Finger Pointing

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On the 3rd night of the Republican National Convention the junior Senator of Texas Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz spoke. He was invited to speak at the convention by Donald Trump despite being bitter opponents during the primary election season.

The Trump campaign did not vet Senator Ted Cruz’s speech. They gave him and Senator Marco Rubio an open mic. They could say whatever was on their minds.

For Senator Rubio. He manned up. He kept his word given during the primary election season. He endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Senator Cruz took a different path. At the beginning of his speech the Senator did congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination. But then went on to not support or endorse Donald Trump for President.

The anti-Trump crowd is of course cheering the snub speech. As usual they don’t see the big picture. In fact they refuse to see it at all. So here, where I have a larger canvas. I’ll get out my crayons and finger paints and draw that picture.

During the primary election season, especially when there are 17 candidates. Each tries to paint themselves as the best possible candidate. And they all, sometimes viciously, attack the record and character of their opponents.

A true test of character comes when one of these candidates drops out of the political race. Donald Trump, time after time, always extended the olive branch to those who fell before him. Raising them back up. Even if one or both said terrible things about the other. To me, this is both a mark of a true leader and shows Christian values and ethics that Donald Trump embraces.

That is the first picture to see. And if for some reason you do not see it. Your moral compass might be broken. You should get it calibrated in the Holy Bible.

This is why Donald Trump invited his closest and most bitter rival in the primary election season to speak at the convention. Because Donald Trump forgives and forgets those transgressions. Now ask yourself honestly. If the tables were turned would Senator Ted Cruz invite Donald Trump to speak? Hell to the no would be the answer.

Donald Trump is the bigger man and has the stronger moral Christian character. Let Senator Ted Cruz speak his mind. As a professed Christian, he should do the right thing.

But Senator Ted Cruz violates his oath to the Republican Party and the American Public. An oath he twice made to support the eventual Republican Nominee. Even if it wasn’t himself and even if it was in fact Donald Trump.

And when this fact is pointed out. The anti-Trump fanatics all shout and point their fingers at Donald Trump and say he did it first. Just like glue-eating, nose-picking immature children.

A few are a little more mature and say that since Donald Trump broke the contract first it voids out the entire contract so Senator Ted Cruz can also “violate it.”

So here’s more of that bigger picture they aren’t seeing for some reason. That contract, oath, and promise was not between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. It was with the Republican Party and the American Public. And it was Senator Ted Cruz that broke it.

Senator Ted Cruz’s speech did not help the junior Senator from Texas. In fact it hurts him in the eyes of Republicans and the American Public. It was political suicide.

His chances for a presidential bid in 2020 or later have gone from slim to none. And it is yet to be seen if a President Donald Trump will give him another opportunity to serve in the administration.


Author: bynw

Chris aka "bynw" is the site owner and primary post author. A life-long conservative Constitutionalist when it comes to politics. A believer and follower of Jesus Christ. A Linux enthusiast. And a gamer.

2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing”

  1. This was a comment from Facebook. I am posting it because I will also post my response as well.

    Jason Andersen A few comments.

    1) Given the fact that these two men made the same pledge to the Republican party, how do you rationalize Trump’s repeated threats of an independent bid to be permissible, while at the same time condemning Cruz’ refusal to endorse Trump? How is this not textbook hypocrisy? Especially when you consider the vitriol that Trump flung at Cruz’ father and his wife? I find this absolutely stunning.

    2) You allege that “A true test of character comes when one of these candidates drops out of the political race.” Is it not a greater test of character to see how a man conducts himself and treats others *during* a race? It is no testament to character to trample upon people on your way to the top, only to offer them an olive branch once you’ve stepped on them. Slander doesn’t become Christian behavior just because it’s swept under the rug after you’re winning. Slander is never redeemable.

    3) You ask what Cruz would have done for Donald if the “tables were turned,” and Cruz was the presumptive nominee. Would he invite Donald Trump to speak, you ask? And you answer, No. A better question, I think, would be to ask how Donald Trump would behave were he *not* the presumptive nominee? It is no test of character to see how a person acts when he’s winning. It’s easy to extend olive branches when you’re the winner. But how you receive them when you’re not winning is a test of graciousness. What we’ve seen again and again throughout the campaign is that when Trump is not the one on top, he relentlessly resorts to kicking and screaming and slander.

    I don’t detect there is going to be any convincing you at this point to change anything in your mind about Trump. You seem determined to see character qualities in Trump that simply aren’t there, and I don’t think I’m going to dissuade you from that. What I marvel at though is the double-standard that you, and a slough of other Trump supporters, are content to impose upon Ted Cruz. Donald Trump is allowed to do and say whatever he wants, with no regard to consistency. He is the white knight who can do no wrong. But the moment Ted Cruz gives any whiff that he is contemplating going back on his word to support someone who has slandered his family, all of the sudden he is guilty of political suicide? All of a sudden he is the greatest villain in politics? Donald Trump can fling insult after insult, slander after slander (behavior that is, in fact, sinful) and yet you have the audacity to defend it as Christian character in contrast to Ted Cruz? This is a remarkable assertion.

    It’s one thing to say that Ted Cruz should keep his word and do what he said he would do. It’s something entirely different to use this situation as an occasion to try to argue that Trump has conducted himself in a way that exemplifies Christian character. The former point is an entirely valid point to discuss. The latter is simply absurd.

