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Welcome to “Something About Everything”.

This is my personal blog. However I do allow guest authors a chance to post from time to time. If you want to be a guest author, hey that’s fine too. Contact me and we can discuss it. I am a  Christian, although I consider myself to be non-denominational, I have attended services in the following denominations: Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Independent Catholic, Church of Christ and probably a few others along the way. Plus I am an ordained Minister though the Universal Life Church.

Politically. I am a conservative. That generally means I vote Republican since they tend to be more conservative then others. But as of late they are becoming a lighter form of liberal. I am a firm believer in the US Constitution. It is not a “living” document. It states exactly what it states, without any hidden or to be interpreted message.

I am a technologist by trade. I use Linux as my primary computer operating system of choice for both servers and desktops (laptops too). This site is hosted on Debian Linux system. So I keep myself advised of things happening in the world of tech. Pretty cool stuff out there.

I am an avid RPGer. That’s role-playing games for the uninitiated. And no not those computer games that are called “RPGs” today. The real things, the paper & pencil RPGs of old. That are still being played today by a host of gamers around the world.

So again. Welcome to my site. Feel free to disagree with me or any of my guest authors. Discussions are welcome. Personal attacks are not. And those replies and posts will be removed.

Happy Reading!