Microsoft and the NSA

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Yet another reason has surfaced that suggests its best not to use Windows or other Microsoft products. Back in early 2002 a snippet of the Windows code was released that made people question the security of Windows. In this snippet it showed several keys that suggested the NSA had backdoor access to all Windows based machines.

Now there are clear documents and admittion by Microsoft that they have deliverately violated the security and privacy of their users. Microsoft has assisted the NSA in bypassing it’s own security encryption protocols allowing a level of access to our private data that is frightening to say the least.

Microsoft still claims that the NSA and other government agencies do not have direct access to their products and systems however. But who do you trust more?

I personally will continue to trust an operating system that gives me complete access to it’s code base structure. So I and others can read every line if we are so inclined to do so. Pure transperency the way it should be with software. I know my OS doesn’t “phone home” to the government or any agency thereof.

Author: bynw

Chris aka "bynw" is the site owner and primary post author. A Constitutionalist when it comes to politics. A believer and follower of Jesus Christ. A Linux enthusiast. And a gamer.

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  1. I was in my late 20’s when I read “1984”, “Brave New World” and Sinclair Lewis “It Can’t happen Here”. One of the books describe picture frames on the wall as having a direct link to the government. I cannot remember which book described the scenario. I would appreciate anyone who can determine which book has this theme, respond back. It seems the square frames are now symbolic of smartphones and tablet computers.

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