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    1. I want to start off by noting that this is an exception. Please use the blog for all comments for anything posted on the blog. And there will be no further replies to this Facebook post. If the conversation needs to be continued please do so on the blog.

      Also I am not a first timer when it comes to politics. I have been involved since I was 18 years old. I do vote in every election and primary. I do attend my caucus. I am usually either a delegate and/or on at least the county Central Committee for my party.

      I also have been both a volunteer and paid staff for political campaigns and events. I have had direct access to candidates and other political insiders here in Iowa.

      1) Trump only threatened to do so. If Ted Cruz would have won the nomination which was highly unlikely from the beginning. I would be reluctantly giving him my support in November. If Donald Trump were then to run as an independent candidate I would strongly advise people not to go that direction. History has proven time and again that 3rd party runs only hurt the Republican change in a presidential election. Ted Cruz made a promise to me (as an American) to support the nominee even it if was Donald Trump. He went back on his word. No hypocrisy there at all. Even though Cruz certainly is not my first or even third choice out of the 17. I would support him if he was the nominee as he would be better than the Democratic nominee.

      Personal attacks, mud slinging, even against ones family and friends is not uncommon in American politics. What the Cruz campaign did against Donald Trump’s wife is equally vitriol and offensive. And what the campaign does is a reflection on the candidate. And given my insider history and knowledge of campaigns I highly doubt that Ted Cruz didn’t know about it.

      2) You do have a valid point. They are both equally important. But as Christians we are to love our enemies and we are to forgive those who trespass against us. Ted Cruz has yet to show mercy and forgiveness.

      3) I personally believe that if Donald Trump didn’t get the nomination due to not getting enough of the votes in the caucus/primary elections. He would be accepting of it. Now on the other hand if, as history has played out and Donald Trump won the popular vote in the landslide that he did. Then Donald Trump would not be accepting of it. Because by the rules laid out by the RNC nearly 2 years ago. The delegates must vote according to the votes of their states. And yes that would have caused an uproar if winning the popular vote and loosing the nomination. But I would still be hard pressed to support a 3rd party run.

      At this point, I will voting for Donald Trump in November since the alternative is Hillary Clinton who will never get my vote. A 3rd party candidate isn’t worth the risk of taking votes away from the Republican nominee in hopes of having the election decided by the House of Representatives. Something that hasn’t happened in over century.

      There is a double standard in place. Ted Cruz billed himself as the Christian candidate. Therefore I expect Christian behavior from him. And when it is not there, I loose faith in his statements, as his actions speak far louder than his words.

      In Donald Trump, who in all likely hood is probably not saved and just a “Sunday” Christian (goes to Church on Sunday). I do see some of the same character traits I expect to see in a Christian. I see the same traits in Donald Trump that I see in Mike Huckabee who is undoubtedly a born again Christian.

      I saw the same thing with a private Christian school that my son went to before he transitioned to public school. The Christian school showed far less Christian behaviors than the public school. It was quite sad.

      Donald Trump can do plenty wrong. And has in fact during this campaign. There have been a number of times that I screamed at him for doing or saying what he did instead of what he should have done.

      Likewise Ted Cruz is just as guilty as Donald Trump. They are both human. And with being human comes doing the wrong things. It is in our nature. If he wasn’t going to honor his pledge to me and the American people he should have declined the invitation to speak. Instead of using it as his own soapbox to further his own agenda.

      Although I do not like the fact that Jeb Bush or John Kasich and others also did not honor their pledge to support the nominee when it became Donald Trump as they should have done. They took the proper humble path and refused to attend the convention. And for a politician to do something like that speaks volumes about their character. Most politicians like to be in the limelight and enjoy the power that comes with it.

      And yes this was political suicide. Ted Cruz did the wrong thing at the wrong time. His speach was great up until the last 5 minutes of it. He could have even said that he disagreed with the choice of the nominee but in order to get our nation pulled back from the abyss we must stick together to insure Hillary Clinton is not elected. That would have been acceptable as well as just boycotting the entire event.

      Slander has come up quite a bit here. In regards to the remarks that Donald Trump stated about Ted Cruz’s family. If I was slandered like that I would either get over it as it’s part of what happens in politics or I would take the man to court. Especially if I was a top notch attorney. But Ted Cruz is using it as a crutch for his bad behavior.

      Ted Cruz is not the greatest villain in politics. That would be our current President who is ramming our nation down a path that will destroy this Republic. And it is also his designated successor Hillary Clinton who will continue in his footsteps. That is why Ted Cruz should be united behind his former rival in the primaries to defeat liberal progressivism in November.

      I have never defended Donald Trump’s insults or alleged slanders as Christian behavior. I will fully admit that Donald Trump and his other rival during the primary season Dr Ben Carson were in my top 3 because they would not bend knee to the false god of political correctness. It wasn’t Christian behavior but it was a breath of fresh air in politics. And Donald Trump never billed himself as the Christian candidate.

      As a Christian it is not my place to say who is saved and who is not. That is up to the Lord to determine. But the Fruit of the Spirit will help us in determining what is in someone’s heart. Ted Cruz should have kept his word, if he is truly unable to do so he should have declined the invitation. But in my observation of this political cycle I have not seen a lot of good fruit from the man who says he is a Christian. And although there is not much fruit from the other. What is seen at times is far better fruit on the vine. Maybe he is just beginning his walk with Christ and as we all begin walking we start out crawling and falling. I will never cast a person as unsaveable as my God can and does work miracles. Even Hillary could have her road to Damascus someday.

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