Don’t Forget These Guys!

It’s been a wild few days in the media with a story coming out of Washington, DC, related to the March for Life. For those unfamiliar with it, the March for Life is a demonstration for those of a pro life persuasion, and for the most part, it’s not that controversial except for those who think abortion is a right that should be preserved. Let’s call them…the pro baby death movement. Anyway, a group of Catholic school students attended the March for Life when they were riddled with insults from a group called the Black Hebrew Israelites accusing these students of being racist, gay, and potential school shooters.

Now, this is the part where most people start paying attention. A Native American elder walked up to the students as they were trying to sing their school spirit song and started drumming in one student’s face. Someone took a picture of a student wearing a Make America Great Again hat smiling/smirking at the elder, and that has been the focus of the discussion. We can debate who was in the wrong and what should have been done (and, believe me, it’s being done to death right now), but there is one question I have that few, if any, people are even discussing.

What about the Black Hebrew Israelites verbally attacking the students?

Contrary to popular Leftist rhetoric, words aren’t violence (although listening to them for any length of time makes my head feel like it’s been battered by an ANTIFA mob). Yet, I have yet to see a Leftist come forward to condemn the Black Hebrew Israelites for their use of racial and homophobic slurs. I guess they’ve been too busy trying to dox the students at the behest of fellow Leftists to actually bother with such an issue, but their silence is still worth noting.

I have two ideas as to why the Left is silent about the racist and homophobic statements made by the Black Hebrew Israelites, and a combination of the two is just as likely as the two ideas separately. First, the Left doesn’t want to condemn them because of their race. White people in particular are scared to call out racism from non-whites because we’ve been conditioned that any such criticism is racist, even when the criticism is legitimate and warranted. We can thank the Left for this. To the Left, racism is power plus race, which means non-whites cannot be racist because they lack power. (The racism of this concept breaks my Irony Meter 9000.) Ah, but the Black Hebrew Israelites had enough power to hurl insults at the students, and many of those insults were specifically about their race. Kinda destroys the “racism is power plus race” dynamic, doesn’t it?

The other possible reason for the Left’s silence is they agree with the Black Hebrew Israelites attacking the Catholic school students. Lately, there has been an increase in the number and frequency of anti-Catholic sentiments coming from the Left, including some of their 2020 Presidential hopefuls. Reasons for this abound, but they may all be based in general disdain for people of faith. Leftists look at people of faith like zoo animals, but don’t necessarily go into depth about why they are people of faith. Even some Leftists profess to be people of faith, but they seem closer to Unitarians (Do What You Want and Let God Sort It Out) than any actual faith. Just look at Nancy Pelosi. Her Catholicism is looser than her facial skin before a botox injection. Ultimately, Leftists don’t like any faith that involves an entity higher than government.

The Right isn’t off the hook on this, either. They’re spending their time and energy to defending the students, which I get, but in doing so, you’re taking your eyes off those who are the real and verifiable bigots in this situation. The Black Hebrew Israelites deserve as much scorn as anyone in this situation, but they’re being allowed to skate because of what the media are telling you is the real story. Yes, I know the media are spinning this story, but that’s what they do. Just because they tell you what you should be focusing on doesn’t mean there isn’t another angle to consider. And I would say the Black Hebrew Israelites acting like bigots is an angle to be delved into more deeply than an aside in a New York Times article.

There are other ways this matter could have gone down, and these, too, will be debated ad nauseum, but unless we hold all bad actors here accountable, we aren’t going to get anywhere. What the Black Hebrew Israelites did, even if provoked, was unacceptable. If the students provoked them as has been claimed, that is also unacceptable. And what the tribal leader did by banging a drum in a student’s face is also unacceptable. Right now, we’re only trying to hold 2/3 of the entities involved accountable, which leaves one party free to continue to be racist and homophobic without fear of condemnation by those who claim to want to rid the world of racism and homophobia and by those most often accused of both without merit.

Screw the optics and do the right thing.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

If you were a being from another planet and watched the Left speak about President Donald Trump, you would think he was making the most horrible traits of humanity acceptable. Racism, sexism, xenophobia, hate, Nickelback. You name it, the Left blames Trump for it.

The Left has a term for this: normalizing. I know, putting a form of “normal” and “Left” in the same sentence may be violating several laws of reality, but I’m willing to risk it to give you the high quality entertainment you’re paying for. And since you’re not paying for this, the bar is very low.


