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Remember the riot…I mean peaceful protests at UC Berkeley a few weeks ago? It seems what we saw (protestors destroying property, lighting fires, and generally being asshats) wasn’t what we saw, at least according to the Left. Yes, dear reader, the rioters weren’t part of the protests, but were a separate group that call themselves antifa, short for anti-fascist. They wore masks so they couldn’t be identified, but they were totally not with the protestors…even though the protestors cheered them on as seen on

The Left has been trying to create a distinction between the protestors and antifa without much success. Apparently it takes more twisting than a yoga master making pretzels to make that distinction real. But at least we have a new entry for our Lexicon.


What the Left believes it means – a violent anti-fascist group

What it really means – rebels without a clue

Whenever Leftists try to distance themselves from activities they support but know would hurt their narrative, they create distinctions without a difference. After all, these are the same people who think it’s okay to punch Nazis (or people they think are Nazis like Richard Spencer), so it’s not too much of a stretch to think they might be totes cool with antifa’s tactics. So, instead of accepting their baser nature, they hold antifa at arm’s length with a wink and a nod.

So, is antifa truly anti-fascist? That depends on which definition of fascism you use. If you use the Left’s version, the answer is yes. If you use the actual definition (as noted in a previous Leftist Lexicon entry), the answer isn’t as clear. But for the purpose of cutting to the chase, let’s just say antifa needs to brush up on its dictionary usage because they’re employing the tactics fascists use.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s because they’re both Leftist groups. Make no mistake, there is very little difference between the Berkeley protesters and antifa as far as ideology goes. Antifa is just a bit more willing to act on the rhetoric, even if it’s behind a mask. That takes a level of courage most Leftists will never achieve, as wrongheaded as it is.

Having said that, what exactly does antifa wish to achieve by acting like a fascist Lone Ranger? Striking a blow against fascism comes to mind, but as we’ve seen, they’re not going to accomplish that by being fascists. It’s kind of like using napalm to take care of an ant problem. Besides, everyone knows the best way to take care of ants is to use a magnifying glass on a sunny day…

I did a little research on antifa (because, dammit, I care) to find out more about their movement, and not surprisingly, they are also anti-capitalism according to NYC Antifa’s blog site. Hmmmm… now, why would that be? Could it be they’re using Mussolini’s definition of fascism as corporatism? Why, yes, yes it could. In fact, I’m willing to bet my entire paycheck from this blog that they subscribe to his definition, as wrongheaded as it is. (Editor’s note: We are not paying Mr. Lindaman for his contributions, so he’s getting exactly what he’s worth.) And if they are, they are using a fascist’s definition of the term as their reason to be anti-fascist. There’s a term for that kind of cognitive dissidence…oh, yeah, dumbassery.

Let me put forth a radical idea: Antifa is merely Astroturf Wall Street 2: Electric Boogaloo. Before you Leftists start writing angry emails (fraught with misspelled words, capital letters, and more vulgarity than Lisa Lampanelli with Tourettes), take a look at what these groups advocate and do. Both are anti-capitalism (odd considering how dependent they are on technology made by capitalists). Both have been moved to act based on their perception of the world. Both are not above violent means to achieve their ends. Face it, kids. Antifa is one rape circle away from turning UC Berkeley into Zuccotti Park West.

Let me make one thing clear, though. I am anti-fascist, and I would think most people would feel the same way. Fascism on paper and in practice is a horrible totalitarian mindset that stifles freedom and leads to violent disruption of any and all opposition. Think the global climate change cult with heavy artillery.

Where antifa and I part company is that I don’t feel I need to burn down the marketplace of ideas to compete in it. You can try to dress it up like civil disobedience (as the Left is wont to do), but it’s definitely not a good look for you, even if everyone else is wearing it. And you Leftists trying to play both sides of the antifa fence, you need to realize you’re not that different from antifa, and by saying they’re not like you, you are giving them the ammunition to attack you sooner or later. To them, you are
poseurs trying to fit in with the cool kids, and that never ends well. Unless you’re willing to strap on a mask and burn down your local Starbucks, you’re the enemy and need to be defeated.

Good luck with that.

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