The New Red Scare

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If you’ve been following the news the past couple of weeks, you’ve heard a lot about allegations Russia tampered with our election. It’s gotten to the point President Obama has taken time away from his busy schedule of golfing to order research be done on the 2016 elections to find out what happened. Mr. President, you could pay me half the money it would take for that report to be done and give you the right answer: Hillary Clinton sucked as a candidate and believed her own press.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the CIA from speculating and letting the media know there is a possibility of Russia getting involved in our election. I’ve had the chance to read what Reuters and the Washington Post wrote about this CIA report. If you haven’t read it, don’t bother. It’s basically two anonymous sources who allegedly have knowledge of the report saying exactly what Hillary’s camp is saying. Wow. Imagine that! Leftists covering for Leftists!

Now, members of the Senate are getting into the act. Four Senators,  Democrats Charles Schumer and Jack Reed and Democrat Lites John McCain and Lindsey Graham, released a statement echoing the sentiments from the Left, the media, and just about every conspiracy theorist from the Left.

But here’s the thing. We don’t know for sure if the information is accurate, and that’s kinda important if you’re going to level such severe charges against Donald Trump and Russia. The Left is quick to point out Trump’s cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin (a bromance story no one wanted) as proof. Throw in allegations that Wikileaks was working with Russian hackers, and you have an iron-clad argument according to the Left.

Yeah, but that ignores a lot of information. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has ties with Russia since, well, it was part of her job. And as we’ve seen, she sucked at her job. Remember the “Reset” button fiasco? Put simply, she wasn’t ready for the job, and it showed.

Russia knew President Obama and his cast of misfits could be easily manipulated and mocked, and they did both in spades. Having Hillary be President would have been a boon for them because she would have guaranteed more ineptitude which would allow Russia to thumb its nose at us for at least 4 years. But that changed when the US Government attempted to interfere in Russia’s election. Yeah, that might have given Putin a legitimate beef with us. Thanks Obama!

So, Russia had the motive, if you want to accept revenge as a reason for acting out. And they certainly have the means. Russian hackers have been busy for the past several years and may have been responsible for at least some of the embarrassing emails Wikileaks published. But having a motive and means is not as air-tight as you might think. The fact Hillary Clinton would have been an easy target for Russia to muscle in on adds a level of disbelief that cannot be discounted.

Another factor to consider is when it was “known” Russia influenced our elections. If they were as clever as the Left makes them out to be, why wouldn’t they have disrupted the nomination process to prevent Hillary from even becoming the nominee? After all, Bernie Sanders’ ideology is a lot closer to Russia’s than Hillary’s. A case could be made they wanted to string her along so she could fail on the biggest stage, but why would they do that? Stringing her along would only make it more likely she might have won, especially if the polls were right. (They weren’t, but stay with me here.) Such a strategy would have had the potential for major blowback if Hillary won.

The Left has also claimed Russia was involved in spreading fake news about Hillary that made her look bad. Listen, kids, Hillary Clinton made herself look bad. The Russians had nothing to do with that.

Granted, this is all speculation on my part, but where I deviate from the prevailing sentiment on the Left is…I actually acknowledge my speculation. If Russia did have a hand in the 2016 election, I want it called out and addressed. If not, the Left will have a lot of explaining to do, but they won’t be bothered with it. They’ll stick it away in their memory hole and pretend they weren’t wrong.

Until such time as hard evidence is presented, I will withhold condemnation of Russia at this time. Call it my “Don’t Want to Wind Up Like Rolling Stone With the UVA Rape Story” sense.

Author: Thomas

I'm a small town boy living in the heart of Iowa watching the world go by with my wife and dog.

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  1. Hearsay is the new norm. Whispers and assumptions. Sounds like 8th grade PE class on the other side.

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