What’s in a Name


Some good readers have pointed out that my legal name does not appear on the blog any place. This is true, it does not. The domain name itself is a nickname I’ve used since childhood which to me is my name. (At least one of them.)

A large number of people in our internet age know me only by the name “bynw’. Or that was the first name they knew me by before learning my given name.

For those that want my name it’s easy to get. You can just ask me for it. I’ve added a “Contact Us” page to the site to make it easy too.

The reasons that may need my legal name is for reprinting of blog posts and compenssation for blog posts and writings for other websites and media outlets. Some just want to give credit where credit is do, and that’s just fine.

Thank you very much for spreading the word about my blog. And thanks for reading too.

And we are back!


Yes you did READ that right. We are back up and running. At this time our archives are still in the process of being recovered. But it’s touch and go. We had a hard drive crash on us before a back-up was initiated. This did cause us to loose a lot of data. But that does happen. Lesson number 1 is back-up, back-up and back-up. But even with a back-up, if the data is corrupted there isn’t much you can do about it.

So we can begin anew and if we can recover any previous posts and comments they will return to the site.

Thank you all for waiting!