It has already been asked. But it is worth asking again and again. Is the cure worse than the disease when it comes to COVID-19. The world’s economy is on the verge of standing still. Locally everything is shutting down.

We have lost sporting events that some communities rely on for their livelihood. Most of their income comes from these events. People are being laid off, fired, or having their hours reduced. Celebrations of all kinds are being cancelled.

Even the Church has closed it’s doors. This didn’t happen even during the Black Death. But this will cause some small churches that need parishioners in order to pay the mortgage to close permanently.

Many events can happen with teleconferencing (audio or visual too). Some can happen via email or other electronic means thanks to modern technology. We can can Facetime our friends we want to see but cannot meet personally due to social distancing.

Schools are closed and all the children are home. Now being taught by their parents. Those who home school already wont have any issues with this facet of the cure. However, those who never thought they would be home with their children have to adapt. Personally, I think it’s a great thing to get all the children out of public schools but that is something for another post.

Life has been turned upside down by COVID-19. The cause of the virus is subject to a multitude of reasons. Mostly false at that. And there are large numbers of conspiracy theories surrounding it as well. The virus isn’t man made in a laboratory. Nor is it the after affects of 5G mobile wireless technology.

The economic impact of this virus is staggering. It could cause another world wide collapse and depression. It would take a few years to recover from it if that happens. Our Liberties are being threatened as well by this virus as governments local and national restrict the inalienable rights of the people.

So how dangerous is this virus? You determine that for yourself. Look at the numbers. We are no were near the last major pandemic of N1H1 in cases of infections or deaths on the global scale. Local numbers may very from this of course. The problem with COVID-19 is there is no vaccine available at this time. There are trials and tests being ran around the world. But that’s what makes this one “scary”.

I think the overall reaction is extreme. Yes by all means practice good hygenie. But we should already be doing that anyway. Don’t sneeze and cough on one another. These are all no brainers really. If you are in public place sneeze/cough into your elbow. Again these are basics people. These practices will lower your changes of getting the cold or flu as well.

I also don’t like going to the ER or Urgent Care. There are too many sick people there and I don’t like the idea of going and catching something there. I like the video doctor idea far better. Talk to someone and determine if you need to take the risk of being seen. I might just do that always from now onward.

This virus wasn’t created as a weapon. But it’s been turned into one. And those that did so should be held liable and accountable.

Stop the Clock


Daylight Savings Time is upon us. That annual time when we move our clocks 1 hour ahead of the standard meridian we use to measure the passing of time. There are those who love the time change. But I am not one of them.

Our changing of the clocks is an old tradition. Some old traditions like traditional marriage, the family, and the Church, are well worth keeping. But this tradition is no longer needed in our 24 hour highly technical society.

The tradition was a great idea when a day was still measured from sunrise to sunset. Moving the clocks ahead 1 hour gave more daylight that could be devoted to more work getting done.

But our technology has supplanted that need for daylight to get more work done. Even in rural communities, like my home state of Iowa, tractors can be seen in the fields late at night with massive bright lights that illuminate the night.

And our society operates at a 24 hour level. Many businesses are open and available 24 hours every day. Add in the internet and there is nothing that can’t get done even in the darkest part of the night.

Daylight is obsolete. Changing the clocks does harm as well. It produces high stress which can lead to illness. Especially in those first couple of weeks after we spring forward.

Fortunately states can opt-out of Daylight Savings Time. And with Congressional approval they can move to Daylight Savings Time year round if they choose to take that route instead. Currently only Arizona has opted out of Daylight Savings Time.

But there are many states that have such legislation pending. Either to opt-out or move to Daylight Savings Time year round. I don’t care which way one goes with it. Just pick 1 time and stay on it. Lets not change the clocks again afterwards.

What is Socialism


I do enjoy how the Left provides me with an endless supply of memes to debunk and ridicule.

So we will examine this one now making the rounds on various social media platforms.

The first thing that needs done is to correct the definition of socialism. We are presented with a false one at the beginning of this meme. This definition given above in the meme. Has never been the definition of socialism.

