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I usually don’t share stuff I see on Twitter because it’s usually stupid and may actually cause blunt head trauma as you beat your heads against a nearby solid object, but this one is an exception. MTV personality and sex-positive feminist Laci Green Tweeted this on Election Day after Donald Trump won the Presidency.

We are now under total Republican rule. Textbook fascism. Fuck you, white America. Fuck you, you racist, misogynist pieces of shit. G’night.

And the scary thing? People actually agree with her.

The Left has a tendency to toss around fascism like it was getting commission for doing it, but just because you use a word doesn’t mean you know what it means. And in this case, the Left is quite clueless.


What the Left believes it means – a right wing ideology where corporations control the government

What it really means – a left wing ideology the Left doesn’t claim

From a sociopolitical standpoint, fascism has a specific set of conditions, including government control of the means of production. On a more general level, it’s come to mean when conservatives have complete control over a government body. The Left has even gone so far as to cite 14 characteristics of fascism and then applying them solely to right wing governance. So, what are these 14 points? I’m glad you asked!

1) Powerful and continuing nationalism
2) Disdain for the recognition of human rights3) Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause
4) Supremacy of the military
5) Rampant sexism
6) Controlled mass media
7) Obsession with national security
8) Religion and government are intertwined
9) Corporate power is protected
10) Labor power is suppressed
11) Disdain for intellectuals and the arts
12) Obsession with crime and punishment
13) Rampant cronyism and corruption
14) Fraudulent elections

Neat list, huh? Now, let’s take a hard look at the list and compare them to the Left. Hmmm…seems like they meet most, if not all, of the characteristics on the list! Why, it’s almost as if the Left has the tendencies they attribute to the Right!

And even this list doesn’t nail down the truth about fascism. As much as the Left tries to paint it as a right wing ideology, it’s closer to its ideological cousins, socialism and communism. In each of these ideologies, the government or leadership wields considerable economic and personal power. Although there are some on the Right who wouldn’t mind this kind of control, they are truly few and far between, and they aren’t in control of the party. And if you think Donald Trump is a fascist, I have swamp land in the Gobi Desert I’d love to sell you.

Let me put it this way. Communism is socialism after a few drinks. A little happy, possibly surly, and with the possibility of starting a fight. Fascism is socialism after several drinks, several keys of cocaine, a mountain of PCP, and with a touch of crystal meth. Not only is it going to go off the rails faster than an Amtrak line run by Charlie Sheen, but there will be blood, most of it ours.

This is one of the reasons the Left wants us to believe fascism is right wing. They don’t want to admit they are just like fascists, and they are getting more alike as time moves on. Also, they love to project their faults onto others so they don’t feel bad about being horrible people. Why acknowledge your shortcomings when you can make it seem everyone else is just as screwed up as you? Well, if you want to get past your shortcomings, you kinda need to acknowledge they exist. Ah, but that would require two things the Left hates: personal responsibility and work. With all the four letter words the Left peppers its language with, it’s funny to see them shy away from a pretty innocuous one.

The Left will try to make you believe the way Laci Green sees the world is correct, even though she’s not the sharpest bowling ball on the Christmas tree. The fact she’s an MTV contributor pretty much tells you how far down the intellectual food chain she is. If anything, the Left calling Donald Trump a fascist only shows how little they know about actual fascism and how close they are to meeting the characteristics they tout as truth.

Leftists lacking self-awareness. Who saw that coming?

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