The 14th Amendment deals with a number of issues that arose following the end of slavery and the War between the States. It also dealt with a few loose ends from the founding of the United States that needed to be tidied up.

First it changes the census counting of all persons to being a full person. Previously slaves were counted as 1/3rd of a person during the census. And the census determines the number of representatives a State has in the House of Representatives.

Secondly it gave former slaves the right to vote, even though it took another Amendment to fully implement that change. This also took away representation for those who participated in rebellion against the United States or any other crimes.

The Amendment also denies public office or military rank to anyone who has participated in insurrection or rebellion or given aid or comfort to the enemies of the United States. Congress has the authority to remove this disability.

The 4th Section states that any debits or obligations that arose from insurrection or rebellion against the United States or from the emancipation was illegal and void.

These first few paragraphs all deal with Sections 2, 3, and 4 of the 14th Amendment. They are often forgotten so I have presented them here first.

Section 1 basically defines a citizen of the United States. The intent of our government in the aftermath of the War between the States and with the end of the frontier, declared that all people born or naturalized within the United States were citizens. This included former slaves and other indentured servants and the Indians as well.

But birth or naturalization alone is not enough to be a citizen of the United States. One must also be subject to the jurisdiction of the United States as well.

This Section also prohibits the States from enacting any laws that strip a citizen of the privileges of citizenship or deprive any citizen of life, liberty, or property without due process. Furthermore all citizens have equal protection under the law.

What was never intended by the 14th Amendment was for illegal aliens who unlawfully entered the United States to have children who become automatic citizens of the United States. Or even for foreign nationals to come to the United States by lawful means just to have a child born here to get citizenship.

These and similar actions are all unlawful and those children are not citizens then or now, unless they have been naturalized at some point . They are all illegal aliens and foreign nationals subject to deportation or other actions allowed by law.

The 14th Amendment


The 14th Amendment has come up in the immigration talk before and it will come up under the Trump Administration as well. But let’s be clear here in what the 14th Amendment was written to do. Not what a Liberal wants it to mean.

The 14th Amendment was proposed to the several States in 1866. For those who have forgotten history, this was after the end of the Civil War and President Lincoln had freed all the slaves in the United States. So the country had an immediate influx of people that were born and raised in the United States, some for generations, that were not citizens at the time.

Thus the Amendment was written to grant citizenship to all the freed slaves. Ending the status of limbo that they were in after the end of the Civil War and before the Amendment was ratified by the several States.

It in no way shape or form was written to include those who come to the United States illegally and have children here. It in no way shape for form was written to include children born here by legal foreign nationals either vacationing or working within the United States.

Anchor babies, and the euphemistic term of “dreamers” is just that a dreamt up con job by the Liberals seeking to undermine the Sovereignty  of the United States. None of those classes of people are or have ever been citizens.

They can become citizens of course, if they have entered the country legally and apply for citizenship and become Naturalized. In the case of the so-called “dreamers” since it was their parents that entered the country illegally they are free to apply for citizenship.