Spiral Notebooks

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I really don’t like spiral notebooks. Here I am on a blog talking about ancient methods of writing. But I do like to write.

At least half of my posts here are written as rough drafts on good old paper. Using a fountain pen no less. I like how smoothly the ink flows compared to other pen types.

And yes right now I’ve got this beat-up spiral notebook that I’ve been using lately. The metal spiral is a little warped so it can wrinkle pages. Tearing pages out is always a mess with little bits of paper everywhere.

Even with the perforated edges there is little change of being able to quickly remove a sheet along it. That edge helps only to clean up the page after it’s been removed.

I do write rough drafts digitally as well. Generally in a plain text editor of sometype. Since I use multiple operating systems it can vary as to which editor I am using. Any formatting that needs to be done is taken care of directly in the WordPress editor once the draft is moved over.

But since I have a few of these spiral notebooks laying around. I’m going to use them up by writing any rough drafts in them first.

I still don’t like them though. Especially when the spiral spine gets damaged or bent. And that happens so easily.

Author: bynw

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