Donald Trump in Prophecy


I had written another post but that one will be published in the next couple of days rest assured. This one is far more important to bring out to the world.

I received this video from a conservative Christian friend who, like me, is very active in politics. It takes a good hour to hear the whole recording. But it is worth every minute of it. The audio portion of the video is where the meat is on this one. So you can even listen to it in your car on your smartphone or other mobile device.

This recording comes from a Christian Ministry called TruNews (you can check them out at It is a prophecy concerning Donald Trump written 5 years ago in 2011. This show was broadcast and recorded on 26 April 2016.

I was blown away listening to it the other day. In it I heard some things that I’ve said about Donald Trump and our country over the past 8 years.