Our Wellfare State


I work in retail on the weekends. The one thing that I see the most is the use of EBT cards, the modern day food stamps.

Most of the customers that come into my store do not purchase healthy food for their families with the food stamp dollars they receive from my taxes. No the most food stamp purchased items are candy, soda pop, and junk food. Items that could never be purchased on the WIC program.

This is a waste of my tax dollars. I work 2+ jobs to provide for my family. And it makes me mad seeing this happen.

The other thing that I notice is the majority of EBT card holders are able bodied adults. Why are they even on food stamps in the first place. I know that our economy is in bad shape. And right now there seems to be only an abundance of minimum wage jobs. I’m sure that some of the recipients are working these jobs because nothing else is available.

Work 2 jobs if you have too, then get off of government assistance. And be in command of your life. If you lack job skills. Don’t demand a higher wage, go back to school and get the skills you need that will open more doors for better paying jobs.

In the meantime I think Congress should act on this EBT program. Only allowing the purchase of health food. No candy, no soda pop, and no junk food. I salute those who currently are on EBT and refuse to buy these unhealthy foods with their EBT cards and use cash for these purchases on there own. Thank you.

EBT, like most wellfare programs, should only be used as a help up in times of dire straights. Not as a way of life for generations of the same family. I will admit that I too have used this program when I was first starting out on my own. I didn’t make enough money in the winter to really survive. So I used food stamps for a few years until I got a good paying job and got off of the temporary seasonal government assistance. I was off food stamps in the summer months and reapplied in the winter. The human services clerks wanted me to say on them year round. It wasn’t necessary so I didn’t go that route.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


This week’s journey into the Leftist lexicon brings us to a rather loaded word being used incorrectly. And if there’s anything that’s rife with comedy gold, it’s misused words.


What the Left says it means: a term used to describe an unfair system that favors the rich and powerful

What it really means: The Left doesn’t understand how stuff works.

One of the biggest complaints coming from the Left is that we have a “rigged economy.” Yes, those evil rich people like Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Hillary Clinton are somehow gaming the system and getting rich off the backs of the poor. Well, when you really think about it…

The Left isn’t exactly known for its financial acumen. What they are known for is spending a lot of money on pet projects like Solyndra, Planned Parenthood, and National Endowment for the Arts grants for self-described artists to shove sweet potatoes up their…noses. (Well, not noses, but this is a family blog.)

Is the economy rigged? Yes, but only if you consider being smart enough to understand the law of supply and demand to be unfair. And knowing the Left, they do. (Would it be inappropriate to remind you all these are the same people who claim to be better educated than us? Naaaaaaaaaaah!)

The fact is the economy isn’t rigged. Everybody has the same chance to succeed or fail with a business venture, but you have to work for it. That’s where the Left gets off the success train. They feel anyone who is successful does so through deceit and oppression of the poor and middle class. They see the economy as a half-empty glass instead of realizing the glass can be refilled as often as needed.

Of course, they might understand that if they spent more time busing tables than spending hours working on their Albino Midget Lesbian Basket Weaving thesis.

I’m a bit of a skeptic at heart, so when I hear anyone complaining of a rigged system my first instinct is to look at the facts. More often than not, the people screaming about something being rigged lack even a basic understanding of how it works. But in cases like that, the desire to believe the worst is stronger than the facts. Think of it like trying to get a piece of candy away from a child. Only the candy is a false premise, and the child is a Leftist, but I repeat myself with the latter point.

Seriously, it’s important to know the facts before buying into a statement about a rigged economy, rigged election, rigged anything. A false allegation can lead to undercutting a legitimate concept or construct. Once tarnished, it gets harder for that concept or construct to be taken seriously.

Much like Joe Biden.

Restrooms Redux


Gender for the most part is binary. There are some genetic mutations that will result in something other than XY (male) or XX (female) combinations. But these are rare.

Gender neutral restroom have existed for a long time. Some smaller businesses just create unisex restrooms with a locking door. A couple of these and the restroom situation is solved. More public facing institutions have “family” restrooms in addition to the traditional male/female pair. This too resolves the issues of restrooms. I’ve used these family/unisex restrooms myself when I didn’t feel like using the larger shared and crowded men’s room. It’s nice to get a little privacy now and again.

