Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


Sometimes the topics for the Leftist Lexicon take a bit of time to develop, while other times the topics just fall in my lap. Thanks to two news stories this week, the topic was a Rose Parade float complete with fireworks, dancers, and lasers.

Earlier this week, the Huffington Post published a piece about a transgender activist attempting to get people to believe men can get periods, too. Then, President Donald Trump tweeted a sentiment saying transgendered people should not serve in the military, which came as a surprise to the Defense Department. So, what’s the topic?

Stupid media, of course!

Seriously, I suggest you grab a cold drink and some food because this one’s going to be a long one.


What the Left believes it means – people whose gender identity does not correspond to their birth gender, which exposes them to discrimination and oppression by the straight world

What it really means – it’s complicated

I will fully admit I’m not an expert on transgendered issues (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night), so I will entertain the possibility I am wrong. Currently, I see three different factions within the transgender movement: the political transgendered, the social transgendered, and the “average” transgendered. Although these descriptors seem pretty self-explanatory, I want to explore them in greater detail, mainly since this blog post would be a lot shorter if I didn’t.

Let’s start with the political transgendered. This is the activist wing of the movement, seeking to create a more inclusive environment by forcing people to accept their way of life through judicial and governmental fiat. This group is closely tied to the activist gays because they have the same goals and enemies, hence their inclusion in the LGBTQAEIOUSOMETIMESY movement. Although they preach tolerance, they are anything but. If you stray from the script even a little bit, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a shunning that would put the Amish to shame.

This brings us to the social transgendered. There are some people who dress androgynously, not because they have gender identity issues, but because they crave attention or they think it’s cool. Many of these people don’t actually want to transition from male to female or vice versa, and they are open about that. Does that make them transgender? They say so, but I’m not sure I agree. If I put on a dress (because I have the gams for it) and say I’m a woman, does that make my frank and beans disappear? Not in the times I’ve done it…I mean, not that I know of.

This is where the transgender activist who says men can get periods comes into play. You can dress, talk, act, walk, and look like a member of the opposite gender, but you are still the gender you are when you were born. In my 47+ years of life, I have never once had a period, and I’m going to bet I won’t anytime soon because…how can I put this delicately…I don’t have the right plumbing. If you’re a woman, more likely than not, you will have a period at some point in your life. That’s not a gender identify issue; that’s biology. You know, science? To have the self-described “Party of Science” get behind a concept so anti-science speaks volumes, and none of it good.

Finally, we have the “average” transgendered people. If you are trans and reading this, I apologize for not coming up with a better descriptor, but I couldn’t find any other term that I felt encapsulated what I see as the bulk of the transgendered community. If you have a preferred term that better fits the community, please let me know.

Now, onto the meat of this particular part of the blog. It’s been my experience many trans people (as well as gays, lesbians, and queer folk) just want to be left alone and treated with the respect you would give to anyone else. That’s it. And, I am perfectly cool with that. All I ask is the same consideration. I won’t try to convert you to my Lutheran faith (at least not without providing a hot dish), and I ask you don’t try to get me into a leopard skin miniskirt. I mean, I have the gams for it, but still.

Although I’m not an expert on the subject of transgendered people, I don’t come into this discussion without knowledge. One of my favorite YouTubers is Blaire White, who is a trans woman and offers interesting insights into being trans. If you haven’t checked her out, do so. I will defer to her knowledge on the subject, and all I ask in return is to go into her channel with an open mind and don’t be mean to her.

With the three groups I’ve mentioned, I feel the most for the “average” transgendered group because the political and social transgendered groups are unwittingly making it harder for them to be fully accepted. Granted, there are some pockets out there who will fight back against any and all variations on the human theme, but I genuinely think most people today would be open to trans people were it not for the aforementioned groups gumming up the works. It’s okay to be trans and proud, but if you’re scaring off people who would be your allies, you’re going to drive people away faster than a David Duke stand-up routine at an NAACP convention. It’s all about finding a balance.

As far as the political and social trans folks out there, I have one piece of advice for you: stop trying to help because you’re not. Your actions and machinations are creating an environment where trans people can’t be seen as real people. When you put your own selfish needs and wants above the needs and wants of those you claim to represent, you undercut the trans community.

With “friends” like that, the trans community doesn’t need any more enemies.