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The annuls of human history is rife with stories of people competing for different titles and accolades. Olympic athletes train to win a gold medal. Scientifically minded students strive to win a blue ribbon at a science fair. Farm kids work year-round to have their livestock named best in show.

And in Leftist circles, they compete to see how “woke” they are.

Although no one has figured out a way to measure how woke someone is (or how to commercialize it or turn it into an annual award ceremony for that matter), it’s fun watching people who make Edgar Winter look like George Hamilton using the term.

Plus, it’s going to be fun exploring it further here!


What the Left thinks it means – being aware of world events, especially concerning people of color

What it really means – a dick measuring contest for people wearing pussy hats

Urban Dictionary has a number of definitions for “woke” (some of which are entertaining in and of themselves), but from watching Leftists use the term, I’ve come to two conclusions. One, they will do anything to sound hip, even when it’s borderline racist. And two, it’s a buzzword that should have had the lifespan of a Tamagotchi. (Both the fad and the virtual monsters themselves.)

When I was growing up, there was another term that woke has replaced: “down with the struggle.” And oddly enough, it was the same group of people who used that term who are using woke today: white Leftists. And usually it was done to try to fit in with blacks who were protesting against racial mistreatment. The only way it would have been worse would have been if the white Leftists started dressing like Black Panthers, not from the news, but from TV shows and movies. Nothing says “I oppose your oppression” like looking like you just stepped out of a paramilitary J. Crew catalog.

By adopting the hip language, the Left is attempting to co-opt the concept behind it for political purposes. As I’ve noted previously, when you control the language, you control the narrative. By using “woke” to appear to be on the right side of an issue, the Left tries to give people the impression they understand and empathize with those who feel they’re oppressed. That way, they can insert the impression the Left can address that oppression and alleviate it.

Of course, that impression is falser than Stormy Daniels’…lawyer. (Get your minds out of the gutter!)

It’s one thing to be aware of a person’s problem and feel for him or her. It’s another thing to do something about it. And that’s where the Left always fails. Once they express how much they care about an issue, to them, it’s enough. It’s up to others to do the heavy lifting because doing something about the problem is so hard, guys! And if you wouldn’t mind, could you pick up the tab because they totally left their wallets at home?

And where does that leave the people with the problem? Waiting for help.

Instead of trying to figure out how woke you are, it would be a better idea to figure out what to do. The Left has an answer (vote for their candidates and advance their agenda), but in looking at their track record, it isn’t working, much like the Leftists trying to be woke. Has being woke helped get clean water to Flint, Michigan? Nope. And it never will. Problems need solutions, not catchphrases.

So, what’s the point to being woke?

From where I sit, there isn’t one. It’s just a way to create an arbitrary measurement of how much someone cares about an issue without investing any time, money, or sweat to resolving it. In other words, it’s the “Seinfeld” approach to resolving issues.

I know that doesn’t make me woke, but having seen some of the people who profess to be woke, I’m happy being asleep.

Author: Thomas

I'm a small town boy living in the heart of Iowa watching the world go by with my wife and dog.