The problems arise between the transgender groups who want to use one restroom over another and conservative groups due to several false perceptions.

  • A transgender person is going to attack, rape, or otherwise assault a member of their new sex.

There is no case of this ever happening. And I don’t think it ever will happen. It is far more likely that the transgender individual will be assaulted when using the restroom associated with their birth gender. Which they fear may happen to them.

  • Transgender, transvestite, cross-dresser, drag queen, and transsexual are all the same.

This isn’t true at all. A cross-dresser, drag queen, and transvestite are indeed similar. But they are not the same as a transgender, transsexual person at all.

The first group, all share the commonality of dressing like the opposite sex. Including false breasts if a man is dressing like a woman. But at the end of the day they are still their birth gender and use the same restroom as their birth gender dictates. And do not think they belong to the other gender. It’s just a fancy dress-up party.

I have know a couple of cross-dressers that I have met through work. One did it only when going out to clubs. While the other one did dress-up all day long, even at work. They were both male who dressed as women. And they both used the men’s room because they were men.

A transgender or transsexual person believes that they have been wrongly born in the incorrect sex. And seek to change that through hormonal therapy, behavior modification, dress, and surgery. Including having their sex designations changed on official documentation such as their drivers licence and even their birth certificates.

  • People wont lie about being transgender to take advantage of “open” restroom policies in order to sexually prey on members of the opposite sex.

Not all the fallacies come from the conservative side. This one is not really addresses by the transgender side of the equation. And this is why men need to use the men’s room and women need to use the ladies room. These kinds of attacks have already happened with the start of this argument of needing gender neutral facilities.

But trans restrooms or even unisex/family restrooms should not be forced on businesses and institutions. In some there just isn’t the space for a third restroom. The cost of rerouting the plumbing and construction vs the small fraction of the population that is truly transgender just doesn’t justify that kind of cost in money, time, or manpower.

Your Race Card Has Been Revoked


It’s been said whatever happens in California will eventually happen across the country sooner or later. If what happened recently at UCLA is any indication of what’s to come, I’m hoping it gets here later than sooner.

Professor emeritus of education and information studies Val Rust has been accused of racism by students of color. What did he do? He dared to correct the grammar, punctuation, and capitalization of the aforementioned students’ papers in a graduate level course.

Let me repeat that. Val Rust is accused of racism because he corrected the grammar, punctuation, and capitalization minority students’ papers.

But wait! There’s more! Rust further exacerbated the situation by…staying silent during an in-class debate between a white female student and a student of color regarding whether the white student could be considered part of an oppressed group. So, to put it another way, Rust is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. Welcome to America 2016, where everything is racist, but we don’t know why.

Whether it’s Black Lives Matter or the University of Missouri, cries of “racism” with little to no basis in fact have become commonplace and amplified by a willing media. You know how bad it’s gotten? Bernie Sanders, a man with a history of civil rights activism, has been called a racist by Black Lives Matter with some civil rights “leaders” claiming they didn’t see him. Well, I guess all white people look alike…

Seriously, there is a difference between racism and what has happened to Val Rust. The former causes actual societal damage that can take centuries to overcome. The latter abuses the concept of the former to excuse bad behavior. Can’t write a cogent paper? Claim racism! Don’t want to go to class? Claim racism! Want to get white people to fall all over themselves to apologize for overblown slights? Claim racism!

Sorry, kids, but I’m going to call BS on the “Val Rust is racist” argument. If you have gotten that far in college and you still can’t construct a sentence without grammatical, capitalization, and punctuation letters, maybe the problem isn’t the professor correcting you. Maybe, just maybe, you suck at grammar, capitalization, and punctuation and need to learn it before you get an advanced degree.

In fact, let’s take it a step further. How in the blue hell did you get into college, let alone a graduate program, without a command of stuff you should have learned in elementary school? How many teachers allowed you to pass classes while doing you the disservice of not correcting your errors? But let’s all pile on the one instructor you’ve had who thinks it’s important you learn how to write properly before you make a fool of yourself in your dissertations.

I’m sorry, students of color who think Val Rust is a racist have just overextended your Race Card, and it has been revoked.

Running the Numbers


Today the US is over 19 trillion dollars in debit and this number grows by the thousands every day. If this trend is not reversed it will one day cause our economy to collapse.

