Voting our Conscience


It has been said during this election cycle that we must “Vote our Conscience.” That means to vote in accordance to what we consider to be correct, right, or morally good.

I don’t know about you, or the people expressing this idea, but that is the way I have always voted. Maybe those pushing this term around in this election cycle of a guilty conscience themselves and haven’t voted this way in the past.

I would say that the first rule in “Voting our Conscience” is to actually vote. To me it would be morally wrong not to perform my civic duty and not vote in an election. So come November I am voting.

For most of the elected officials at the state and local levels of government it is an open and shut case. Most of the candidates are party line types. The conservatives are Republicans and the liberals are Democrats. So I would vote for the conservative ones. My moral stance would not allow me to vote for a liberal who undermines my beliefs.

Here in my home state of Iowa we have a judicial retention vote. This is great, I think it should be implemented nationwide and apply to all levels of the judiciary, including the Supreme Court. We ask our judges many times where they stand on specific issues and what their moral beliefs are that guide their opinions. Most refuse to answer wrongly thinking they are above such things. So during the retention vote, since I don’t know where these judges stand on specific issues. I always vote not to retain them. Again with my conscience it would be morally wrong to allow them to continue on the bench without knowing they will protect the rights of the people and the Laws of God.

On the Federal level of government. I have a senior Senator up for reelection this term. Despite his age and how long he has been in office. Chuck Grassley has been the gatekeeper and has prevented yet another liberal judge from entering the Supreme Court. For this it would be morally wrong to vote him out of office at this time. So he will have my vote again.

My congressman for my district is up for reelection as well. And since he learned statecraft at the right hand of Chuck Grassley. I will continue to vote for him. He has no opponent worth voting for anyway in November. Only a liberal Democrat which I cannot violate my conscience allow such a person to go to Washington.

The President of the United States is by far the hardest job in the world. And in November we as a people will elect the next leader of the free world. As always, every four years we decide the fate of not only ourselves but of the world. It is a great moral responsibility and one that cannot be taken lightly.

Every 4 years we come down to just 4 options come November. We could stay home of course and not vote. But then that would be morally wrong and it would naw at your conscience as a “what if” for the next 4 years. So that option automatically when “Voting our Conscience” is out.

We could vote for a 3rd party candidate or write-in. However history has taught us that those candidates seldom, if ever, win an election. And seldom, if ever, force the election to be decided by the US House of Representatives. It is a protest vote mainly. And the voice we raise by doing it is seldom heard by anyone.

With those 3rd party candidates or write-in’s we can thank history’s lesson that they generally cause the opposition party to loose the election. As they generally come out of the opposition party at the time and split its voting base. In this election year that would be the Republican Party. Any 3rd party candidate or write-in vote will only help the Democratic Party’s nominee to win the election.

Since the Democratic Party nominee in 2016 is Hillary Clinton. A person I find to be a lying, cheating, immoral, and wicked as they come power hungry politician. I cannot in good conscience allow my vote to help her directly or indirectly. It would be morally wrong. She is against everything that I stand for, including the continuation of this great Republic.

I cannot then when “Voting my Conscience” cast a vote for any 3rd party candidate or write-in. The risks are too great that Hillary Clinton would win the election in November. And that is something that I cannot be a part of at all.

This leaves the Republican nominee Donald Trump as the only morally good option. The only vote of conscience that can be done in 2016. Some ask many questions concerning Mr Trump. Is he conservative? Is he a born-again Christian? Is he this, is he that? What is his real motives. I have answered these questions and more in previous posts. But given the current situation there is but one choice in November. And that choice is Donald Trump.

I always vote according to my conscience on what is correct, right, or morally good. And seeing Donald Trump, despite any flaws he has as a human. He is our best moral choice. He surrounds himself with conservative teachers. He surrounds himself with evangelical leaders whom he calls friends. And Donald Trump isn’t after political power. He wants to leave a great Republic to his children and grandchildren.

The 3rd Party Question


The anti-Trump Republicans and Independents are looking for a 3rd Party alternative in the November election. Their goal is to force the election into the hands of the Republican controlled US House of Representatives by preventing any nominee from getting 270 electoral votes. This is a lofty goal, but possible in this election cycle.

Those leading this movement have singled out 3 top contenders for the 3rd Party nomination. Senator Ben Sasse, former Senator Tom Coburn, and former Governor Mitt Romney.

Former Senator Tom Coburn has already stated he is not interested in running as a 3rd Party candidate. This leaves the movement with the other 2 potentials.

It is important to note that Senator Ted Cruz is not in this list. This leads to many questions. Is Ted Cruz going to support Donald Trump as the nominee? Is Ted Cruz going to attempt to change the rules at the convention to win the nomination himself? Or is Ted Cruz going to start his own 3rd Party bid for the presidency? These and other questions remain unanswered for now.

The remaining 2 top picks for the 3rd Party run are very different men, not only from each other but also from the presumptive nominees of the Republican and Democrat parties.

First is the junior Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska. The very thing that was used to attack both Obama’s presidency and Marco Rubio’s campaign seems not to matter for Senator Sasse (or Cruz for that matter.) Another untested freshman junior senator is hardly what the country needs again at it’s helm.

