Are You SURE You Want to Do That?

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Lately, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been trading barbs about who is qualified to be President of the United States. Mrs. Clinton said Sanders isn’t qualified because he hasn’t had all of her experiences. Senator Sanders said Clinton isn’t qualified because of her ties to Wall Street bankers.

For once, I agree with both Clinton and Sanders!

Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be President because her experience has been mostly bad. Remember the “Reset Button” with Russia? Remember Hillary’s support for the Arab Spring, which gave rise to ISIS/ISIL/ICUP/whatever name they’re going by this week? Of course, we could always ask Ambassador Chris Stevens for his opinion on Mrs. Clinton’s leadership qualifications. Oh, wait…

Bernie Sanders isn’t qualified to be President because he lacks even a basic understanding of how a constitutional republic or a free market economy (both of which we still have, last time I checked) works. No matter how much “free” stuff he offers, it will not balance the books, boost the economy, or fly in the halls of Congress or the courts of the land. Besides, do we really want a President who looks like he gets his hair cut at a low-rent pet salon?

Although the Clinton and Sanders campaigns have a legitimate political basis by which to question each others’ Presidential qualifications, it opens up a larger conversation where neither one measures up. But, who am I to argue with the Benghazi Bungler and the Socialist Septuagenarian? Neither one has my vote for President, and I have them both to thank for making my decision that much easier.

Author: Thomas

I'm a small town boy living in the heart of Iowa watching the world go by with my wife and dog.

One thought on “Are You SURE You Want to Do That?”

  1. Actually I think Bernie Sanders, like Obama, has a complete understanding of how our constitutional republic and free market economy works. They both just hate it with every fiber of their being. They are both totalitarian socialists. But Bernie wants to be democratically elected so it was the peoples choice to end the republic.

    You know because it isn’t fair. And I would agree. A free market economy isn’t fair, if by fair you mean everyone makes the same amount of money for doing anything or nothing. But it truly is the fairest of all economic systems. You get what you put into it. Your potential is unlimited which is why there truly is unlimited wealth. It just takes hard work to get there. And that’s what a lot of people don’t want to do. They want the shortcut. But socialism of any kind doesn’t work. It brings down everything it touches. It raises up nothing. And will eventually collapse.

    Bernie knows this too but he we be part of the elite ruling class that socialism creates so it doesn’t matter to him. He will only become wealthy and powerful if he becomes President of the United States.

    And Hillary Clinton is not Bill. She lacks her husbands charisma and his genuine caring about others. She is only out for herself and the accumulation of power over others. She would toss Bill under the bus if it got her elected President. And she will be elected if the Republicans don’t unite behind their nominee.

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