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Please note: This was originally posted on Facebook.

Yes Socialism has already taken root in the United States. That doesn’t mean we want or need more of it. In fact I’m all for getting rid of the Socialist aspects we already have. Which of course will be blogged about at some point in time. In fact I’ve already written several of them.

I get great ideas from Leftist memes on social media. I normally just take a snip of the meme and then write my blog were I ridicule and trash the false narrative of it. I want to thank the internet and the useful idiots as Stalin called them for giving me an endless supply.

But there is this meme circling about and instead of writing a blog post about it. I decided instead to just take care of it right here on Fascist Book.

First I want to point out that this meme is actually sort of correct. And that’s a theme with Leftist propaganda. A little bit of truth sometimes is used.

Social Security is indeed as Socialist institution. It is the government taking care of your retirement because you cant be trusted to do it yourself. And it paid for with taxation. The FICA tax on your payroll stub.

Now where the meme spreads its wicked falsehood is stating that if you have this Social Security Card, you are a Socialist. That is a total BS. Most people born in the US are assigned a SSN at birth now days. There is no need to apply for an SSN unless you are immigrating to the United States.

You see we don’t have a choice to participate in this Socialist scheme of robbing our wages from us. It is forced on everyone. Like every other Socialist program. You can’t opt out of them.

I would like to see Social Security go away. Abolish it. Return personal accountability to seeing to our retirement. We have a chance to do this with every new generation. But like most Socialist programs once they take root. It is difficult to remove them.

Now before some one goes crazy and says the Social Security pays for other things besides retirement in old age. Yes I know it does. But other institutions were originally took care of those aspects long before Social Security came into being. And they can do it again.

But this fact also clearly shows that more people collect on Social Security than who pay into it. Social Security is not a sustainable system. Which is also like most Socialist programs. As Lady Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

So in summary. The United States already has a multitude of Socialist programs and Social Security is one of them. But just because one has a SSC doesnt make them a Socialist. It makes them a victim of Socialism.

Author: bynw

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