Two Truths


The 2 best truths stated by Donald Trump in a recent speech were:

“Hillary Clinton started the birther movement. I finished it.”

For those that have forgotten. Hillary Clinton and Obama were bitter rivals for the Democratic nomination back in the 2008 election cycle. Hillary’s campaign started the rumors that Obama wasn’t born in the United States. This was to discredit his candidacy so the Democrats would flock to her banner. It failed.

But the birther movement was picked up and carried forward by elements of the Republican party. Calling on Obama to produce his long form birth certificate. He refused to do so. Adding to the speculation that there was a Constitutional crisis. A non-Native born citizen had entered the White House.

During Obama’s first term as President things started to get worse for the American people. We became divided more and more. Taxes were going up and wages going down. Jobs were lost and more people were on welfare than ever before in our history as a nation. The Tea Party and other Liberty and Conservative based organizations with voices began to rise.

Several of these voices talked about a possible presidential run to challenge Obama in the 2012 election cycle. One of these voices was Donald Trump. He too had been caught up in the birther movement. And Obama had yet to provide any proof that he was a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. But as Mr Trump began exploring a presidential bid for himself. I think the very thought of a billionaire who could easily pay for his own primary campaign was worrisome to Obama.

So Obama, in an attempt to ease the minds of those already supporting Donald Trump and his potential campaign, released the long awaited long-form birth certificate. Showing that Obama was born in Hawaii as claimed and not born in Kenya. So Mr Trump didn’t challenge Obama in 2012 but he ended the birther question once and for all.

I have a previous post where I discuss the question of Obama’s birth. But it has nothing to do with where he was born. He is a natural born US Citizen unfortunately. And many where duped by his false promises. You can read my previous post here:

Birther Craze


Rafael Edward Cruz is a natural born US citizen and is eligible to become President of the United States.

Even in pre-Revolutionary times, a child born to a citizen who was living abroad was a “natural born citizen.”

That is the only way to be a natural born citizen of the United States. One or both parents must be citizens. If they are not, then the child is not a citizen either. The child inherits the citizenship of the parents.

And to clarify this position, “natural born” includes but is not limited to: breech born, cesarean section, induced and any other method that may be used. The child can also be born at home, a hospital, or anywhere else for that matter, even Canada.

As long as one or both parents are citizens of the United States at the time of birth, then the child will also be a citizen of the United States. It’s very simple to understand.

However, if a child is born to illegal alien immigrants, legal residents on a visa, foreign tourists, or recent legal immigrants. Then the child is not a citizen of the United States. There are no anchor babies. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was not and does not apply to children who’s parents are not citizens.

For those children who are born in the United States from recent legal immigrants who have applied for citizenship and have not yet been granted it. A court order can give those children natural born citizenship status after the parents become citizens.

So Senator Cruz, like Obama, is a natural born citizen of the United States. And he is eligible to be President.

Obama’s Citizenship and Muslim Roots


President Obama is not a follower of Muhamad. He does not practice Islam. And he is not a Muslim. He is however also not a Christian. His form of “Christianity” is that of a “Sunday Christian”. A person who goes to church on Sunday’s and thinks that they are Christians without following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

President Obama is pro-Muslim however in his outlook. The facts speak for themselves on this issue. President Obama refuses to refer to the terrorist as Islamic Terrorists which is exactly what who and what they are. President Obama under his childhood name of Barry Soetoro attended an Islamic school in Indonesia during his impressionable years. His religion was listed as Muslim on his school papers. This would prevent him from being in a minority but it also leds him to being influenced by Islam.

As to President Obama’s US Citizenship and place of birth. It is time to put to bed the “birthers”. President Obama was born in the United States in the State of Hawaii. But there is a question of who really is his father. And why is he Barack Obama II and not Barack Obama Jr.

The African people are very traditional. The designation of Jr is used to distinguish the father from the son when they have the same name. The designation of the II is used if someone has the same name as a previous distant relative or perhaps even named after someone who is not a relative. So this is a clear indication that Barack Obama of Kenya is not his birth father.

There are other issues to consider as well. Comparing various photos of Obama when he was a young man with ones when he was running for office show a distinct change in the shape of his nose. Did he have a nose job? Was it looking too much like that of his birth father?

These are all just theories but they have yet to be disproven. Some cannot be disproven such as the invluence of Islam on this President given the cultural impact during his formative years. But he is, unfortunately, an American.