Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


It’s April 15th, the Leftists’ version of Christmas because that’s when federal taxes are usually due. To those who actually work for a living, it isn’t our favorite day for the same reason it’s the Left’s favorite day.

Actually, let me take that back a bit. Working Americans may not necessarily hate April 15th or paying taxes, but it’s certainly not a good day because it reminds us of a few things, most of which are not happy memories. Tax Day is like your mother-in-law moving in with you after you had a root canal without anesthesia while listening to death metal done by the Ray Coniff Singers turned up to 11 (because it’s, like, one higher) and having your fingernails and toenails removed by the Marquis de Sade…and then replaced.

Let’s take a look at taxes in greater detail.


What the Left thinks it means – a necessary good to ensure America can fund important programs

What it really means – a necessary evil that needs to be curtailed and or changed

I will give the Left credit for being correct on one point. Taxes are necessary to pay for important programs. Where we part company is what is constitutes important. Under the Constitution (which the Left simultaneously defend and reject, depending on the situation), tax dollars are supposed to be spent on items that benefit us as a country, such as national defense and infrastructure. Leftists have taken that concept to a whole new level, suggesting arts funding, research on shrimps using treadmills, and hammers more expensive than the MC of the same name are beneficial to our country. I believe there is an argument to be made for these items and many more on the Leftist Wish List.

But they never try to make the argument, mainly because they don’t have to. Leftists still swing a pretty big hammer when it comes to spending our tax dollars. And that’s why a lot of people like your humble correspondent have a problem with Tax Day. The problems with our country’s budgeting is a blog post in and of itself, but I will delve into it a little because taxes and budgeting are so closely related.

Taxes are revenue sources for the government, and like any good capitalist they try to find ways to keep the revenue coming in. In business, there is a saying: you have to spend money to make money. Well, the Left has taken that saying, pumped it full of steroids, and made it the guiding principle for government. And how does the government increase revenue sources? By increasing itself. The more government there is, the more money can be made, and the greater incentive there is to make government as big and as absolutely necessary as possible.

It’s the Circle of Bureaucratic Life, kids. Now if only we could get Elton John and Tim Rice to work on that song.

Another pain point when it comes to taxes is how much is taken out every day without us realizing it. When was the last time you filled up your gas tank? Unless you’re driving a hybrid (and, really, why would you if you have a shred of dignity), it probably cost you a pretty penny. Now, the Left wants you to believe oil companies are making money hand over fist when you fill your tank, which they do. But the taxes you pay for even a gallon of gas dwarfs what oil companies make, and it’s pure profit. The government doesn’t have people working at refineries, drilling for oil, or transporting the gas across the country. All they have to do is sit back and watch the money roll in.

Tax Day wouldn’t be such an issue for many if we knew the money wasn’t going to fund stupid programs, programs that could be better handled privately or at a lower level of government, or government pensions for people who work fewer hours than truant officer at Hedonism who moonlights as a Maytag repairman. Of course, we wouldn’t mind paying less, but that runs counter to the Left’s ideas about government. If you get to keep more of your own money, it means the government has to do with less. Why else do Leftists scream about how bad tax cuts are?

“But what’s the answer, Thomas?” you may be asking. Fortunately, I have an answer or two. My more realistic answer is to revert to a flat tax with few to no exemptions. Not only does it make the rich pay their ”fair share” that the Left wants, but it also makes sure everyone has a skin in the game, which is was the Right wants. Of course, since it makes sense, few people want to support it. But I’m thinking my more abstract answer will garner much more support.

Tax the stupid.