Socialism is really defined as:
1) any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

2a) a system of society or group living in which there is no private ownership

2b) a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

3) a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

A standard tactic in the Left playbook to control language. Thus the reason for New Speak in the book 1984. If you control the meaning of words. You can control thoughts. And the people behind those thoughts.

Since we now have the correct and true definition of Socialism. We can look at the list and remove those items that are not Socialist.

These are definitely not Socialist/Socialism:
The Military/Defense
Polio Vaccine
GI Bill
Hoover Dam
National Weather Service
Sewer System
Jail/Prison System
Court System
Health Care 9/11 Workers
State Construction
State Snow Removal
Public Street Lighting

Now these things are definitely Socialist/Socialism and should all be abolished too:
Social Security
Public Schools
Farm Subsidies (all Subsidies to industries)
Free Lunch Program
SNAP (Food Stamps)
Unemployment Insurance (this should be in the hands of the public sector)
Disability Insurance (like all insurance this should be in the hands of the public sector)

The Police are a special case. As the Police are organized today, they are a socialist institution. We need to go back to our original roots of the elected Shire Reeves to keep the peace. People we can trust not those who are tax enforcement officers of the state at any level.

Now some may disagree and they are welcome to that opinion. But these are a gray areas:
Public Libraries
Fire Departments
Student Loans and Grants
Public Parks
Town/State Run Beaches

That sums up the list on the meme itself. Not everything on it is socialist at all. Some things are of course. And that is how the Left attempts to deceive you.

Super Thursday Results


Former Vice President Joe Biden has taken the lead in the delegate count in the Democratic Party nomination race over Senator Bernie Sanders.

The next vote will be on March 10th. But right now it looks like none of the candidates will have the 1991 delegate majority needed to win the nomination without the Superdelegates voting.

This is of course the nail in the coffin of Senator Sanders’ hope at getting the nomination by delegate count. The DNC will not give the nomination to someone who isn’t really a member of the Democratic Party. And the establishment choice is Mr. Biden.

So here is my early congratulations to Mr. Biden, the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2020 election.

The question becomes who will be Biden’s running mate. And will Senator Sanders again submit to the DNC choice like he did in 2016 or will he run as an independent candidate for President with his supporters.

2020 will be an interesting election for sure. A three-way race would be something to talk about. But I’m just going to go ahead and congratulate President Trump on winning the election to his 2nd term as President of the United States.

An Observation


Every organization gets fringe members. These members are generally those who are the most visible, the loudest, and even the most aggressive. At times they can actually benefit a movement, but in the end, they are more destructive than helpful.

There comes a time in the life of every movement that they need to face the facts that the fringe members have reached a point of critical mass. And action needs to be taken.

Actions can be allowing the fringe to become the mainstream and driving force of the organization. Determining the agenda and direction the organization takes going forward. Of course this means that the original base becomes the minority and maybe totally ignored.

The movement may attempt to censure or punish the fringe members. To bring them back inline with the movements primary goals. This is not always successful and to those outside of the movement. The fringe is still the movement.

Lastly the organization can split. This creates 2 or more organizations. Sometimes with opposing views against their former allies. This does however preserve the original organizations primary goals and purpose. It also disassociates the fringe from the organization as well. Which can boost public opinion.

Historically, most movements will do either the first or last of these options. They are the most successful and have the best benefits. But it depends on a lot of factors.

This time of critical mass has arrived for not just one but for two organizations within American society. And it seems that the fringe in both of these will take over the original organization. Displacing the core base of both to their detriment.

The first is the Democratic Party that has a loud and growing powerful Socialist fringe. They are just one election away from the destruction of the original Democratic Party and being replaced by pure Socialists with a hatred for all things American.

The second is the LGB movement. Now called the LGBTQ+, which has allowed the fringe TQ+ elements to take over their movement and prove correct all the fears mainstream society ever voiced about them.

Do either of these organizations take back control or do they let the fringe define them going forward.

Socialist Security


Please note: This was originally posted on Facebook.

Yes Socialism has already taken root in the United States. That doesn’t mean we want or need more of it. In fact I’m all for getting rid of the Socialist aspects we already have. Which of course will be blogged about at some point in time. In fact I’ve already written several of them.

