Taxes, National Debit, and the Minimum Wage

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Our current tax code and the IRS are corrupt and very convoluted. The IRS must go and along with it the current tax code. A government needs revenue and since it doesn’t produce anything on its own. It must use taxes and tariffs. The people should not be punished or exploited for succeeding. That is the American Dream.

Some argue for a Flat Tax. Although this would be better than our current system it is still a punishment on success. No we must adopt a Fair Tax. Tax the consumption of goods and services. Everyone buys something and pays the tax on it. And you get to keep your whole paycheck.

There is a book called UnFair, Exposing the IRS that goes into detail on the Fair Tax. It is worth the read.

In addition to adopting the Fair Tax, the US should return to the Gold/Silver Standard for our currency. When money is actually worth something, people don’t overspend. When it is just paper they will.

As for the minimum wage and this also brings into focus the so-called issue of “income inequality” which is a Marxist term. Should there be a set minimum wage? I don’t know. But when you are keeping your whole paycheck you have a lot more money at the current minimum wage to actually live your life and not be going paycheck to paycheck.