What the Left thinks it means – making the unacceptable acceptable, usually reserved for the Right

What it really means – Leftists blaming Trump for what they consider to be unacceptable

The primary question, aside from what normalizing means, is “What is Trump doing to normalize what the Left says he’s normalizing?” In the Leftist hive-mind, everything Trump is doing is contributing to making what they feel is bad into something acceptable to people. And with the Left being self-righteous moralizers at their cores, they simply cannot allow anyone to have a contrary opinion. Theirs is the only opinion that matters.

Meanwhile in the real world, their opinions are usually worse informed than most Vox articles.

The truth is Trump breathing is enough for the Left to accuse him of condoning bad behavior. Even when Trump comes out and literally decries racism, sexism, etc., it’s never enough. To the Left, the narrative is more important than the truth. Think Gollum from Lord of the Rings, but with better tailors. Come to think of it, Debbie Wasserman Schultz kinda looks like…naaaaah. Not going to go there. After all, it would be rather insulting to Gollum.

The ultimate strategy for the Left’s use of “normalizing” is to get people to assume the worst about Trump, his surrogates, and anyone else who opposes them. By framing the opposition as something just this side of Hitler, the Left believes they look better by comparison. In truth, however, it tells people who are paying attention that they don’t have any real ideas. Remember Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign? Strip away the slogans, the rallies, the cheating…I mean the “winning”, and what you have is a candidate who’s main selling point was she wasn’t Trump. It’s like being a restaurant owner and saying “Sure, our food will give you indigestion, intense vomiting, and the runs, but Chipotle has had to shut down at least twice in the past year for contaminated food!”

An important concept the Left doesn’t want you to think about is accountability. They are blaming Trump for the actions of others who may or may not accurately reflect what he actually believes. Take the Charlottesville situation, for example. Before Trump uttered or Tweeted a single word, the Left already painted the white supremacists/nationalists as Trump supporters. Why? Because of Richard Spencer, someone the Left painted as a white supremacist/nationalist. Whether he is or not is subject to debate, but it didn’t matter. The Left said he was one and, because he supported Trump, everyone who supported Trump was a white supremacist/nationalist. This is going to come as a surprise to the people of color who support Trump, but, hey.

Where the Left’s idea falls apart is that it requires you to believe in a complete lack of free will and personal accountability. The Left keeps throwing out words like “dog whistles” more than a dog whistle salesman working straight commission, and when you dig into what they consider a “dog whistle” it can be anything. And when it can be anything, it turns into nothing. Here’s the twist: people will act in accordance with what they conclude is the best course of action. You can disagree with their actions, their thinking, and/or both, but that’s the nature of free will. No one else has to sign off on your decisions, and that drives the Left crazy. They need to control you so you can only make decisions they approve of.

Oddly enough (or appropriately enough, depending on your point of view), that’s normalizing totalitarianism.

Whenever you hear a Leftist talk about President Trump normalizing bad behavior, also keep in mind he or she will often project his/her faults onto others. Which current political ideology puts its stock and trade in noticing every little difference in people and then trying to exploit those differences for personal gain? Hint: it’s from the side who thinks Black Lives Matter isn’t racist, but All Lives Matter is. If that isn’t normalizing racism, I don’t know what is.

UN attacks on American Sovereignty


Three experts on Human Rights at the UN say racism and xenophobia are rising at an alarming rate in the United States. They issued this latest condemnation after racist groups clashed in Charlottesville, VA.

These so-called experts put the United States on a short list of so-called like minded nations, most of which are in the Middle East and have a long history of Human Rights abuses.

Now this isn’t the first time that the UN has issued or condemned the United States on Human Rights issues. They have in fact done this several times before. They issued such proclamations at least 2 times under the Obama Administration where President Obama went to the UN to protest such statements in our domestic affairs. And the UN has issued other similar statements under other previous administrations as well.

But lets be clear. The United Nations is in no way a pro-American organization. It is actually extremely anti-American and would like to see an end to American Exceptionalism and American Liberties including our views of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Religion, and most troubling to the UN, our right to keep and bear arms.

As these stand in the way of the UN exorcising direct control over the United States. The UN’s platform is one of democratic socialism and seeks to be the only governmental body spanning the entire globe. While UN military forces become the police in the streets of America.

This has been known for years by many Conservative and Liberty loving Patriots. It is time now to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. It is time to send these degenerate socialists packing

Racism By the Numbers?

If you believe the Left (and, really, why would you), racism is more prevalent than nude selfies of Kim Kardashian. And now, according to a woman with a PhD in mathematics from Harvard, racism has invaded…math.

