Human Lies against Klingons


This meme draws the wrong conclusion and is deliberately misleading. As of this writing there is no evidence within the canon of Star Trek that would support the idea that the Klingons had trans rights. So I am exposing this fraud here and now.

This is not evidence of Klingons having trans rights.

Curzon was a male Trill and host to the symbiot named Dax. And Curzon Dax was a beloved old friend of the Klingon Kor. However, Curzon Dax was two separate lifeforms sharing the Trill body. It would be more correct to say that Dax was Kor’s beloved old friend.

A Trill can be surgically bonded with a symbiotic sentient parasite. This symbiot lives within the abdomen of the Trill host. This allows the host and parasite to share memories and skills. Even those possessed by former hosts of the symbiot.

The symbiot itself was a long lived organism. The Dax symbiot was over 350 years old by the time the character Jadzia Dax is introduced in Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Jadzia was the 8th host for Dax, and it would live on to take a 9th host and beyond. Some where male and some where female.

This is not the definition of transgender in the real world today. It isn’t even close to resembling it. Thus this meme is fraud. A lie. And a deliberate one for political and social gain.

Today, transgender is a mental condition that is being forced into acceptance and celebration by western civilization instead of treating it properly as a mental illness. We need to give this unfortunate people compassionate help instead of exploiting them for political gain. It is not two beings sharing one body. It is not two souls sharing one body. It is one soul, one body, and one confused mind.

The Bernfire


During the 2016 election cycle, Senator Bernie Sanders had quite a following. But he didn’t get the Democratic Party nomination because of the power and corruption of the Clinton’s.

Four years later, Senator Bernie Sanders is again surging in popularity among the useful idiots. Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist and has no business being in the government, let alone the White House. But he has a greater chance at getting the 2020 Democratic nomination.

Time will tell if his popularity increases after the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary. If Senator Sanders wins both of these contests but doesn’t get the nomination. Then there may still be some hope for the Democratic Party. It will also mean that the corruption within the party runs very deep.

If Senator Bernie Sanders is the nominee for the Democratic Party then it will be an interesting Presidential election cycle. And a strong contrast between capitalism and socialism.

In the end though President Donald Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory. Winning both the popular vote and the Electoral College by wide margins. And we will have four more years to save the Republic.

RIP Neil Peart


Yesterday the music world was shattered to learn of the passing of Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist of the Canadian progressing rock band Rush. He was just 67 years old.

The band had just recently retired from touring after completing their 40th anniversary tour in 2015. It was a great show. And Rush never disappointed their audience. I should know, I have been to many of their shows over the years as the band has been in my top 3 favorite bands for decades.

Neil was a very private person. What few interviews he did he expressed that he left the meet and greets to his bandmates Alex and Geddy. It just wasn’t in his nature to share things with strangers. And thus we learn of his passing a few days after the fact.

His life had some tragedies, the lost of his only child and his first wife was shattering to him. It took a massive journey across three continents for Neil to heal from this loss.

As a drummer, Neil is the paragon. The top apex. Many have called him a drumming god. And if you ever had seen Rush perform and the drum solo of Neil behind his kit in that element you would agree.

He also wrote the lyrics to most of Rush’s greatest hits and most of their other songs as well. Not only could he write such profoundly deep songs. He also has authored several books and short stories. One of them is called “Ghost Rider” which chronicles his healing journey after the death of his daughter and first wife. All worth reading.

Neil passed away after a three year private battle against brain cancer. Heartbreaking to learn that his mind was attacked by that dreaded disease.

It is the wish of his bandmates, Alex and Geddy, that those wishing to express their condolences can choose a cancer research group or charity of their choice and make a donation in Neil’s name.

Rest in Peace Neil Peart. You are loved and missed.

War Declared


War was declared in 1979. The Islamic terrorist state of Iran declared war on the United States and attacked our Embassy in Tehran and took Americans hostage.

Iran has been waging its war against the United States for more than 40 years now. And other than a few minor engagements and diplomatic sanctions the United States has done little about it. But the war is costing billions of dollars and 10’s of thousands of lives.

The time is now. The 96th Congress though the 115th Congress, all have failed in their duty to protect and defend. There is still time for the 116th Congress to act.

The current 116th Congress, in accordance with its sworn duty, must answer the 1979 call and declare war against the Islamic terrorist state of Iran.

