go beyond the economic. If California leaves the US, they will have to give up the military bases within the state because those bases, equipment, and manpower technically are part of the United States. That leaves the California National Guard, and a good case can be made that the federal government can lay claim to those folks, too. If you strip away those two layers of national defense, you’re left to citizens with guns. Oh, wait, California has strict gun laws that only the law-abiding follow in the first place. Looks like you’re screwed, California!

Going back to agriculture for a moment, we see another major problem. Since California tends to be a bit on the arid side, they need irrigation to keep their crops (and rich people’s lawns) growing. That wouldn’t be a problem normally, but California tends to get a lot of water from neighboring states. Guess what happens if California leaves the US. Yep, that water goes away! And when you consider the state hasn’t figured out how to make desalinization a thing when they are literally on the ocean, it’s going to be a lot harder for crops to grow if Calexit becomes a thing.

There are a ton of logistical issues with Calexit (whether marriages in their state will be recognized elsewhere, whether people will need a passport to visit California, whether the state will get Congressional representation, just to name a few), and I’m not sure the Calexit fans have thought this out far enough. It reminds me of the time I decided to run away from home after I had an argument with one of my brothers. I packed up what I thought I needed, slammed the front door, and started heading for the street. Of course, I was too young to even go out on the street or go through neighbor’s yards without permission, so I wound up coming right back. Then, I turned 30, and my parents said I was mature enough.

If Californians want to leave the United States after electing Donald Trump as President, I have two words to say to you, courtesy of Curly Bill from “Tombstone.”


Your Scientific Papers, Please


Sometimes, it takes me a while to find news stories to share with you faithful readers. Other times, the blogs and jokes write themselves.

From our good friends in the California Senate comes Senate Bill 1161, known as the California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016. What would this bill do exactly? Considering it’s from the land of fruits, nuts, and flakes, nothing good.

But let me let the California State Senate Rules Committee provide further details.

This bill explicitly authorizes district attorneys and the Attorney General to pursue UCL (Unfair Competition Law) claims alleging that a business or organization has directly or indirectly engaged in unfair competition with respect to scientific evidence regarding the existence, extent, or current or future impacts of anthropogenic induced climate change.
To put it in non-Legalese, the bill gives attorneys the ability to go after companies and organizations they believe attempt to muddy the waters of the “settled science” of man-made global climate change.

Let that sink in for a moment. This bill would essentially make it illegal to dissent with the Left’s version of science.

The good news is the bill has been withdrawn after groups from both sides of the political spectrum attacked it as being too extreme. The bad news is the bill can be reintroduced later (like, say, when the Left gets rid of these  nutjobs who believe in this wacky idea they call “freedom of speech”). For now, though, climate change realists can continue to tell the truth about how little impact humans have on global temperatures.

And that’s why the Left feels they need to silence those of us who think they’re full of crap because, well, we understand science. The Left wants to use science as a sword when they think it proves their points. Let’s not forget the Left has been saying man-made global warming has been “settled science” for years and anyone who disagrees with the science is like Holocaust deniers.

Except when the science proves them wrong. Then, they ignore the actual science in favor of their “settled science” or try to discredit it in any way they can. With the California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016, the Left attempted to give their “science” a legal cudgel to beat their opponents into submission.

All because they can’t debate the topic honestly.