Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security

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These items all have roots in Socialism and need to be abolished. The government should not be involved in the business of health care or providing for an individual’s retirement.

Since many people have already paid into these programs via payroll taxes, these funds will need to be reimbursed with interest. And this reimbursement is to be tax free. The payroll deductions should be stopped and everyone gets to keep that money now and use it as they desire.

In order for this to actively work however other changes are also required.

The health care and health insurance reforms that I have previously written about would need to be in place.

The elimination of Income Tax would need to be in place as well. Replaced with the Fair Tax or something similar. Thus freeing up money to be available for consumer spending or saving.

We currently have people on these programs who are disabled. There needs to be something in place for them since that can happen to anyone at anytime.