More dead in Ohio


There has been a mass killing on a US University campus. Yet there are strangely no calls for banning the weapons used in the horrific attack. No calls to make it more difficult to own or obtain the weapons used. There are no calls to hold the manufactures accountable to the crimes committed with their inventions. Why is there no outage from the Liberal side of the political spectrum to this tragedy?

First of all, because they are still in shock over the 2016 elections. They have been voted out of office in nearly every election outside of their strongholds. Local, State and Nation elections went to Conservatives and the Republican Party. The Liberals are at a loss for how this happened.

Second. The alleged perpetrator of these heinous crimes was a radicalized Islamic terrorist. With ISIS claiming responsibility for the crimes. This goes against the notion that Islam is a religion of peace and we should be in negotiations with terrorists. Something the Liberal left has as part of it’s pipe dream.

And lastly. The weapons used in this attack were a vehicle and a knife. So if the Liberal left decides to say something about the attack at all. It will be to blame the attacker himself. The weapons will never be mentioned since the Left is only out to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Since firearms weren’t used in the attack, there is no need to say anything at all.