Finger Pointing


On the 3rd night of the Republican National Convention the junior Senator of Texas Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz spoke. He was invited to speak at the convention by Donald Trump despite being bitter opponents during the primary election season.

The Trump campaign did not vet Senator Ted Cruz’s speech. They gave him and Senator Marco Rubio an open mic. They could say whatever was on their minds.

For Senator Rubio. He manned up. He kept his word given during the primary election season. He endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Senator Cruz took a different path. At the beginning of his speech the Senator did congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination. But then went on to not support or endorse Donald Trump for President.

The anti-Trump crowd is of course cheering the snub speech. As usual they don’t see the big picture. In fact they refuse to see it at all. So here, where I have a larger canvas. I’ll get out my crayons and finger paints and draw that picture.

During the primary election season, especially when there are 17 candidates. Each tries to paint themselves as the best possible candidate. And they all, sometimes viciously, attack the record and character of their opponents.

A true test of character comes when one of these candidates drops out of the political race. Donald Trump, time after time, always extended the olive branch to those who fell before him. Raising them back up. Even if one or both said terrible things about the other. To me, this is both a mark of a true leader and shows Christian values and ethics that Donald Trump embraces.

That is the first picture to see. And if for some reason you do not see it. Your moral compass might be broken. You should get it calibrated in the Holy Bible.

This is why Donald Trump invited his closest and most bitter rival in the primary election season to speak at the convention. Because Donald Trump forgives and forgets those transgressions. Now ask yourself honestly. If the tables were turned would Senator Ted Cruz invite Donald Trump to speak? Hell to the no would be the answer.

Donald Trump is the bigger man and has the stronger moral Christian character. Let Senator Ted Cruz speak his mind. As a professed Christian, he should do the right thing.

But Senator Ted Cruz violates his oath to the Republican Party and the American Public. An oath he twice made to support the eventual Republican Nominee. Even if it wasn’t himself and even if it was in fact Donald Trump.

And when this fact is pointed out. The anti-Trump fanatics all shout and point their fingers at Donald Trump and say he did it first. Just like glue-eating, nose-picking immature children.

A few are a little more mature and say that since Donald Trump broke the contract first it voids out the entire contract so Senator Ted Cruz can also “violate it.”

So here’s more of that bigger picture they aren’t seeing for some reason. That contract, oath, and promise was not between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. It was with the Republican Party and the American Public. And it was Senator Ted Cruz that broke it.

Senator Ted Cruz’s speech did not help the junior Senator from Texas. In fact it hurts him in the eyes of Republicans and the American Public. It was political suicide.

His chances for a presidential bid in 2020 or later have gone from slim to none. And it is yet to be seen if a President Donald Trump will give him another opportunity to serve in the administration.