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Another week, another existential threat against the Constitution, our democracy (which is actually a Constitutional republic, but the Left doesn’t get that), and America. This week’s outrage revolves around President Donald Trump commuting sentences of several people who were convicted of various crimes and were sentenced accordingly, often in excess of what the actual punishment should have been. Not surprisingly at this point, the Left lost their collectivist minds.

Although it’s nice to see Leftists care about criminal justice reform, it’s odd they’ve decided to attack the President for pardoning criminals. While they concern themselves with the color of those they think got the lion’s share of the pardons (i.e. white people, or as I prefer to be called Honkey-Americans), they might not have the first idea of the Presidential pardon powers. In the interest of informing (and possibly entertaining) any Leftist who might be reading this, I am going to give a quick primer on pardons.

Presidential pardon

What the Left thinks it means – the power of the President to forgive criminals, a power abused by Donald Trump to help out his white collar criminal buddies

What it really means – the power of the President to forgive criminals, a power that has been overly scrutinized depending on which party is in the White House

Since we’re talking about the power of the President, let’s consult with the US Constitution. Article 2, Section 2 reads:

The President…shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

In the interest of transparency, there are a lot of words between “President” and “shall” that have nothing to do with Presidential pardons, but if you want to look for yourselves, here is a handy link.

Meanwhile back at the Leftist hivemind, there are people who think this use of a Constitutionally-defined Presidential power is unprecedented, signals a dark time in our history, and should cause massive panic and outrage. The truth is none of this is true. (Shocking, I know!) What President Trump did was exercise his Presidential powers in accordance with the Constitution, which goes over in Leftist circles as well as a white male eating full GMO vegetables with his so-rare-you-can-still-hear-the-moo hamburger washed down with a non-soy coffee produced by MAGA hat wearing American veterans and taken as dark as Michael Avenatti’s 2020 Presidential hopes. (To quote the great Dennis Miller, “Stop me before I subreference again.”)

For all of the Left’s fearmongering over President Trump wanting to be a dictator, you would think they would be happy he’s following the Constitution, but we can’t have nice things, so they aren’t. A huge (or yuge if you prefer) portion of the outrage comes from who is doing it, but there’s another element at work here. Chelsea Handler’s idiotic Twitter post suggesting the recipients of the President’s commutations and pardons were all white notwithstanding, a significant chunk of them didn’t look like Trump. People of color and women in particular made up a noticeable percentage of the recipients, and that scares Leftists because it destroys a few of their narratives. Cries of “racist” and “sexist” are harder to justify when looking at those on the good business end of a Trump Presidential pardon.

But the most profound narrative that gets destroyed is Leftists are the only ones who can understand the struggles of minorities in America. With a stroke of a pen, Donald Trump has taken action while Leftists only give lip service to the minority communities across America. Although it’s still several months before the Presidential election, actions like this speak volumes about who is really committed to addressing the concerns of all people, not just the ones one party or the other is trying to sucker into voting for their candidate.

Now, here’s the part that will really blow Leftists’ minds. President Trump is on pace to pardoning or commuting the fewest number of people in the past several years. If Trump is a power-mad dictator who can do whatever he wants, why so few pardons with none going to people who support him? He even pardoned Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat! Wrap your few but still functional neurons around that, Leftists!

However, I do have to take a slight issue with the idea of Presidential pardons because of the political nature they’ve taken on in recent years. Ever see the name of someone getting a Presidential pardon and wonder why he or she is getting it? More than likely, it’s because it advances a political/ideological agenda. Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich was one such instance because Rich and his wife were large donors to the Democrats. (Who says Leftists don’t love Rich guys?) To keep that sweet contribution money rolling in, the Commander in Briefs did Rich a solid. Naked partisanship (and, really, does Bill practice any other kind) is bad enough, but it gets worse when people who should be locked up for life get a Get Out of Jail Free card from the President. Clinton and Barack Obama both pardoned known terrorists for reasons that still escape me, but the damage is done and we have to live with the consequences.

I’m not sure what, if any, political or ideological angle President Trump’s recent pardons and commutations entailed aside from the ones I mentioned above, but he would be wise to take extra care with each request he receives to dole out the appropriate amount of compassion and justice. If anyone Trump pardons gets involved in shady dealings after the fact, the Left is going to scream. Then again, that’s pretty much been their standard MO since November 2016. Regardless, handing out pardons shouldn’t be handled with the grace of a sledgehammer in a china shop and should be based on merit, not politics. After reading up on a number of the cases involved, I can say the President met that burden.

Now if he pardons Jussie Smollett, on the other hand…

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