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It’s time to address the elephant, or in this case donkey, in the room. Before Super Tuesday, few people expected Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign to last until Not-Quite-As-Super Wednesday. Now, after Super Tuesday II: Electoral Boogaloo, the former Vice President has become the Democrats’ front runner for the nomination, which has shocked a lot of people, not the least of which being Bernie Sanders supporters.

What changed? Certainly not Joe, and certainly not in a positive way. In the past couple of decades, we could expect him to slip up verbally once in a while or come up with an absurd idea or two, but this election cycle has been a bull market on bull and malarky. And a boon for bloggers looking to take another look at Joe Biden.

Joe Biden

What the Left thinks it means – a brilliant and compassionate man who would be a better leader than Donald Trump

What it really means – a man whose status is far above his abilities and his accomplishments

If you’re not aware, this is the third time Joe Biden ran for President. The first time was 1988, when he was defeated (along with several others) by eventual loser Michael Dukakis. Think about that for a moment. Joe Biden lost to a man who thought riding around in a tank with an oversized helmet would make him look like a hawk on defense. If ever there was a sign you may not be cut out to be President, it was that.

But Biden ran again in 2008, where he lost to eventual winner Barack Obama and became his Vice President. This was after spending 36 years in the Senate. Thirty. Six. Years. He would probably still be there if he hadn’t been picked by President Obama to be his fall guy…I mean Vice President.

Actually, I’m being unfair to Mr. Biden. President Obama picked him because of his experience in foreign policy. And what was that experience exactly? He spent a long time on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. During that time, he opposed the Gulf War, supported military action in Bosnia and Kosovo, and supported the Iraq War…or did he oppose it?

That’s one of my major problems with Mr. Biden. He loves to retell his story his way depending on who is listening, and facts be damned. Granted, this applies to most politicians, but with Biden, what bothers me is the ease at which he slips from one version of reality to another. What you can find him saying on record one day will be contradicted by him on another day, often combined with indignation you would attribute the words he said before to him now.

Normally, this could be chalked up to politics, but this time around there’s another explanation to explore: Joe Biden may not be on top of his game anymore. And when you consider he wasn’t that great at his game in the first place, that’s saying something. For all of his foreign policy experience, his major accomplishments could be matched by a Model UN student. Let’s not forget it was Joe Biden who came up with the “three state solution” in Iraq, which would have split up the country into three religious sections, which military leaders at the time dismissed as being counterproductive at best. (In layman’s terms, that means they thought it was damn stupid.)

Now, consider Biden today. He lashes out at critics, sometimes threatening violence against them. He forgets where and when he is. He looks lost, confused, even befuddled. He has trouble finishing sentences. He loses track of facts necessary to discuss the topic he’s on.

In other words, he’s what the Left thinks President Donald Trump is. And if current trends continue, he’s going to finally get the nomination he’s been trying to get for over 32 years! He’s due! Maybe third time really is the charm!

Ah, well, that’s where things get a little hazy. Bernie Sanders still has a significant chunk of the available delegates necessary to secure the nomination. Yet, in an effort to grease the wheels (and to prevent Mr. Biden from making more gaffes as suggested by Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina), members of the party are suggesting the primaries should be over and Biden named the candidate. Although I’m no fan of either of the anointed Democrat candidates, I have to take Sanders’ side on this one. Not only have the majority of states not held their caucuses and primaries yet, Biden and Sanders are still relatively close in the delegate count. If the Democrats and the Left decide to curtail the remaining contests, regardless of reason, it will spell the end of the Democrats as we know them, or at least make the final blow-up at the Democratic National Convention this summer more dangerous than I’ve anticipated. (The short version: Chicago 1968 will be an Amish barn-raising compared to what I think is coming.)

All to protect someone who isn’t ready for prime time and may never be.

For all the times the Left has called President Trump mentally unstable, incompetent to hold the office of the President, and unintelligent, to put up Joe Biden is the height of self-unawareness and tone-deafness. But when you consider the alternative is a slightly older socialist who hasn’t gotten the memo about Venezuela yet, the Democrats really don’t have much of a choice. They have to go with Joe Biden, if only to maintain the illusion they aren’t okay with socialism. (Spoiler Alert: they’re Berniecrats with the bank balances to ensure they don’t have to live under socialism.)

And where does that leave Joe? A figurehead with no real power to do anything but what the power behind the throne, as it were, tells him to do.

In closing, let me address one thing I keep being brought up about Joe Biden: his frequent verbal miscues are not the result of stuttering; they’re the result of a misfiring brain, and those miscues are getting worse. When you consider Bernie Sanders is a year older and is more lucid (vocally, not economically) than the man you think can take on Donald Trump, you can’t pin it on stuttering, and no amount of “can too!” will change that.

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