Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


If you look around hard enough, eventually you will find someone who is a victim of some horrible situation or malady. Cancer, racism, AIDS, and so on. And then there are people who will claim to be a victim of something they claim is a horrible situation or malady. Being misgendered, the Patriarchy, eating meat, and so on. And guess who is getting the lion’s share of attention in today’s society? That’s right, it’s the Kardashians. But a close second is the people who claim to be victims.

Last century, we had young men and women fighting wars, living through an economic depression, and fighting against diseases that are now all but obsolete. Today, young men and women have it pretty easy, but they still find ways to make it seem more complicated than a Starbucks menu written in Pig Latin. And those numbers keep growing.

What is it about being a victim that makes so many people want to identify as one? Let’s take a closer look into the Leftist Lexicon and try to puzzle it out together. And remember, do not try this at home. I am a trained professional. Granted, it’s in an entirely different field, but I’m a trained professional nonetheless.


What the Left thinks it means – the status of someone who has endured personal trauma as a result of a hardship

What it really means – the actual status of someone who has actually endured actual personal trauma as a result of actual hardship

That’s a lot of “actual” derivations there, kids. I did it to underscore an important idea: a lot of what passes for victimhood today is bullshit. Even the concept of wanting to be a victim defies logic. So, why are so many people lining up to be a pretend victim? Are they giving away free iPhones or something to the one billionth victim?

It’s not quite that simple. I’ll try to keep this next part short and not so techy to make sure you don’t fall asleep on me here.

The ego is essential to our mental health and our lives in general. It reflects how we see and feel about ourselves, how confident we are to the rest of the world, whether we convey competence on a particular subject or profession, and so on. A healthy ego is kept in check through recognizing those areas where we aren’t the best. An unhealthy ego has no such failsafes and can lead to physical, emotional, and psychological harm when faced with the possibility of failure.

Now what does this have to do with victimhood in its current state? Sympathy. When we are the victim of a tragic event, there is an outpouring of emotion and attention directed at us, which feeds our egos. It also provides a level of protection against criticism if we happen to screw up during that time. Say you just lost your beloved three toed sloth, Zippy. And let’s say you decide to knock over a 7-11 in…oh, I don’t know…Fort Knox. Not only do you have a built-in excuse (the grief over Zippy’s death made you temporarily insane), but there will be people who will come to your aid and defend you. They will even argue for a lighter sentence due to the circumstances.

Granted, most people today wouldn’t try to knock over any 7-11, but the principle is the same. If you can convince people you are a victim of anything, you will get an ego boost and have expectations lowered for you so you can’t lose. Good thing we don’t have a generation full of young people with unhealthy egoooooh, wait, we do. Millennials. And before you start the #NotAllMillennials hashtag, let me point out it’s your peers saying they’re egotistical. Survey after survey shows millennials have big egos, so it’s not just the crochety old blogger saying it. Even if you don’t believe the surveys, think about it for a moment. How many hours do millennials spend…taking selfies?

Congratulations. You’re egotistical.

And more than a little delusional, to be blunt. When you have an unhealthy ego, as many millennials do, you’re more susceptible to self-delusion because you either never get challenged on what you say or do or you wave off any advise as misguided, the result of jealousy and/or hatred, or just plain wrong. Then, when you find out you’re not as totally-super-awesome as you think you are, you crash and burn like the Hindenburg. So, how do you avoid ever having to deal with anything negative in your life? Blame everybody else for your baggage! Perpetual victimhood has become the new American pastime, replacing baseball, frivolous lawsuits, and plastic surgery. And it’s getting easier and more popular.

But here’s the thing that should keep you up at night. What happens to the people who really are victims who need help? Spoiler Alert: it makes people less likely to help them because they will be seen as scammers or attention whores. And all so you can feel special.

Kinda make you look like an ass, doesn’t it?

Fortunately for you, I can’t lay the blame for your pretend victimhood solely at your feet. Your parents/guardians/caretakers set you up to fail by protecting you from criticism, loss, want, and any number of other negative experiences that you need to survive in today’s world. Sure, you may have gotten a trophy at the end of the year, but was it because you earned it or because the adults in your life didn’t want you to feel bad? If it’s the former, you have something to be proud of, but not hang your fedora on later in life. If it’s the latter, you are a victim of bad parenting, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to continue to be a victim and milk it for all it’s worth.

That’s right, kids. You have to grow up and be an adult.

And you’ll suck at it at first. Everybody does. But you’ll figure it out through trial and error and learn how strong and capable you really are. Once you find that out, you’ll never want to be a victim ever again under any circumstances.

If you still want to be a victim afterwards, go nuts. Just be prepared to be mocked mercilessly by those who think you’re overreacting to minor stuff. You know, like me.

Swing…and a Miss….


In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, people around the world have been trying to figure out why the people of England decided to leave the European Union. (I mean, aside from the loss of sovereignty, the overbearing bureaucracy, and the general ineptitude of the “leaders” in the EU, that is.) One interesting factoid came from the Left. With the numbers they crunched, they discovered older Brits voted to leave the EU while younger Brits voted to stay.

Their conclusion? The older Brits weren’t concerned about the future and voted in their best interests, while younger Brits, especially millennials, voted for the future and the best interests of the world. Furthermore, the Left says we should have listened to the millennials because they’re just so smart!

Is it just me, or didn’t we Americans heard the same comments in 2008 about Barack Obama?

As with much of what the Left believes, it’s not exactly on speaking terms with reality. The motivations behind the Brexit results were much deeper than old people telling young people to screw themselves. And to get off their lawns!

I did a bit of digging on the characteristics of millennials and found a neat little list from our friends at Rice University. Upon further review, the millennials’ position on Brexit became very clear, but in case you don’t want to click on the link, here’s the Readers Digest condensed version.

– Millennials tend to think in terms of groups rather than individuals.
– Millennials trust government more.
– Millennials are sheltered.
– Millennials think they know how to fix things.
– Millennials are confident in themselves.

In short, millennials are Leftists. Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with how much positive coverage the media give them…naaaaaaaaah!

One of the characteristics not in the Rice piece, but that is quite obvious, is millennials don’t have the same experience that other generations do. For a good chunk of millennials, they didn’t know what it was like living in fear of a nuclear attack during the Cold War or what role Britain had in resolving it. They may have never heard of the Faukland Islands or why Britain and Argentina were fighting over them. They may not know the significance of Britain giving away sovereignty of Hong Kong to China.

But they know every damn craft beer establishment in every country on Earth and are willing to talk down to you about them all.

The generation that brought us “safe spaces” on college campuses, the man bun, and the Bernie Sanders for President 2016 idea may not be the best people to tell us whether to upsize our value meal, let alone make a decision that would bind all of England to what can at best be called a Titanic-sized sinking ship in the EU. And they’re now calling for a revote because reasons! Seriously, they feel their voices were heard and may have been mislead on what they were voting for in the first place.

Remember, kids, these are the people the Left tells us are smarter than we are, so we should listen to them.

Listen, millennial Brits. The world isn’t going to end because of the Brexit vote. They are going to need more unity than ever before, and that’s something you can actually help with. You lost this one, but your country isn’t as lost as you think. Take this opportunity and build a better Britain.

Oh, and can you please stop with the man bun thing? It’s not cool, and unless you’re a samurai, it’s not a good look.