Hypocrisy Much?

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With Loretta Lynch accepting the FBI’s report on Hillary Clinton’s email server, the whitewash…I mean investigation is over. And now the Left says we should all let it go. After all, if the FBI didn’t choose to pursue charges against Hillary, doesn’t that mean we should drop it?

Yeah, about that. There was a recent case where another legal authority gave another guilty party a serious break, and the Left lost their mind. (I would use the plural here, but that would create a logical paradox.) In that case, the system was fundamentally flawed and it was outrageous that a guilty party could get off with such a light reprimand for such a horrible crime.

Are the cobwebs clearing yet, Leftists? Maybe this name will jog your memory.

Brock Turner.

That’s right, kids. Brock Turner, the Stanford Swimmer who was sentenced to a six month jail sentence and three years of probation. Granted, it was a whole month ago, so you might have forgotten the squawking points by now.

Here’s the thing. Hillary Clinton broke federal law. Regardless of whether the FBI decided to press charges, the crimes still happened. And, no, relying on the incompetence defense doesn’t help you here. It would be like…oh I don’t know…having your father complain about how you stopped eating as a result of your trial. It only makes you look worse than if you had just decided not to defend the indefensible.

Am I implying Brock Turner and Hillary Clinton are the same? Nope. I’m stating it. Hillary Clinton and Brock Turner are the same. Full stop. No equivocation. No caveats. They are the same. They are both criminals who have been allowed far more leniency than they deserve given the crimes committed, far more leniency than an average American would.

And only one of them is running for President.

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  1. The left has no memory if it doesn’t suit their needs

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