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I attended my caucus this evening. I am a registered Republican and of course went to my local precinct location. I arrived around a quarter after 6pm. Within the lobby area Marco Rubio had several people with signs. Inside the meeting room, Donald Trump had a good showing with buttons being handed out to anyone who wanted one. I didn’t take one for any candidate.

My precinct mostly consists of the older generation, with an average age of the caucus attendee around 55 years old. But there were a few younger couples that filtered in before the official 7pm start time.

Our caucus was held in a local church. The sanctuary was almost totally filled by 7pm. A very good showing. The highest I’ve ever seen at a caucus.

We did have a late start around 10 after the hour. The precinct chair indicated that we had people still in line who were registering as Republican before the cut off.

Our caucus proceedings opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. From there we appointed the temporary Chair and Secretary to permanent positions. And began the business of the caucus.

We had 7 speakers for the Presidential candidates. Bush, Christie, Fiorina, Gilmore, and Kasich did not have any representative at my local caucus. Not even someone from out of the area or state.

The speaker for Carson was not from our precinct. He spoke from the heart and made eye contact with everyone.

The speaker for Cruz read from a written speech. Probably one written for all the precinct speakers. He was from the area but never made eye contact with the audience.

The speaker for Huckabee got an applause before speaking. Was from the local area and made eye contact with us. She also stated good things about Trump.

The speaker for Paul got a “whoo hoo” from the crowd as he came on stage. He made eye contact and was from the area.

Rubio’s speaker had a mix of eye contact and reading from notes. A bit of bad mouthing against Trump, but not by name.

Santorum’s speaker was late due to traveling from another precinct. She is from PA, not IA and has been a long time friend of the family. Spoke without notes and made eye contact with the audience.

Lastly for the speakers was for Trump. He also had an applause before speaking. And he was making periodic eye contact while reading from notes for his speech. But he did open with a joke.

We cast our vote around 7:40pm. And then continued with other business while the vote was tallied. Electing our county central committee members, platform committee members, and delegates to the county convention in March. I am one of the delegates.

Two planks were sent on to the county convention and platform committee for consideration submitted by the precinct.

We had a record of attendance of 258 Republicans. 60 of those were newly registered either from independents or former Democrats. It’s a great showing at a presidential caucus.

The results of the voting for my precinct is as follows:

Marco Rubio (75)
Ted Cruz (68)
Donald Trump (59)
Dr Ben Carson (21)
Dr Rand Paul (10)
Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rick Santorum (6 each)
Carly Fiorina, John Kasich (3)
1 vote was undecided
Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee did not get any votes at all.

As I finish writing this report up, the results are in for the state for the Republican side. The top 5 are:

Ted Cruz (28%)
Donald Trump (24%)
Marco Rubio (23%)
Dr Ben Carson (9%)
Rand Paul (5%)

And on the Democrats are still neck and neck between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Time will tell but Bernie Sanders could take it easily.

And now we have two candidates who have dropped out of the race. Martin O’Malley on the Democrat side and Mike Huckabee on the Republican side. Now its on to New Hampshire.

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