Health Care

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Our country needs true Health Care Reform. This will have to be done through the acts of Congress. The first step is to repeal, in its entierty the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as ObamaCare. This is just bad legislation based on taxes. Congress should invoke the Commerce Clause and allow insurance companies to operate across state lines. This will open wide numbers of people and drive costs down for insurance.

Additionally there need to be some changes in the medical field and the courts. We need to end a slew of malpractice suits which drive costs up for the physicians and their patients. Also why is the medical field the only service that doesn’t post their rates in advance? Going in to the doctor’s office or the hospital one has no idea as to the cost of their treatment until the bill arrives. This needs to change as well. Rates should be posted so the consumer can shop around for the best rate.

With prices driven down, those with pre-existing conditions will be able to find affordable healthcare and insurance for themselves and their families. No one would be denied due to their health or age.

Women, like men, have special needs when it comes to health care. The two sexes are different in anatomy and function. Each has it’s own unique health care challenges. Women need prenatal care, and postpartum care when it comes to pregnancy and child birth. For women who want birth control, it should be easily available and as inexpensive as possible. Some insurance carriers and plans may not cover it due to religious objections.