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For the past couple of weeks, Donald Trump has been floating the idea the upcoming Presidential election is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. Some…well, most of the media have written this off as the delusional ramblings of a loser. And given they have given cover for Joe Biden for a number of years, they know how to do it.

But is there something to the accusations? That depends on how you define voter and/or election fraud.

voter/election fraud

What the Left believe it means – something that rarely happens, but always gets mentioned by right wing nut jobs as part of a conspiracy

What it really means – Leftists rigging elections

This may be one time where I actually agree with Trump. Elections are rigged, and although both sides do it, it seems the Left has a Paul Bunyon leg up on the Right when it comes to voter and election fraud. There’s a reason there is a joke about dead people voting Democrat in Chicago; it actually happened. And as far as I know, it may still be happening. Imagine if Chicago residents spent as much time finding a decent quarterback for the Bears as they spent making sure dead people vote blue, Chicago might be seen as Title Town.

All kidding aside, Democrats and voter fraud go together like peanut butter and raw sewage. One is a horrible substance that few, if any, people want to eat, and the other is sewage. (Sorry, I couldn’t stop kidding. Then again, it’s hard to pick out which one of the two items referenced above would represent sewage.)

Over the past few years, Democrats have figured out a way to massage election laws in ways that would make Bill Clinton really happy, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t, don’t ask his wife because she doesn’t know either. Whether it’s busing people from place to place to vote or finding ways to use absentee ballots to stuff ballot boxes or “helping” people in adult living centers to fill out ballots (oddly enough all for Democrats), it always seems as though Democrats are the masters of maximizing fraud.

Of course, the media don’t seem to think it’s a problem. Ask them and they will tell you voter and election fraud are more rare than the way Dracula takes his steaks. Yeah, about that. Seems it happens more regularly that they care to admit, and I can prove it with one five letter acronym.


No, wait. I mean ACORN. No matter what you think of the way ACORN acquitted itself in light of video evidence proving they were part of a massive voter fraud attempt, the fact they were caught so many times in so many states doing things that were even slightly dishonest should be enough to make even the most honest Leftist blush in shame. Of course, that would require Leftists to be honest and have shame, but we can dream, can’t we?

And what have Republicans done to combat it? Attempted to pass voter ID laws without having much of a gameplan on how to promote them. Republicans not having an idea of how to convince people their ideas are worth exploring? The hell???

In their attempts to go along to get along, Republican leaders have dropped the ball more than Jay Cutler on a day when he’s playing football. (See? I told you Chicago needed to change their focus from fraud to football.) In doing so, Republicans have let Leftists walk all over them and ignore actual instances of fraud. And what have they gotten out of it?

Well, losing two Presidential elections in a row against a part-time Senator from Illinois with a resume thinner than an anorexic stick insect, and setting up to lose a third to a woman with more failures under her pantsuit belt than Bialystok and Bloom. And people wonder why grassroots Republicans are lining up to vote for Donald Trump?

With this election coming down to the wire, we cannot ignore the possibility…well, probability…well, certainty the Left is going to try to play fast and loose with election laws, and it shouldn’t take videos from Project Veritas or emails from Wikileaks to prove it to people. This is the Left’s M.O., and it has been for decades. But there is one way to beat them; make it so it’s impossible for them to manufacture enough votes to win.

Either that, or hope for the Cubs to win the World Series before the Sweet Meteor of Death shows up. That may not stop Democrats from cheating, but it would make me happy.

Author: Thomas

I'm a small town boy living in the heart of Iowa watching the world go by with my wife and dog.