Something Important?

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The Pro-Choice movement has gotten us to this point in history where we must tell parents to put “something important” in the backseat of cars to make sure they remember that their child is in the car. We, as a society, are more focused on preventing an animal from dying in a hot car in the summer time but forget about our own children. What could be more important than a child?

But it is due to the Pro-Choice movement that we have this culture of death when it comes to children. We are numb to it. Innocent children are ripped from their mother’s wombs at any point and even some states now have abortion laws that allow a child to be aborted at birth. It really comes as no surprise that parents don’t recognize the importance of their own children or any child with a mindset that we have had since the Courts forced this situation on us and no one has told the Courts that they cannot make law.

This meme just angers me to no end. Any parent who would “forget” that their child was in a hot car should be charged with murder and go to prison for life and have them sterilized as well. Put them in general population as a known child killer and let the other inmates sort it out.

Author: bynw

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