How She Did It


With the release of the House report on Benghazi, it became clear Hillary Clinton got away with it. From lying about the reason the Benghazi attacks occurred to lying about her private email server to lying about being competent enough to be Secretary of State, the levels of deceit are pretty deep and provided just enough cover to get people to get Benghazi fatigue.

Anyone who watched Bill and Hillary operate might have seen this scenario play out before. When they are faced with scandal, the Clintons have a pretty standard response: ignore it, lie about it, admit to it, give the impression they are cooperating, complain about cooperating and the partisanship behind the inquiry, letting facts dribble out here and there, claim they’ve fully cooperated, and telling people it’s time to move on.

Whitewater? Check.

Monica Lewinsky? Check.

The Clinton Foundation? Check.

Benghazi? Check.

It doesn’t hurt that the Clintons have the media and occasional fall guys/willing supporters to cushion the fall. When Ambassador Chris Steven’s sister came out after the House report and said Hillary was not to blame for Benghazi (while repeating the discredited claim Republicans cut funding to the State Department), the game was over. Hillary got away with Benghazi.

Ambassador Chris Stevens could not be reached for comment.

Adding a new layer to this matter is the fact Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently in Phoenix. If Hillary hadn’t been under FBI investigation, it might be as innocuous as they want us to believe. And if the FBI hadn’t demanded no pictures and no recording of what was being talked about and if Lynch hadn’t stepped aside from the investigation into Hillary after the meeting, I might have believed them.

There is another culprit in helping Hillary beat the Benghazi rap: Republicans. A favorite talking point of the Left is Republicans had 8 (now 9) investigations into Benghazi and Hillary was found not to be responsible for what happened. And Republicans…let that be the narrative. Even Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor, held his tongue when it was clear Hillary was lying and obstructing the investigation.

Just as she did the previous 8 times.

Gowdy, to his credit, tried to be above partisanship in his comments on the report. He’s smart enough to remember what happened to Kenneth Starr when he took on the Clintons. But when you’re dealing with political animals, when your opponents are intent to win by any means necessary, Marquess of Queensberry rules simply don’t apply.

No matter how much we gnash our teeth or blog about it from this point forward, Hillary Clinton beat us over Benghazi. And unless we get our acts together she will skate on her email server.

Weekend at Bernie’s (Campaign)


What I’m about to say is going to be shocking to a lot of people.

Bernie Sanders is the first Presidential candidate of 2016 to lose his home state.

Yes, I know he’s a Senator from Vermont, home of maple syrup and Ben and Jerry’s, but he was born and bred in New York State. To have someone like Hillary Clinton, who has only been a New Yorker since 1999 come in and beat Sanders on his home turf has to be as embarrassing as David Duke’s stand up routine at the Apollo.

Although I’m sure Sanders is committed to staying in the race, the fact is he has an uphill battle ahead of him, and Clinton will not let up. If Sanders wants to stay relevant in the coming contests, he’s going to have to reverse course on what he’s done so far and tactfully address the elephant…I mean donkey in the room: Hillary isn’t trustworthy. Asking about her speeches for Goldman Sachs may be red meat for the Bernie Brigade, but it doesn’t matter to most people. What does matter to people is the email scandal, which Sanders has already brushed aside. Dumb move, Bern. Although Sanders has kind of walked that back, he needs to fully walk it back with force and conviction.

I know Benghazi has been talked to death, but not from Hillary’s left. A Sanders push to have her explain her actions (or lack thereof) would not only tap into the general feeling towards Hillary, but it would not be so easily brushed aside by her defenders. The Left would have to take it more seriously than they have or risk pissing off Sanders’ supporters. A throwdown on the convention floor is the last thing Democrats need from a visual perspective. And no amount of media cover-up will make the battle royale look like a civilized discussion.

Here’s the thing. I’m not sure Sanders has it in him to take these vital steps, and it may be too late for him to start hitting back before Clinton reaches the number of delegates to take the nomination. And the fact she was able to take his home state is a sign he needs to fish or cut bait.

Or turn the bait into sushi.