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Remember Stacey Abrams? If so, I’m sorry. If not, she’s a former Democrat candidate for Governor of Georgia who lost the election by 55,000 votes, but contends she was robbed of the election. Well, she’s back, both as an on-again off-again Vice Presidential candidate and as the leader of a relatively new organization called Fair Fight 2020 whose focus is on…get ready for this…election security.

The Left’s overt concern for election security isn’t new. Since President Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, the Left has offered up any number of solutions to what they perceive to be lapses in protecting the election process in America and making sure the current system is reformed to avoid another election debacle.

If you sensed a tinge of sarcasm in my typing, you would be correct. There is a lot to unpack regarding the Left’s newfound love of secure elections, so let’s get started!

election security

What the Left thinks it means – ensuring all votes are counted and all threats to a democratic election are minimized, if not eliminated

What it really means – securing elections so only Democrats can win

The Left hasn’t always had a great track record when it comes to election security. From the dead voting in Chicago to mysterious votes appearing out of nowhere to elect former Senator Al Franken, the Left has always managed to find ways to circumvent existing laws through a combination of registration fraud (i.e. ACORN), favorable judicial rulings that make no sense (i.e. Franken’s election), and controlling who counts the votes (i.e. George Soros’ plan to fill state election officials with individuals sympathetic to Leftist causes). Like I said, there’s a lot to unpack here, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

Back in 2000, Democrats cheated and still lost. At that time, they started coming up with all sorts of reasons why our elections were substandard (without ever considering the fact Al Gore was a horrible candidate). They insisted upon electronic voting options, which were easily hacked and provided no paper trail of a person’s vote in case of a malfunction. That’s not counting all the glitches in the electronic voting system.

But the interesting part of this isn’t what the Left has proposed, but what it hasn’t proposed. Simple ideas like paper ballots, photo ID required to vote, and limits on early voting aren’t even being considered and are actively opposed by the very Leftists who say they want secure elections. They will give you any number of reasons why these ideas need to be opposed (usually revolving around allegations of racism, voter intimidation, discrimination, or some combination of buzzwords). Yet, none of these reasons make sense if election security is really the name of the game.

But it’s not, and it never has been.

The Left’s dedication to bureaucracy gives them a decided advantage in elections, that being they know the rules inside and out so they know how to circumvent them. That advantage has been threatened by voters deciding not to vote for Leftists because they’re nuttier than squirrel shit. So, instead of finding candidates that can’t be insane, gaffe-prone, or dumb, the Left blames the election process and the voters for “voting wrong.” Why else do you think the Left is okay with publicly naming and shaming Trump donors? Because in their minds, Trump voters should be ashamed of voting and supporting the President.

The fact Trump beat their best efforts to rig an election has been eating at the Left since 2016, and their recent support of election security is a part of that. The Left needs to find a balance between making sure the voting system is as restrictive as possible to outsiders and keeping the systems they’ve put in place to secure more Democrat victories from being discovered and then used against them. Plus, the more screwed up they can make election security, the better their argument that it’s screwed up and needs to be fixed becomes.

Voter ID is a prime example of the Left’s strategy. It’s not that hard to get an ID card, no matter what the Left tells you. Many states offer free or low-cost cards. All it takes is the effort and desire to get one. If election security were the Left’s real aim, they would support it, but they don’t because it screws up some of the mechanisms they have in place to rig elections. Leftists love early voting and absentee voting because they can secure votes from people who can’t vote for one reason or another (usually because the voter is dead, but not removed from voter rolls yet.) With voter ID, people who can’t produce proof of who they are can’t vote, which ruins the Left’s usual tactics. Without it, they can gin up as many votes as they want or need to meet their goals.

One thing the Left can count on, though, is the Right playing by the rules…most of the time. Let’s be honest here. Politics is one of the dirtiest games around and both major parties bend, break, and puree the rules on a regular basis. Having said that, the Right still has some sense of duty to the law that the Left gave up a loooooong time ago in order to win elections. Make no mistake, the Left is as concerned about election security as they are about Pat Paulsen coming back to life and running as a Democrat. Everything they say with regards to election security is designed as a smokescreen.

And the best way to fight it is to support actual election security efforts. Showing your ID at a polling place takes only a few seconds, but it does more to protect the integrity of an election than the Left cares to admit. Same with paper ballots, auditing election rolls on a regular and more timely basis, and any number of other common sense options the Left rejects out of hand. If you want election security, fight for the solutions to make elections more, not less, secure. And don’t be dissuaded by those who call you a racist, bigot, or some other name because you do. Remember the Left’s entire purpose isn’t to improve our election system, but to improve the chances Leftists get elected.

Then, maybe Stacey Abrams can go back to pretending to be Governor of Georgia.

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