The Supreme Court


The Supreme Court has had very left leaning judges of late appointed to its ranks. Many of the recent opinions have been 5 to 4. Sometimes 5 on the Conservative side of issues and sometimes 5 on the Liberal side of issues. The very balance of the Court hangs at the edge of Liberty.

Justice Antonin Scalia, nominated by President Reagan has died. This gives President Obama an opportunity to nominate a new Justice to the Supreme Court. Many past presidents, in their last year of office, have not nominated a Justice and left this task up to the incoming president.

I firmly believe that Obama, wanting to fundamentally rebuild Amerika, will break from this tradition. He will nominate a new Justice to the Court tipping the balance from Liberty to tyranny.

And if he is blocked by the Senate he will appoint a Justice by recess appointment or some other means. This is Obama’s legacy.