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After the past week of Impeach-a-Palooza on Capitol Hill, we finally get a break from all the futility, pundits are starting to analyze the outcome. Unfortunately for Leftists, it’s looking like fashion tips from Jerold Nadler: not good and at times scary. Leftists aren’t making their case for impeachment and keep repeating the same lines about the persuasiveness of the evidence (which consisted of long opening statements undercut by the witnesses admitting they have no evidence of the crimes President Donald Trump is being accused of). Even polling data shows support for impeachment has dropped, especially where Independents like me are concerned.

So, what went wrong? You’d better get an extra large bag of popcorn and an extra large fountain drink because we have a lot to go over.

The proceedings haven’t been completely above board. One thing that has troubled people about the current impeachment process against President Trump is how unfair it appears. Even those of us who know impeachment is a political process rather than a legal process are stunned at the way Adam Schiff and company have run their inquiry hearings with an iron ham fist. If there was more of an attempt to balance the hearings and give them the gravity they deserve rather than the clown show it’s been to date, people might not be so turned off by them.

The testimony doesn’t support the conclusions. Ignore the partisan spin from the House Democrats and their media allies. When push comes to shove, the testimony hasn’t supported the conclusions the Left want us to reach. You can give a 20 minute opening statement under oath hitting on everything from America to Main Street, but if you honestly answer you have zero proof of what is being said you are testifying on, you’ve wasted your breath and our time.

There’s too much partisanship going on. This goes back to the first point a little, but it’s still important to discuss separately. Politics today makes the Hatfields and McCoys look like a polite family disagreement over who had the best day. Having said that, both sides have been using impeachment or rejection of impeachment as a cudgel to beat each other over the heads. This gives the rightful impression that no one is taking impeachment seriously enough. It may throw red meat to the respective political bases, but it doesn’t support either side’s argument.

Appeals to emotion don’t make a solid case. Let’s be frank for a moment. The heart of the Left’s hard-on for impeaching President Trump is driven by emotion and not by facts. You can tell this by watching the pro-impeachment forces using emotional appeals suggesting impeachment is simultaneously the last thing they want to do and the proudest thing they’ve ever done to protect the country. Once the emotional appeals fail, what else do you have? More hysteria? More appeals to Mom, baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet, and America? And when those fail? Time to admit you have nothing and have had nothing from the jump instead of trying to make us feel like we’re traitorous scum if we don’t march in lockstep behind you. Okay, you can go back to being yourselves again.

The “crimes” don’t fit the punishment. This is an area the Left has utterly failed on. They haven’t made a case that impeachment is the only remedy for what the President is accused of doing. And based on what information we’ve received so far, we’re hard pressed to see what crimes were committed in the first place. Trying to get Ukraine to investigate election tampering in 2016 and determine whether former Vice President Joe Biden was involved isn’t a crime, especially given how the same Leftists wanting Trump’s head on a platter were so concerned about election tampering when they thought it favored them are suddenly anti-transparency and pro-corruption when there’s even a hint their ox…or in this case donkey…gets gored. The fact people outside of the Left’s hivemind see this isn’t a good look because not everyone has a short memory. And here’s the kicker: some House Democrats are offering censure as an alternative. Even if they’re in the minority, the fact they’re speaking out right now in the midst of Impeach-a-Palooza means there might be more willing to forego the conventional wisdom and stand against their own party.

There is a constantly moving target. Since 2016, there have been multiple reasons the Left has wanted President Trump impeached, including alleged crimes committed before he was President and, thus, still a private citizen. As each reason has fallen by the wayside, there is another to replace it, with some of them being so absurd they could only come from the mouths of Leftists more clueless than Alicia Silverstone’s character in the movie of the same name. When you can’t even decide on an impeachable offense without a focus group, you know you’ve oversaturated the marketplace of ideas.

The public is fickle. To put it mildly, people like what they like for as long as they like it and then dump it for the next hot new thing. If you want to keep their attention, you have to give them a reason to invest in it. If you don’t, you’ll see people “Oh Shiny!” you into obsolescence. Guess where you are right now.

You didn’t read the room. Before you embark on a risky venture, like…oh I don’t know…impeaching a President, you kinda need to make sure you are prepared to suffer the consequences if your venture goes south. Outside of your hivemind, there isn’t much support for impeachment. And relying on Republicans to vote for your half-baked idea, let alone to remove President Trump in the Senate, is riskier than letting Bernie Madoff handle your retirement. And trying to shame them into complying isn’t going to work, and not for the reason you think. It’s not because Republicans are all Trump-Bots; it’s because you’re fucking annoying! Whinging about Trump, lame hashtags, and moralizing from people who think drag queens are the perfect people to read to little kids aren’t getting the job done.

We’re tired of impeachment already! Although this relates to the fickleness point I raised earlier, it is too important a point to leave unstated. Plus, I needed to pad this out a bit. With all of the attention on impeachment, there are a number of issues that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Voting security in 2020 (remember that, kids?), the situation in Hong Kong, international terrorism, immigration, and a host of other issues that mean much more to the American people than impeaching a President, especially when you consider the crap you’ve put forth so far hasn’t moved the needle in the way you want.

Impeachment has been a dud and continues to be one in spite of the Left’s insistance on it being a winner. But, hey, who am I to tell you what you should do? You do you!

Author: Thomas

I'm a small town boy living in the heart of Iowa watching the world go by with my wife and dog.