Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

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As constructions resumes on the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian reservation we are left to wonder about the true motives of the protesters.

Environmentalist protesters were encamped near the construction site. Claiming that the pipeline would leak and contaminate the nearby water supply. Although this is a legitimate concern, as no pipeline is leak-proof, there is an acceptable risk threshold.

The Left would have us believe that these protesters have our best interests at heart. After all the majority of the protesters at the encampment were members of the Standing Rock Indian tribe. And the Left has long supported the false narrative that the American Indian tribes all lived in harmony with nature and the surrounding land.

So this is how the protesters, protecting the water supply at Standing Rock, as environmental guardians lived and left the site.

For the most part they were all dirty and unwashed, living in a lot of filthly and 3rd world slum like conditions. They abandoned several vehicles that would contaminate the local water supply with the spring flooding. They left behind more than 200 truck loads of trash that had to be hauled away from the site. They set fires to various structures at the encampment. And these so-called environmentalists and stewards living in harmony with nature also abandoned multiple dogs and other animals, including new born puppies. Leaving them to fate in a construction zone.

Fortunately real stewards of nature are rescuing these helpless animals and cleaning up the mess left behind from these horrible human beings that were protesting the construction of the pipeline.

So what are their true motives? Well that is yet to be determined. But their very actions tells us that the stated protest reason was a lie. These horrible people obviosly don’t give a damn about the environment.

Author: bynw

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