I get great ideas from Leftist memes on social media. I normally just take a snip of the meme and then write my blog were I ridicule and trash the false narrative of it. I want to thank the internet and the useful idiots as Stalin called them for giving me an endless supply.

But there is this meme circling about and instead of writing a blog post about it. I decided instead to just take care of it right here on Fascist Book.

First I want to point out that this meme is actually sort of correct. And that’s a theme with Leftist propaganda. A little bit of truth sometimes is used.

Social Security is indeed as Socialist institution. It is the government taking care of your retirement because you cant be trusted to do it yourself. And it paid for with taxation. The FICA tax on your payroll stub.

Now where the meme spreads its wicked falsehood is stating that if you have this Social Security Card, you are a Socialist. That is a total BS. Most people born in the US are assigned a SSN at birth now days. There is no need to apply for an SSN unless you are immigrating to the United States.

You see we don’t have a choice to participate in this Socialist scheme of robbing our wages from us. It is forced on everyone. Like every other Socialist program. You can’t opt out of them.

I would like to see Social Security go away. Abolish it. Return personal accountability to seeing to our retirement. We have a chance to do this with every new generation. But like most Socialist programs once they take root. It is difficult to remove them.

Now before some one goes crazy and says the Social Security pays for other things besides retirement in old age. Yes I know it does. But other institutions were originally took care of those aspects long before Social Security came into being. And they can do it again.

But this fact also clearly shows that more people collect on Social Security than who pay into it. Social Security is not a sustainable system. Which is also like most Socialist programs. As Lady Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

So in summary. The United States already has a multitude of Socialist programs and Social Security is one of them. But just because one has a SSC doesnt make them a Socialist. It makes them a victim of Socialism.

Your vote is in danger


There are 16 states that have already passed legislation to steal the votes of the people of their respective states. Additionally 10 other states are considering similar legislation in a move that will alter the voice of those states as well. This should not be allowed to continue.

When our nation’s Founding Fathers gathered to create our government form. There was a clean slate. They could have created anything. There was talk about crowning George Washington as King. But the wisdom of our Founding Fathers gave us a Republic under the Rule of Law.

Our Founding Fathers knew of the dangers of a democracy. Many of them hated the very concept. For democracies do not promote the freedom of Liberty that was hard fought for in our War of Independence from the British Crown.

In our Constitution, the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College. Thus destroying any attempt at having a popular vote of of urban populations dictating policy towards rural populations. It made the states of the United States all equal. It also made possible that importance of the first in the nation Iowa Caucuses.

But since 2006 there has been an established effort to circumvent the protections of the Constitution and the Electoral Collage without rewriting the Constitution. The legislative effort is called “The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact”.

Under this legislation, once passed and enforced, will grant the state’s electoral votes to whomever wins the national popular election. Even if that means the people of the state had a majority vote for someone else.

This legislation, if allowed to continue, will destroy the Republic. We will fully become a Democracy and enter the violent twilight years of our nations history. Some will say it is to protect our “democracy” but there is no democracy to protect in the first place.

To put somethings into perspective. There is no danger to our Republic if a Presidential election results in a President winning the Electoral College vote but losing the national popular vote. This means it is working at the Founding Fathers designed it to work.

This event has only happened 5 times since the founding of the Republic. There have been 58 presidential elections since that time. So 8% of them. Hardly a sign of trouble. This is an invented crisis.

The Electoral College is based on the total number of Senators and Representatives in Congress. Most states give all of their electoral votes to whomever wins the popular election in that state. Which ever candidate gets more than 270 electoral votes wins the election.

There are 2 proper ways to reform the Electoral College. One is to have each state give a proportional electoral vote. So it is no longer winner take all. This makes it harder to get to 270 votes. It also means that the Presidential election could be determined by the House of Representatives instead of the peoples vote.

The 2nd method is to increase the number of Representatives in each state. This will raise the threshold above 270 while still keeping the winner take all on the electoral votes.

But the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact doesn’t go into effect until there are enough states that have passed the legislation to reach 270 electoral votes. At this time the total is 196 electoral votes from the 16 states. The state of Virginia is close to passing this legislation which if it does will bring the electoral vote total to 209.