We have Bernie Sanders running for President as a Democrat. But he isn’t a Democrat, he is a socialist. Socialism is a failed economic system. Every nation that has tried it has failed its economy or became communist. Bernie Sanders will not be the one who gets it “right”.

I like to call Bernie Sanders the “angry Santa Claus”. He always seems to be angry and upset at something. And he wants to give everyone something for free, just like Santa Claus does.

But free isn’t free. Everything costs money and time. So let’s focus on the 2 big ones. Free health care and free college tuition.

To receive free health care a patient needs to go to a doctor’s office or a hospital. There are administrative staff, the nurses, lab staff, and the doctor(s) themselves. All of them need paid. There is equipment, electrical power, and the building itself. Also all have a cost associated with them. All of these are factors in the cost of health care.

I looked at my health care costs from the previous year. Not the out of pocket amount but the total amount that was billed to my insurance provider. It is a staggering amount of money. Last year isn’t my normal health care costs but it will make a good average.

There are some 323 million people in the United States. If just 10% have a health care cost similar to what mine was last year, we would double the national debit in about 6 years. That is 38 trillion dollars.

With college we have the same issues. There are professors, the college campus and upkeep of buildings and grounds. Electricity, gas, food for the staff and students. These things do not pay themselves, it’s paid from the tuition of the students.

The average cost of a year at college in the US is about $17,000 and after 4 years the student has spent $68,000 for his education. About 20 million students are enrolled every year in universities across the nation.

Paying for 4 years of college tuition for 20 million students and paying the total cost of health care for 323 million people will cause the doubling of our national debit within a Bernie Sanders first term. That’s just 4 years.

To pay for this plus the regular expenses of government, taxes will have to be raised. In most European nations that already provide such services their tax rate is around 50% or even higher. But these countries do not have our population. In order for the US tax payer to pay these costs will require a much higher tax rate and it will end up bankrupting our people and nation.

The math doesn’t lie. This kind of reckless spending is not sustainable. Providing all these services to the citizenry is a disservice. And is not the method to fix what is wrong with our current systems.

Trump Fear


Both the right and left fear Donald Trump. Some on the right claim he is a liberal. But that isn’t why he is feared by the right.

If Donald Trump was a progressive liberal as the GOP opponents claim. Then the left should welcome him as the GOP nominee. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. But they do not. Because they know he isn’t one of them.

No both sides of the political spectrum establishment in the US fear Donald Trump simply because he cannot be bought off. There was an article recently that stated it costs about 12 million dollars to buy the heart and soul of a congressman. For The Donald, that isn’t really a large sum of money.

When you self-fund a presidential campaign, you don’t owe your heart and soul to lobbyists and special interests which dictate what you can say, do, or support.

Trump has made enemies in the political power structures. He makes waves and speaks his mind. He is not always right, but it resonates deep within the people who feel they have been left behind and are tired of “politics as usual”.

Most fear what they do not understand or what they cannot control. And Donald Trump is both of these things to the left and the right of politics.

The Earth Has a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is Less Bullcrap


Happy Earth Day, kids! I’m sure you all spent the day separating your plastics from your paper, watching episodes of “Captain Planet,” and watching “An Inconvenient Truth.”


I don’t have an issue with being environmentally conscious. After all, we haven’t figure out a way to set up shop on Mars or the Moon yet, so we kinda have to keep our own backyard clean. However, Earth Day has become Green Kwanzaa, a made-up holiday few people actually celebrate and designed to make other people feel bad. And when it comes down to it, I care as much about Earth Day as I do about a Paris Hilton biography.

Actually, I take that back. The Paris Hilton biography is bound to be more factual.

Let’s take a moment to really think about what the current environmentalist movement believes. Humanity is causing global climate problems, so we’re the only ones who can fix it, unless it’s too late (which is probably is, or may not be, but may soon be). Got that? I hope so because there will be a quiz later.

In the word salad posted above, you get a sense of just how absurd the current environmental movement is these days. For a movement that claims to be rooted in science and knowledge to rely on such illogic is staggering. Where logic fails, faith prevails, and the movement has become more cult-like since the 90s. If you thought Galileo went through a lot in his day in the name of science, imagine being a climate scientist who doesn’t agree with the prevailing hypothesis of man-made global climate change.

