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So you may find yourself asking why this page is called “” well the .com is the easy part. As .com is a very common web top level domain. Now the “bynw” part is where most stumble. Some try to think what it might stand for, thinking incorrectly that it is an acronym or an abbreviation of some kind. But here is the full scoop.

And it’s pronounced and bin-NEW

In Egyptian myth the phoenix is known as Bennu or Bynw.
It is an emblem of the sun god and is associated with Osiris, the ruler of the underworld. Osiris, who himself was resurrected, gave the Bennu the secrets of eternal life. In Egypt, the Bennu was symbolic of other cycles such as those of the sun’s rising and setting and the Nile’s beneficial annual floods.

Every 500 years, the Bennu flew to the Sun Temple in Heliopolis where the priests were waiting to assist it. The bird then built a large funeral pyre of spices, climbed on top, and allowed the sun’s rays to consume it. From the ashes, a worm was born which grew into an adult Bennu by the end of the day.

I personally like the alternate spelling of ‘Bynw’ and so that is the one I use. I have long had it as a nickname since childhood. And so I have used it online since the birth of the internet.