UFP and Communism

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A lot has been written about the futuristic universe of Star Trek. Most articles have been on its technology and how that influenced our technology. There is no doubt on this aspect. We can see it all around us.

The economics of Star Trek has been touched on by a few. There are different theories on this but I subscribe to the theory that the United Federation of Planets has become a communist state. It didn’t start out that way mind you, but by the time of The Next Generation the change has been nearly completed.

Some have stated that to express the idea that the Federation is communist is being lazy. And that might be the case if one doesn’t present the abundant evidence that supports the statement. And others flat out refuse to accept that the Federation is communist. Not their beloved science-fiction franchise that can do no wrong.

But the evidence is clear in this case. The Federation has become a communist state.

Below is a sampling of the evidence taken from an article that was previously written on the subject that goes into far greater depth than I’m going to go into here in this posting. However the article will be posted as a PDF that you can download and read for yourself as well with the overwhelming evidence that supports that the Federation is communist.

In Communism and the Federation there are no property rights. There is no wealth, no money, and no buying and selling of personal goods. Also wall street and investments are also non-existent. And due to these factors people live in a very Spartan lifestyle.

In Communism and the Federation the State controls all forms of transportation. We see this in Star Trek all the time. There are no personal or privately owned star ships. The skies above Earth are empty. Movement is tracked as everyone must book passage on a Federation owned ship to go anywhere. No one even owns a private shuttle craft.

In Communism and the Federation the State controls communications and thus limits Freedom of expression, speech, and even the press. We have never even seen the press in the Federation. Every bit of news comes from the government. The subspace relay network is owned by the government, there is no alternative to long range communications. Personal data isn’t encrypted either as its been shown throughout the series that personal information can easily be obtained. Only Federation officials and ship captains can send secure communications.

In Communism and the Federation religion has been eliminated and so has the traditional family. Promiscuity is wide spread and even encouraged. Throughout TNG and beyond there is no mention of God or Jesus anywhere. Christianity has been stamped out.

In Communism and the Federation the State controls all industry. There are no corporations by the time of TNG era. No logos across known space for any company. And no patients either, everything created is in the public domain.

The points I just listed are the tip of the iceberg. Check out the attached PDF file for the drilled down examples and details concerning these points and many more. Once you have finished this reading, you will know that the Federation is communist.

Author: bynw

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