But here’s the twist. Science is starting to prove the environmental movement isn’t being factual. Things may have changed a bit from when I was in school, but last I knew, you needed to have the facts on your side if you’re going to use science. From the “pause” in global temperatures to the infamous Climategate emails to the oft-discredited “hockey stick graph” created by Michael Mann and promoted by Al Gore as factual, it’s getting harder for those who believe in man-made global climate change to be credible.

But when you’re making money hand over fist in a con, credibility isn’t that big of a concern until it goes completely south on you. We’re not there yet, but we can see the South Pole from here.

What we really need more than anything at this point is an honest debate about the climate and what effect we actually have on it. Are we causing massive hurricanes, flooding, droughts, high temperatures, low temperatures, higher than normal rainfall/snowfall, lower than normal rainfall/snowfall, and Michael Bay movies? Let’s drill down and find out. Of course, that would require the environmentalist movement to be honest and willing to admit past sins, which won’t happen anytime soon. Until then, let’s do our own homework and learn the science necessary to defend the truth.

And stay away from Michael Bay movies, would ya?

Weekend at Bernie’s (Campaign)


What I’m about to say is going to be shocking to a lot of people.

Bernie Sanders is the first Presidential candidate of 2016 to lose his home state.

Yes, I know he’s a Senator from Vermont, home of maple syrup and Ben and Jerry’s, but he was born and bred in New York State. To have someone like Hillary Clinton, who has only been a New Yorker since 1999 come in and beat Sanders on his home turf has to be as embarrassing as David Duke’s stand up routine at the Apollo.

Although I’m sure Sanders is committed to staying in the race, the fact is he has an uphill battle ahead of him, and Clinton will not let up. If Sanders wants to stay relevant in the coming contests, he’s going to have to reverse course on what he’s done so far and tactfully address the elephant…I mean donkey in the room: Hillary isn’t trustworthy. Asking about her speeches for Goldman Sachs may be red meat for the Bernie Brigade, but it doesn’t matter to most people. What does matter to people is the email scandal, which Sanders has already brushed aside. Dumb move, Bern. Although Sanders has kind of walked that back, he needs to fully walk it back with force and conviction.

I know Benghazi has been talked to death, but not from Hillary’s left. A Sanders push to have her explain her actions (or lack thereof) would not only tap into the general feeling towards Hillary, but it would not be so easily brushed aside by her defenders. The Left would have to take it more seriously than they have or risk pissing off Sanders’ supporters. A throwdown on the convention floor is the last thing Democrats need from a visual perspective. And no amount of media cover-up will make the battle royale look like a civilized discussion.

Here’s the thing. I’m not sure Sanders has it in him to take these vital steps, and it may be too late for him to start hitting back before Clinton reaches the number of delegates to take the nomination. And the fact she was able to take his home state is a sign he needs to fish or cut bait.

Or turn the bait into sushi.

Doves Cry


The news of Prince’s death has hit the music industry hard. He was a talented musician and his death at just 57 years of age is a tragic event. But to quote my favorite band … he’s nobody’s hero.

But to dominate the main news channels and sites with constant updates of his passing is the real tragedy in this story. It shows just how far we have fallen as a society and culture. There are far more pressing news items that need to be front and center. We are, after all, in the process of choosing the next leader of the free world.

I enjoy a wide range of music. Prince is just a small fraction of my musical library. When I learned of his death yesterday afternoon. I played snippets from a few of his classics. Purple Rain, 1999, When Doves Cry, and Raspberry Beret. He is and will be missed in the musical world. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. And I move on to more important issues.

Mathematically Out


When it reached the point that it became mathematically impossible for John Kasich to win the GOP nomination he was told such by Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz advised Kasich to drop out and he could find a place for him in the Cruz Administration.

If Ted Cruz was, as he claims, a man of honor and principles. That he can be “TrusTed”. Then Senator Cruz, who is now mathematically unable to win the GOP nomination should take the high road and drop out.

Despite Ted’s failings Donald Trump will forgive him. And will have a place for him in the Trump Administration. There is a spot or two where he would do very well.

But you cannot really trust Ted. He will not do the right thing. He will not do what he asks of others to do, because Ted Cruz covets the presidency.

And following the advise of his father, Ted Cruz will do anything to get the presidency. For him the ends DO justify the means.

It seems the rules only apply to those who stand in the way of Ted Cruz.