Now, you may be wondering how racism can affect something that has no ability to be affected by personal feelings. After reading a CNN Money article about Cathy O’Neil, the aforementioned Harvard grad, I’m still wondering. But I’ll give it a go anyway because, dammit, I care.

O’Neil’s focus has been on algorithms that affect everything from hiring decisions to credit scores. Her position is these algorithms unfairly target minorities on numerous levels because they are “stand-ins” for race, wealth, and immigrants.

Oh, and did I mention she worked with Astroturf Wall Street?

Here’s the thing. Algorithms don’t target anyone. They crunch numbers and spit out a result based on those numbers. It’s possible to rig the numbers (see global climate change), but it’s not the fault of the numbers. It’s the fault of the people creating the algorithms in the first place.

If O’Neil is correct, there are a lot of rigged algorithms out there. The operative word, dear reader, is if.

One element of Leftist ideology is starting with a conclusion and working backwards to “prove” the conclusion is right. (Again, see global climate change.) When this happens, the logic becomes intuitive; every step leads to the desired conclusion because it’s the result of working against the expected train of thought.

Let’s say you wanted to prove veggie pizza is a salad using the Leftist method. Pizza has tomato sauce, which comes from tomatoes. Tomatoes can be found in salads. You can also find peppers, onions, and olives on a veggie pizza, just as you could find them in salads. And the pizza crust? Just another form of croutons. Therefore, veggie pizza is a salad. It makes sense, but try telling a dietician that and see how that turns out for you.

But O’Neil might call that racist.

A former manager I had once told me, “The numbers tell me what I need to know.” Yet, if you don’t know how those numbers are derived, they only tell a part of the story, and the partial story can lead to some unhappy endings.

One of the examples the CNN Money article mentioned was the use of ZIP Codes to determine interest rates for a loan, presumably a mortgage. In O’Neil’s mind, this is proof of the racism of the algorithm, but actually, it’s not racist at all.

Before a mortgage loan can be approved, the lender assesses the risk of default. If there is an area where people skip out on their loans or where the houses aren’t kept in the best of conditions, there is a higher risk, not because of racism, but because of the surrounding area. Is this to say everyone who lives in these types of areas is going to default on their loans? Absolutely not. What it does say, however, is there is a higher risk of default in that area because, well, there is.

Of course, there are other factors that go into approval of a mortgage loan, including another hot button issue for O’Neil, credit scores. When these factors are combined, the result is based on facts. Not racism, not oppression, not even corruption. Facts. Cold, hard, unemotional facts.

This is one reason the Left hates facts. You cannot feel your way out of them, no matter how hard you try. When you combine a disdain for provable information with backwards logic, you get…well, you get O’Neil’s point of view.

But, here’s the thing O’Neil doesn’t want us to consider. The factors are controllable to a large extent. Have a bad credit score? Get credit counseling. Don’t want your property values to decline? Keep up with the yard work and upkeep. Don’t want to be seen as a dupe? Learn and use proper language skills. These are all things that can be achieved if we invest in ourselves.

But that wouldn’t fit the “algorithms are racist” narrative, which excuses everything. And really, isn’t being able to blame everything on racism so much better than actually working hard to break out of the stereotypes the Left love to use?

Hey, wait a minute…isn’t assuming people of color are incapable of controlling their own destinies…racist?

Why, yes. Yes, it is.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

This past week saw racial tensions get higher than a Pink Floyd concert in Denver on April 20th. In the advent of two new shootings of black men at the hands of police, Black Lives Matter and its allies on the Left had a chance to revisit a concept they’ve talked about before. And it gives us a new Leftist term to dissect.

institutional racism

What the Left thinks it means: racism ingrained into existing systems preventing people of color from succeeding

What it really means: a ready-made excuse for failure

From the people who think it’s silly to consider corporations to be people comes an idea where large organizations take on human traits, like hating people. And they’re the smart ones?

When you really think about it, institutional racism doesn’t make a lot of sense. To believe it exists, you have to believe there is a concentrated effort by people in systems of power to keep down people of color…even when those systems are filled with people of color.

On second thought, don’t really think about it, at least not without a bottle of aspirin and several stiff drinks.

The concept of institutional racism stems from recent history (or as recent as the 1960s) when people believed The Man was responsible for the ills of society’s ills. Racial tensions boiling over? The Man was keeping people down. The gap between the rich and the poor growing? The Man was keeping people down. The rise of Leo Sayer? Well, The Man can’t keep everyone down, yanno.

