Immigration and Border Security

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Our number one duty as a nation is to have our borders secured. If this means we have to build a wall, then a wall should be built. We cannot prosecute our border patrol agents for doing their jobs. And we also must eliminate “sanctuary cities”. These are a threat to our national security.

Anyone here illegally should be deported. Starting first with those that who have committed violent crimes and felonies. And they should be barred from entering ever again. For those that have entered the country illegally as their only crime, they too should be deported where they can again enter legally. If they had children born in the United States, the children are not citizens as the 14th Amendment was not put in place for children of illegal immigrants nor was it put in place for children who are born here for the sole purpose of getting US citizenship.

There already is a pathway to citizenship for immigrants. It is to arrive in the US under legal means and apply for citizenship.