Of course when it’s “your guy” his faults are overlooked. Even if they are exactly the same reason you opposed another candidate as in the case of Marco Rubio and President Obama.

And the last potential 3rd Party runner up is former Governor Mitt Romney. He was the GOP nominee just 4 years ago and lost to Obama’s reelection bid. So already he doesn’t have a good track record.

Mitt Romney lost in 2012 for 2 reasons. The first strike against him was his connection to “ObamaCare”. It was Governor Mitt Romney that created it’s forerunner “RomneyCare” while he was at the helm of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The other is Mitt Romney is not an evangelical Christian. He is a member of the Mormon Church, seen by many evangelicals as a false teaching and a cult. Thus many evangelicals stayed home in 2012 which caused Mitt Romney to loose the election.

But now the evangelicals who rejected Romney just 4 years ago are welcoming him with open arms as their 3rd Party nominee choice. These 3rd Party pushers are nothing but hypocrites. They are not voting for their moral convictions. They are not voting for the Constitution or the principles of Liberty. No, they are voting to keep their own power, wealth, and influence on American politics and public policy.

They are evil and corrupt. No better than Hillary Clinton or any other wolf in sheep’s clothing. The need to be excised from the political landscape. They are responsible for turning our political process into the cesspool most see it as today.

3rd Parties don’t work in our 2 party system. You can always change which 2 parties are in control by changing how they do business. But that change always has come from within the parties and not from outside of the parties.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum


I see people and groups on various social media sites with the dual hashtags of #neverHillary #neverTrump. In a two-party political system like we have in the United States this is just plainly ignorant.

The two hashtags are mutually exclusive. In the United States we have only two parties with any chance of winning a presidential election. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party, all other 3rd parties will never see the Oval Office.

If someone is #neverTrump, then they are against the (presumptive) Republican nominee Donald Trump for President. Which means they are either voting for the Democrat nominee, throwing away their vote on a 3rd party protest candidate, or simply not voting at all.

In any of the above voting actions, not supporting the Republican nominee leads to a Democrat victory in the presidential general election. It’s just plain factual history. The Republican’s would have won in 2012 if the Evangelical faction didn’t stay away from the polls. But that faction didn’t want to vote for a Mormon nominee for President.

Likewise, if someone is #neverHillary, then they are against the (presumptive) Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. Again this means they are either voting for the Republican nominee, throwing away their vote on a 3rd party protest candidate, or simply not voting at all.

Just as the last example, the only option that helps the Republicans win the White House is if the #neverHillary voter does vote for the Republican nominee. All other possibilities do not help that cause. And rarely has a registered Democrat ever gone against the party nominee. It just doesn’t happen. So most of those voters supporting the #neverHillary tag are either Republican’s or Independent voters.

If you are both #neverHillary and #neverTrump then you are ignorant of our political system and history. You need to get off the fence and choose one or the other to support. We have a binary system here, there isn’t a 3rd option that is viable.

Against Hillary is to be Pro Trump. Against Trump is to be Pro Hillary. All other perceived options are false. They are illusions and shadows. They are not real. But they will lead to a real victory of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton in the White House come November if believed.

The Case is Being Made


It’s already being discussed in some circles of our political spectrum to create a viable 3rd party nominee for President. I remarked about this in a previous post on how it could possibly happen in this election cycle. And now it’s looking more likely every day.

As far as the Democrats go, they already have a 3rd party candidate running, Bernie Sanders. And if he doesn’t get the nomination he may again split off as an independent alternative to Hillary Clinton. He has a sizable following that she cannot win over to her banner.

And we have the GOP. Unfortunately the party of vote splitting. In the past it’s always been the Republicans who end up splitting their voter base with a 3rd party nominee. Which enables the Democrats to win the election because they unify and rally behind their nominee.

Those in favor of a 3rd party split nominee for the Republicans in this election cycle want something different. Not just a protest vote against the establishment and the 2 major parties. Such candidates are not viable and your vote ends up being wasted.

No this time the independent 3rd party nominee must be viable. They must be able to win a few states in the general election. Not just getting a few votes. No 3rd party candidate has ever done that before in a presidential election year.

This time the 3rd party nominee must prevent the major parties or other independents running for President from obtaining the needed 270 electoral votes. That is the goal of those looking into a possible 3rd party independent nominee.

To have someone who can really make a difference in the outcome of the election. To force the Electoral College to turn the election over to the US House of Representatives and have the President elected there instead.

3rd Party Runs


This is going to be the year of 3rd Party runs. Something no one predicted going into this race for the White House.

One the progressive side we have Hillary Clinton as the front-runner and possible nominee of the Democratic Party. There is enough grassroots support for Bernie Sanders to be a write-in or 3rd Party candidate if Hillary Clinton is the nominee.

Likewise on the conservative side we have Donald Trump as the front-runner and possible nominee of the Republican Party. There are deep rifts in the GOP and the candidates are all backing out of their pledge to support the nominee.

There is talk among the Ted Cruz supporters for a 3rd Party run or possible write-in campaign. Even John Kasich isn’t ruling out such a move.

This could turn out to be a very interesting race once the nominees are chosen. Maybe even the US House could end up electing the US President in 2016.