Now, instead of claiming The Man is keeping people down, the Left has done away with The Man and started blaming everything on the institutions. Yet, what exactly are the institutions the Left wants to destroy?

Higher education.
Free market economics.
Law enforcement.

What do these institutions have in common? They tend to be dominated by…white men. In order to take the first step towards eliminating institutional racism, the Left wants to eliminate white men. But that can’t possibly be racist, can it? I mean, doesn’t racism require power to be racism? According to the Left, yes. According to people on speaking terms with reality, not so much.

On a side note, wouldn’t denying blacks have the power to be racist be an example of racism?

The real fun is trying to get the people who claim there is institutional racism to come up with a concrete replacement. Usually, they fall back on a concept we’ve discussed here before, social justice. For those of you who didn’t catch it, social justice essentially combines all the fun of socialism with all the intellectual depth of a 3 year old’s Twitter account, with a sprinkling of the sense of humor of a Third Wave feminist.

In other words, it looks great on paper, provided that paper is of the toilet variety.

Of course, the Left says if you don’t see institutional racism, that means you’re a part of it and you’re blind to it. If this sounds familiar, it is. It’s the same idea behind white privilege. If you don’t recognize you have privilege, it’s because you have it and are blind to it. And if you recognize you’re a racist with privilege, you are somehow more enlightened than the rest of us.

Of course, that would mean you’re a racist elitist, and I’m just not sure I want to follow you because, well…you’re a racist elitist.

And the worst part of the idea is the fact it creates an environment where people believe the worst in themselves and others. If you’re already in the mindset that you’re going to fail, you will. It’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy. And instead of working harder and believing yourself, institutional racism is your Get Out of Responsibility for Your Life Card. After all, you can’t succeed because society won’t let you, right?


The minute you accept institutional racism, white privilege, or any other Left-leaning self-loathing claptrap is the minute you give up on yourself and accept the judgment of others who don’t even know you as truth. I say this as a heterosexual white man: I want everyone to realize their dreams, but that come with a price. That price is the sweat of your brow, the blood pumping through your heart as you find the courage to defy your own expectations and limitations, the will to go big or go home and knowing that going home is not an option.

I want everyone to be the best person they can be, and that doesn’t happen when you rely on the easy crutch of low expectations that no one will hold you accountable for. You must live like the barriers you’re told exist are speed bumps on the road to your destiny.

Believe in yourself, not in institutional racism, and you will be far better off.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

This past weekend was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, or as it’s commonly called “Nerd Prom.” Typically, these kinds of events are as boring as a golf announcer doing commentary on paint drying, but this year’s event was newsworthy if only because the host, Larry Wilmore, called President Obama his…well, n-word.

Most people called Wilmore out on his use of the word as racist and disrespectful (that, and the fact he was as funny as Al Gore doing stand-up), but some on the Left defended him, saying it was okay because both Wilmore and Obama are black.

While we set this aside to let the irony/hypocrisy marinate, let’s look into the appropriate Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week.


What the Left says it means: a major problem permeating every aspect of life

What it really means: the ultimate “Get Out of Responsibility Free” card

It seems you can’t throw a rock in Leftist Land without hitting a racist institution, like universities and the media. Wait…don’t Leftists control those areas? Wouldn’t that mean…naaaaaaah!

To hear the Left talk, race relations are at an all-time boiling point, and it’s all because of racism. But if you’ve been paying attention, you see the Left’s narrative is full of more holes than a semi truck full of Swiss cheese caught in the middle of a gang war in Iraq. Are there racists out there? Absolutely. Are they as widespread as we’re lead to believe?


Take a look around. If things were as bad as the Left make them out to be, shouldn’t there be more chaos and destruction? Wouldn’t Beverly Hills look more like Detroit on any day ending in “day”? Shouldn’t there be more animosity between the races than the Hatfields and McCoys on PCP? If this is the racist tinderbox that is igniting fires across this country, I’d say we wouldn’t have enough fire to roast a mini marshmallow.

That’s the dirty little secret the Left doesn’t want you to know. The races in this country get along pretty well by and large. Once you realize that, you see the real problem isn’t racism; it’s assholism. It’s people doing reprehensible things and using racism as justification regardless of whether race is even a factor. Assholism knows no color. See Ferguson, Missouri, for proof of that.

Remember how the Left said the TEA Party was nothing but angry white people? Yeah, they completely ignored black TEA Party members, including Representative Mia Love of Utah. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t that be actual racism? Why, yes…yes it is!

