Lunacy over Kavanaugh

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It is absolute lunacy. The Marxists in Congress continue to assault the dignity and reputation of Mr. Kavanaugh. 1st it was an attempted sexual assault in high school. The 2nd allegation was exposing himself at college, and a woman accidentally touching his exposed penis. And now, Mr. Kavanaugh is accused of participating in giving high school girls drugs at parties and gang-rapping them. Come on. Really?

Each of these tales get wilder than the one before it. Of course the Leftist loonies believe that a man who is accused of any sexual misconduct is automatically guilty and must prove his innocence if they want to give him that opportunity. But usually he is guilty and should be removed from society without due process.

But that rule doesn’t apply to those men who are Leftists themselves. Like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and many members of the Democratic Party in Congress who have settled out of court with their victims and never proclaimed their innocence at all.

Of course come Mr. Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote in the Senate on Friday. There will probably be another allegation brought up against him. Maybe the Leftists will report that Mr. Kavanaugh really is someone else who has done all these things that we thought was in prison or even never caught. Thus making his whole life a lie.

Funny though that in the SIX FBI background investigations that have happened during Mr. Kavanaugh’s political career that NONE of these things have ever been discovered.

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One thought on “Lunacy over Kavanaugh”

  1. Niccolò Machiavelli would be proud of the Democratic Party. I quote “If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”

    The treatment of judge Kavanaugh is the equivalent of waterboarding and torture, in my opinion. I remember the far left being out-raged at these torture techniques, and yet they have no problem with character assassination.

    I wonder what the ancient philosophers like Socrates and Plato would think of these events. There is no virtue, integrity, or decency with the far left. The process they are using is barbaric and we should be ruthless in a response.

    The change for me will be to view almost all women as a threat. I am thankful for the lesson.

    I’m pretty sure every decent man in this country is scared of the left and this will inspire them to vote. The red tidal wave is coming,

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