Practice what you Preach


From the very beginning of this election cycle there has been a faction of the conservative movement calling for all conservatives, and by extension the entire GOP base, to unite and coalesce behind a single candidate. That candidate being the freshman Texas junior Senator Ted Cruz.

This faction, lead in Iowa by the likes of Steve Deace, Congressman Steve King, and The Family Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats. Have demanded that the other candidates drop out of the race and join the Cruz Team for a victory in November. And any candidate or conservative leader who has opposed this idea has been branded a traitor to the conservative movement or worse.

But out of the gate we had nearly a score of candidates to choose from, to vet, to listen to, and discuss the issues with directly. To unite behind a single candidate too soon is putting your eggs in on basket. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

When delegates began to be counted up and when it became mathematically impossible for a candidate to win the nomination. The Cruz Team called for the candidate to drop out and support them.

This has been going on since the 2016 election cycle began. The Cruz Team calling for the other candidates to get out of the race and to join the team. Any opposition is attacked without mercy and with dirty politics and out right lies.

Now we have come to a point where only 3 GOP candidates remain. One doesn’t have a chance at being the nominee unless they become a compromise candidate after several rounds of voting during the national convention.

Ted Cruz is trailing in delegates at this point in the race to the nomination. And he would have to win big everywhere to get it. Which isn’t likely at all given the national averages.

The party’s front-runner, new to this side of politics, has made some costly mistakes. But Donald Trump can still get the needed delegates to win the nomination.

If Ted Cruz was in that front-runner spot. He would be calling for the others to drop out. Citing there is little chance for the runner up to win and the guy trailing in 3rd cannot win. It would be time to finally coalesce.

But instead Ted Cruz is still holding out. The world must coalesce around him and him alone. He doesn’t at all practice what he preaches. Or he would drop out and allow Donald Trump to be the nominee. Instead Ted Cruz must win the nomination by any means necessary. Not because he is the one and only hope for America’s future. No. Because more than anything else, Ted Cruz wants to be President of the United States. He wants the power and authority it will give him. In that way he is much like Hillary Clinton.

Endorsements and Secret Meetings


Here in my home state of Iowa, we have the unique privilege of vetting the candidates for President before anyone begins to vote on them. This is an issue we take very seriously. Our caucus is next month and many people are still undecided when it comes to the Republican field.

As far as the Democrats go, it’s almost a sure thing for Hillary Clinton unless the millennials come out in great numbers and call for the Socialist Bernnie Sanders. That is yet to be determined.

For the mainstream however, most of us are undecided. Myself included. I have leanings towards several candidates. But yet so-called Conservative leaders in our State and across the nation have taken it upon themselves to cast secret ballots in secret meetings and come up with the nominee for the movement and the Republican Party.

This cabal of un-elected power mongers, who like to think of themselves as Kingmakers. Have decided for all of us, with a vote behind closed doors that Ted Cruz should be our man. This is a bad mistake on a number of levels.

Ted Cruz isn’t above being a liar. He lied about the Huckabee rally in Kentucky for the imprisoned county clerk when he knew full well that it was a Huckabee rally. Yet he tried to crash it for his own political gain.

Ted Cruz also isn’t a fighter. He doesn’t stand up to the black robed tyrants of the court system. To him, the opinions of the court are law. Which means he isn’t even going to try to fight the courts on any issue if he becomes President.

Ted Cruz isn’t for the Fair Tax. So he still wants to have a smaller corrupt IRS system which taxes your income and keeps people in poverty. We all should be able to take home what we make. Now one alone isn’t enough to disqualify him. But it’s another nail in the coffin.

And I, and others, just don’t have a good feeling when it comes to Ted Cruz. Call it intuition if you will, or a Believer, you can also call it the Holy Spirit speaking to us. But either way Ted Cruz is NOT our voice.

Those conservative leaders who decided that Cruz was the man for the movement in their secret meetings and who have already endorsed him because of it risk alienating the base who is still majorly undecided. And it makes them angry and causes fractures that the cabal wanted to prevent with their meddling. And it may even lead to conservative voters staying home for the caucus and on election night. And that would open the door for Hillary or Sanders to take the White House without a fight.

We may be on our way to having new leaders of our movement in this election cycle. As our current leadership continues to fail us and costs us election after election.

Despite the polling numbers, the other candidates still have a chance to swell once the caucus and primary season kicks off. Come SuperTuesday we will know who is still in the running and who is not.