Peace in Our Time


The Korean War began in the summer of 1950. And although the fighting stopped and the guns fell silent in 1953, the war isn’t over. The only thing stopping it is a cease fire agreement between the principle parties.

President Donald Trump is poised to be the president that brings a lasting peace to the Korean peninsula and an end to the Korean War. Something the last 6 Republican and the last 6 Democratic president have failed to do over the last 65 years.

This month will be the first meeting of a US President and the Leader of North Korea. The first of several meetings yet to come between the two national leaders and others.

And by the end of 2018. There will be an end to the Korean War. And we will have President Donald Trump to thank for the peace in our time.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


This past week saw something people thought would never occur in our lifetimes. And, no, I’m not talking about the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. That doesn’t happen until the fall, and on top of that, this event is more geopolitical. For the first time in decades, North and South Korea have agreed to meet to discuss peace, and it happened under President Donald Trump’s watch.

And that drives the Left crazy.

What drives the Left even crazier is a notion making the rounds: nominating Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. If Tweets on the subject are any indication, Leftists either laugh in disbelief or foam at the mouth in anger. After all, the Nobel Peace Prize is reserved for people who brought peace to the world. You know, like Yasser Arafat?

Regardless of where you come down on Trump’s worthiness for the Nobel Peace Prize, it gives us a chance to examine the award and why it means so much to Leftists.

Nobel Peace Prize

What the Left thinks it means – a prestigious award that deserves to go to only the most worthy people who want world peace

What it really means – an award that has become as meaningless as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 victory plan.

Back in the day, a Nobel Prize winner was someone to admire and emulate if possible. In some fields, like science, it still is. In the field of peace…let’s say Elizabeth Warren’s credentials with the Cherokee hold more weight. If anything, today’s Peace Prize has more to do with politics than with peace.

Take one of the recent winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, Barack Obama. He was nominated before he had even had time to get the new Oval Office smell out of his clothes. Although the head of the committee at the time said Obama was being awarded the Peace Prize based on what he did during 2008 (which was, well, campaigning to become President and skipping out of his job as Senator), this explanation defies simple logic. What did Obama do to foster world peace in the year he was focused on winning the Presidency?

Nothing. And that’s being charitable.

And after he won the Peace Prize? He waged war on several countries, alienated allies, emboldened enemies, and made conditions around the world less peaceful. The irony is the Nobel Committee were persuaded to give Obama the Peace Prize because of a speech he gave in Cairo…which incidentally kicked off the “Arab Spring” that gave us ISIS/ISIL/INNAGODDADAVIDA.

Well done, Nobel Committee.

And when the Committee isn’t giving out Peace Prizes to terrorist enablers, they give it to actual terrorists (the aforementioned Arafat), a former Vice President who is pushing global climate change like a crack dealer working straight commission (Al Gore), a global agency doing what Gore does (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and a group pushing to get rid of nuclear weapons supported by TV POTUS and the progenitor of Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons). Oh, and they finally gave Jimmy Carter one only, oh, 24 years of doing the work that warranted him earning it in the first place.

In the past 10-20 years or so, the Peace Prize has become more of a Leftist participation trophy than an actual acknowledgment of achievement. Even when a person or group earns the Peace Prize, the fact the Committee has made so many ideological and substandard choices takes the shine off the medal, even more than anyone thinks Trump could.

That brings us to two central questions. First, does Trump deserve the Peace Prize? There’s an argument to be made either way, but I’m going to say he’s done enough to warrant the award. I mean, he’s done more than his predecessor to bring peace to the world by getting North and South Korea to the table. Having said that, I would wait to nominate him until after the Koreas kiss and make up officially.

Second, should Trump accept the nomination and award? I’m going to make some Trump supporters mad by saying this, but I don’t think he should. After all, imagine being forever tied to Leftist halfwits and terrorists. That would taint his Presidency even more than Stormy Daniels could.