The United States hasn’t fought an actual declared war since WW2. We have the technology to end the war with Iran within an hour without using nuclear weapons. They would be unable to wage war and their criminal government would collapse.

But given that the Leftists in charge of the House and the many cowards in the Senate. The 1979 call will still be unanswered by this 116th Congress. Too many members of each are honoring the devil and calling good evil and evil good.

2020 Caucus Countdown


We are now less than a month away from the, first in the nation, Iowa caucuses. This is where the process of nominating the next President of the United States begins.

There have been a few ripples in some places across the nation where another Republican has stated that they would challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination. I haven’t seen or even heard of anyone foolish enough to try this in Iowa. It just wouldn’t fly.

So the GOP will still have the President as our nominee here in Iowa. But the Republican Caucus not only votes for the nominee of choice. It also creates the state’s party platform.

This gives direction for the party’s candidates and delegates as well. Additionally this is the start of the process that will eventually choose the members of the Electoral College.

In 2016 I started at my local precinct caucus and became a delegate to the county convention, then a delegate to the district convention, and finally a delegate to the state convention. During this process I was nominated for the Electoral College and to be a delegate to the national convention. I didn’t get either but it was an honor to be nominated.

On the Democratic Party side, they too decide on their nominee. The process is different as they do not do a direct vote.

As to other actions taken at the caucus by the Democratic party. I don’t know as I have never attended one. If anyone has it would be great to know.

This process is generally repeated across the nation in other caucus based states. In a primary based state I do not know how party platforms are decided. I wouldn’t want to live in a state where I wouldn’t have the means to be in direct control of my political party.

So if you live in Iowa. The caucus is February 3rd at 7:00pm. There are various resources online to find your local precinct locations. Use them and take part in this processes. I will be at mine.

Soleimani, a Dead Terrorist


The Iranian Moslem Terrorist Soleimani is dead. He was killed in an air strike retaliation due to his part in organizing the recent attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad.

This should come as no surprise as Soleimani was a general in Iran’s Elite Guard. The organization that was founded by those terrorists who 41 years ago stormed the US Embassy in Tehran, murdering and taking hostages along the way.

Soleimani was a terrorist. His death is being celebrated across the Middle East by those brave enough to risk their very lives in showing support and solidarity with the United States and liberty. Including many in the Leftist totalitarian Moslem Terrorist State of Iran. Brave souls that are being ignored by the American anti-Trump Leftist media.

Here in the United States this Leftist Moslem Terrorist is being hailed as a hero and as a good man by the Left and the media. This is a disgrace and dishonor to all people who have lost their lives to Moslem Terrorism. You should be ashamed of yourself if you support or defend this monster of evil.

Never Have I


In my lifetime there have been 10 Presidents of the United States. I have never shown any one of them the discourtesy that people today are showing to President Trump.

We have had bad presidents. We have had good presidents. We have had ineffective presidents. Of the 10 presidents in my lifetime, I would rank 2 of them as good. 1 as ineffective. 6 of them bad for various reasons. And 1 of them was able to established diplomatic ties with communist China that we still have today. Preventing a terrible global war from happening if we never had such ties.

There were 4 Democratic and 6 Republican presidents. 4 served two full terms. 2 served only one term. 3 served one term and a partial second term. And the current president’s full tenure isn’t known at this time.

But even with the 6 presidents I would consider to be bad ones I have never called any one of them a P.O.S. As people call President Trump.

To call another human being this term takes a level of hatred that I cannot fathom or even understand.

Maybe some of histories most infamous rulers could possibly earn this description. The likes of King Herod, Nero, Caligula, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, and other socialists. These men were vile and evil to the core. But they murdered thousands and millions of their own people and others as well.

But the United States has never had a President at this level of evil. To call our current President a P.O.S. is vile in itself. And it speaks volumes about the character of the person using the term instead of the President.

America is the greatest country on Earth. We have freedoms that even the rest of the so-called “free world” cannot understand. We can disagree with our President and the polices of the Administration and the whole of Congress for that matter. And we have done so since the time of our founding.

We used to do these things civilly without violence that now infects our homes, families, schools, and places of employment. We need to return to our roots and be that shining city on the hill again.