But the Left doesn’t care about that actual racism. They would rather focus on the number of black characters on TV shows and in movies or the lack of black Oscar nominees because Hollywood is racist! (See my question above regarding who controls Hollywood because I believe in recycling.)

And guess what? They’re heavily invested in who can use the n-word.

So, why is the Left pushing a false narrative? There is money and power to be had in keeping the illusion alive. The longer we believe race relations are worse than Larry Wilmore’s hosting, the more the Left can take from from all races. At the end of the day, the only colors the Left doesn’t discriminate against are green and gold.

Now, imagine what would happen if we woke up tomorrow and actually got along. The Left would be more confused than Joe Biden trying to find a corner in the Oval Office. But America would be much better for it.

As it would if Larry Wilmore lost his invitation for future Nerd Proms.

Your Race Card Has Been Revoked

It’s been said whatever happens in California will eventually happen across the country sooner or later. If what happened recently at UCLA is any indication of what’s to come, I’m hoping it gets here later than sooner.

Professor emeritus of education and information studies Val Rust has been accused of racism by students of color. What did he do? He dared to correct the grammar, punctuation, and capitalization of the aforementioned students’ papers in a graduate level course.

Let me repeat that. Val Rust is accused of racism because he corrected the grammar, punctuation, and capitalization minority students’ papers.

But wait! There’s more! Rust further exacerbated the situation by…staying silent during an in-class debate between a white female student and a student of color regarding whether the white student could be considered part of an oppressed group. So, to put it another way, Rust is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. Welcome to America 2016, where everything is racist, but we don’t know why.

Whether it’s Black Lives Matter or the University of Missouri, cries of “racism” with little to no basis in fact have become commonplace and amplified by a willing media. You know how bad it’s gotten? Bernie Sanders, a man with a history of civil rights activism, has been called a racist by Black Lives Matter with some civil rights “leaders” claiming they didn’t see him. Well, I guess all white people look alike…

Seriously, there is a difference between racism and what has happened to Val Rust. The former causes actual societal damage that can take centuries to overcome. The latter abuses the concept of the former to excuse bad behavior. Can’t write a cogent paper? Claim racism! Don’t want to go to class? Claim racism! Want to get white people to fall all over themselves to apologize for overblown slights? Claim racism!

Sorry, kids, but I’m going to call BS on the “Val Rust is racist” argument. If you have gotten that far in college and you still can’t construct a sentence without grammatical, capitalization, and punctuation letters, maybe the problem isn’t the professor correcting you. Maybe, just maybe, you suck at grammar, capitalization, and punctuation and need to learn it before you get an advanced degree.

In fact, let’s take it a step further. How in the blue hell did you get into college, let alone a graduate program, without a command of stuff you should have learned in elementary school? How many teachers allowed you to pass classes while doing you the disservice of not correcting your errors? But let’s all pile on the one instructor you’ve had who thinks it’s important you learn how to write properly before you make a fool of yourself in your dissertations.

I’m sorry, students of color who think Val Rust is a racist have just overextended your Race Card, and it has been revoked.

Justice is Served

Like it or not. The Justice system of these United States has spoken. Around 9pm Saturday night (Central Time), the jury in the George Zimmerman murder trial reached its verdict. George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” on the charges brought against him. This was based on the evidence, the testimony of witnesses presented by both the prosecutors and the defense teams.

I know this verdict will have strong emotions on both sides. But it does not erase the fact that Trayvon Martin is dead and his parents and family mourn their loss. At this point we may never know the answers to some questions. Keep the Martin family in your prayers, they need them.

And this will profoundly affect George Zimmerman for the rest of his life as well. Within Florida law he was been found not guilty and the use of deadly force was justified. But that does not change the fact that he did shoot and kill a young man. Ask any soldier if they are affected by knowing that they have shot and killed someone, or ask any police officer who has shot and killed another human being. George Zimmerman also needs your prayers too.

Some may think that that justice system we have is broken because of the outcome of this trial. And I will admitt that sometimes our justice system fails. Sometimes the guilty are set free. Sometimes the innocent are sent to prison. But most of the time, it works the way it should work. Which is this outcome? That is for the individual to decide.

What we do know will define us as a people. Taking the law into your own hands because you believed the system has failed is not the right thing to do. Gloating about the victory of George Zimmerman is not the right thing to do. Trying to “get even” is not the right thing to do either. The right thing to do is pray for the those involved and bring peace to the shattered community of Sanford Florida.