Even if this legislation does pass to 270 electoral votes. It will be challenged. As it violates Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the US Constitution which reads in part:

No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, … enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact requires the consent of Congress to enact. And Congress should not grant that consent which would destroy the Republic.

How the Votes will add up


We are early in the caucus/primary season for the Democratic Party. This is the beginning of how the party chooses it’s delegates and eventual nominee for president this summer. The delegates are locked into their assigned candidate, at least on the 1st round of voting during the summer convention.

To win the Democratic Party nomination the candidate needs to get 1991 delegates/votes. If this happens on the 1st round of voting due to the results of the caucuses and primaries then that candidate did extremely well. However, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen just yet.

Senator Bernie Sanders is doing well. He is getting about 1/3 of the available delegates in each contest. While the remaining delegates get split up between all of the other candidates that are running. If this rate holds through the entire caucus/primary season then Senator Sanders wont have enough delegates/votes to win in the 1st round. He will be over 650 delegate/votes short of that goal.

In the 2nd round of voting, the powerful block of Democratic superdelegates are able to vote. They are not locked into any one candidate. This powerful block gives 771 votes. But right now Senator Bernie Sanders is only supported by 23 of them. Still not enough to win the nomination.

The regular delegates will have to be freed from their pre-assigned voting block before there is a clear winner. And it might not be Senator Sanders. There will be backroom deals cut during the convention so there is a strong enough block of delegates supporting one candidate to get the nomination. When it comes down to the delegates and deals at a convention the nomination is wide open. Even the 5th place loser can become the winner.

I am predicting it wont be Senator Sanders. He isn’t really a Democratic Party member, he always runs as an independent for this Senate seat. He does have a strong following of useful idiots that don’t know why or who everything is free but they like it. But that wont be enough for Bernie to win the nomination. The Democratic Party base still has a strong moderate lean to it. And a hardcore Socialist rubs them the wrong way.

Democracy in Danger


There are a lot of memes on Social Media recently stating that President Trump and other Republicans are dangerous to Democracy.

I agree with these memes. And it is a good thing too. Democracy was hated by our Founding Fathers. That is why they gave us a Republic.

Democracy is nothing more than mob rule. The whims of the majority can change like the wind. Democracies don’t last and they are violent in their deaths. A little knowledge of US and World History, untainted by the Left, is the best teacher of these facts. It is a shame it is no longer taught in our schools.

I am glad that President Trump is fighting against Democracy. I support this effort fully. I do not want a Democracy to take hold of the United States, it will be the end of our nation if it does.

Unfortunately we have already had some encroachments of Democracy. At the beginning of the 20th Century, the 17th Amendment was ratified. And for more than a 100 years now we have had this stain of Democracy eating away at our Republic. It is time to stop it. Repeal the 17th Amendment and preserve the Republic and end Democracy.

Liberal or Conservative?


Forget Liberal or Conservative when defining political movements and parties. Who fits under these terms can change over time and place. Liberalism of today and Liberalism of past times are not equal. One is clearly wicked and evil while other is good and righteous. The same can be said for Conservatism as well.

If you were a conservative in the Roman Empire around 35 AD. You were either a Roman Citizen or a Pharisee. While the liberals would be Jews or Gentiles who were followers of Jesus and his disciples.

In the 1860s to be a liberal meant to be a Republican. It was a small political party but won the Presidency under Abraham Lincoln. The conservatives where the much larger Democratic party.

A century back, in the 1770’s. The Founding Fathers were the liberals of their time and place. While the monarchists and those loyal to the British crown were the conservatives.

These 3 examples are histories greatest because today all 3 of them have changed labels. Today Christianity is conservative and those ideologies that oppose it are liberal. Today the Republican Party is conservative while the Democratic Party is liberal. And the Founding Father’s are conservative in thought verses the liberal thoughts of the role of government today.

But the key point to keep in mind here. Is none of these 3 examples have changed their world view. Christianity still preaches the same message it has preached for 2000 years. The Republican Party’s base is still the same as it was at it’s founding. And the Constitution as written by the Founding Fathers still says the same words today as it did 240+ years ago.

The label has been changed. The message hasn’t been changed. And what is righteous is always righteous despite any label applied to it. And what is wicked will always be wicked as well. This is due to the message and not the label.