No Logic and Deranged


It is quite common for Leftist to avoid logic in almost everything. Because logic will proof test their own statements proving them to be false. Also Leftist will shut down any conversation they are loosing against valid logic. And this is even more the case when it comes to those Leftists who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Here is an profound example of a Leftist who is avoiding logic, shutting down a conversation when presented with logical statements of proof and obviously one that is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome as well. It is very sad when you read it.

I have blurred out the names and images to protect the identities of all parties involved.

The above tweet copy I shared on Facebook after the anti Trump editorial was published in the magazine Christianity Today. This image was taken from my Facebook page and re-shared but with a Trump Derangement Syndrome Leftist purpose …. read on.
In the beginning here we have a false opening statement that really doesn’t have anything to do with the actual shared image at all. I was going to comment on it directly on Facebook but didn’t need to because someone else beat me to it.
Again we note the false premise from the original poster in the above conversation clip and the other poster attempting to use valid logic to show exactly what Franklin Graham was saying and why he was saying it in his tweet.
And where we have the last of it. The original poster, suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Ignoring logic because it doesn’t fit the Leftist world view. And since there is no way to refute it logically in the discussion. Shuts the discussion down.

This was just a short example. There are hundreds of these types of conversations across social media. And many more that happen face to face with another person. Be it a family member, co worker, friend, or person one meets on the street. Logic cannot be used on a Leftist. Even more so if they suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. They will not listen and simply shut down. But some may get violent as well.

Sit On It


Nancy Pelosi can sit on the Articles of Impeachment all she wants. In fact she can sit on them until the 2020 election is over.

But of course by then President Trump will have won his landslide re-election. The Senate Republicans majority will be increased. And the Republicans will have retaken the House, and Nancy Pelosi will no longer be the Speaker.

The new Republican Speaker can continue with the program set by the Democratic Party and hold on to the Articles of Impeachment. This action will of course anger and cause the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome to worsen in Leftist neverTrumpers everywhere.

Now in 2022, the Speaker of the House after the mid-term elections of that year can send the 3 year old Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, if the 2022 Speaker is a Democrat. If the Republicans still have the majority in 2022 then they can continue to hold on to it as the Democrats did in 2019.

But finally after the 2024 elections. The new Speaker of the House, no matter what party, can finally send the 2019 Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Of course by this time the Senate will dismiss the charges since President Trump will have completed his 2nd term and will no longer be the active President. And a vote or trial wont matter.

Are they dogs or men?


For decades our government has been held hostage by the whims of the Democratic Left. They cry “unfair” when they are not in the majority. And, I am sad to say, the Republicans have always turned tail or rolled over as cowardly dogs being kicked and have let the Leftist minority control everything.

Here and now the Leftist traitors are screaming that the Senate Impeachment Trial will be unfair to Democrats. It doesn’t matter to them that the House proceedings were biased and even unconstitutional towards the Republicans and the President. The Left cannot have what they do to others done to them. It has never been that way. No one has ever stood up against the bullies on the Left.

Speaker Pelosi has said that the (Leftist controlled) House will not release the Impeachment to the Senate until they get their way. This isn’t a bill that can be sat on Ma’am Speaker. The Constitution clearly puts this out of your control.

In the words of Caesar, the die has been cast. Now we will see if the cowardly dogs roll on their backs and get kicked again by the Left and kneel before their establishment deep state masters or if there is actually some men left in the Senate.

Do the Republicans really stand up for the Republic, the Rule of Law, and the US Constitution? Do we have any Statesmen left in the Senate? Or is it nothing but the Deep State where the letter after their name really has no meaning in the backroom deals. And the Republic is already dead as the Roman Republic was before it.

The Senate has the power to dismiss the charges against President Trump without a Trial. There is no solid evidence, it is only how the so-called witnesses felt or what they heard for someone else, which is hearsay and not admissible. You couldn’t be convicted of jaywalking with the same level of evidence that has been presented in the House. There is no case against the President. This impeachment is a waste of my money and the time of my representatives.

However, no matter the outcome in the Senate, the following will all be true. If the ruling in the Senate is favorable to the Left and President Trump is removed from Office then I have already stated what will happen. See the previous posts on this for details. It will also be the final nail in the coffin of the Republic. If the ruling in the Senate is not favorable to the Left. Then they will further waste time and money with more charges against the President and they may even take the matter of the Impeachment to the Supreme Court. It will be nothing but more insanity of Trump Derangement Syndrome.