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It’s been a bad stretch for CNN over the past couple of years. Once they were the beacon of news reporting, able to get the hottest stories before anyone else and bring it to their audience with solid facts and analysis. Today they are getting beaten in the ratings by The Food Network. How did CNN go from the #1 news source in the world to making The Weekly Reader look like they have gravitas by comparison?

Do what Leftists do: blame Donald Trump.

Although Trump’s use of “fake news” to describe CNN has a lot to do with it, there are several other factors that play just as important a role. I hope you brought your hazmat suits because this one’s gonna be toxic!


What the Left thinks it means – a news network targeted by conservatives and Trump supporters for telling the truth about Donald Trump

What it really means – a news network that has lost its way in the pursuit of being liked by Leftists

Although CNN has been around for a couple of decades, people really took notice of it during the first Gulf War in the early 1990s. They had reporters on the ground (including one Wolf Blitzer whom we’ll be talking about here in a bit) giving up-to-date reports on the fighting in Kuwait and how our military forces fared against Iraq’s military. That impressed a lot of viewers, myself included, and it made me proud to be learning the journalism trade at the time.

Shortly after the Gulf War ended, CNN went back to reporting the news, and giving airtime to a certain Democrat President who wowed audiences, ate Big Macs while being seen jogging almost every day, and seemed to echo what the media wanted to hear. Yes, CNN had a serious man-crush on Bill Clinton, and that crush grew into another arm of the White House Press Office. Slick Willie could do no wrong in their eyes.

After Clinton left office, CNN remembered “Hey, aren’t we supposed to be watchdogs against the government?” and went back to reporting hard news. When Barack Obama was elected, those watchdogs went back to being lapdogs and had a new man-crush to impress. Now, we’re back to CNN being watchdogs, albeit deaf, dumb, and blind ones. Although I do hear they sure play a mean pinball.

Today’s CNN bears little resemblance to the CNN of the early 1990s. Here are a few of the current “stars” on CNN.

Wolf Blitzer – a reporter who cut his teeth in Iraq, but got stomped like a new kid in a rough school during an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy where the questions were dumbed down

Jim Acosta – a Sam Donaldson clone washed in hot water, always shouts questions at the President even when told not to, gets threatened by people chanting “CNN sucks” and flipping him the bird

Brian Stelter – host of a program “Reliable Sources” but gets so many facts wrong people are thinking his show is ironically named

April Ryan – a White House correspondent whose questions rival those of Jim Acosta at asking ideological “gotcha” questions based more on fee-fees than facts

Chris Cillizza – a political editor who is concerned about the incivility against the media in this country while unwittingly contributing to it

And there are many, many more. Right now the only passible journalist at CNN is Jake Tapper, and he’s 50-50 at best. Still he has a higher batting average than the bulk of CNN reporters and newsreaders.

Put simply, if CNN were a theatrical production, it would definitely be a Greek tragedy because they keep harming themselves unintentionally while in the pursuit of looking like they’re on top of their reporting game. And they have their enablers…I mean fans who will defend them against any insults slung their way by Trump supporters and other people who don’t think CNN’s doing a good job.

Guess which group I’m in.

And before the Left goes to their default excuse, my disdain for CNN has nothing to do with Trump. It does, however, have everything to do with what I consider to be professional malpractice. I studied journalism in college, so I know how the way reporters are supposed to do their jobs. What we’re seeing out of CNN in 2018 is The Resistance with press passes. Oh, they’ll claim to be doing their jobs and wrap themselves in the First Amendment, but they don’t realize when people tell them CNN sucks or flips them the bird, those people are exercising their First Amendment rights. The same Amendment that gives CNN the right to report on the news of the day gives people the right to react to that reporting, or in many cases the lack thereof.

Just look at how Jim Acosta and his cohorts have reacted to a recent Trump rally in Florida where people were very expressive with their disdain for CNN. They and many others painted those Trump supporters as a hate mob fueled by the President saying CNN was the enemy of the people. Well, here’s a thought: maybe you’ve earned that designation by playing favorites instead of playing fair. There are limits to this, though. The minute you physically attack a CNN reporter, you have taken this disdain too far. Flipping the bird to Jim Acosta isn’t nice, but it’s not violence, nor does it provoke violence (except possibly for the target).

Let me give CNN a piece of free advice. Get back into the reporting business. It’s Journalism 101: the reporter should never be the story. Remember Dan Rather? Although he’s a darling of the Left now, he let himself become the story when he tried to make George W. Bush look like a draft dodger who went AWOL. The problem? The facts didn’t match up with the reporting and Rather had to resign and be forever tainted as a liar. Apparently, lying about a Republican is a resume enhancer to the Left.

Instead of learning from Rather’s mistake, CNN is doubling down and making themselves look foolish in the process. (Which I’m perfectly fine with, by the way.) But if CNN wants to be taken seriously as a news network in the future, it needs to dump the Rather reporting method and go back to what got them to being a respected news organization in the first place.

If not, expect reruns of infomercials to beat CNN in the ratings.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

We are living in a new golden age of journalism!

At least, that’s what the media want you to think. With Donald Trump’s Presidency in full swing, the media who fawned over Obama more than young girls fawned over One Direction are now back in full watchdog mode, tracking down every detail of any story that might put the President in a bad light. With the New York Times and Washington Post playing a game of Liar’s Poker over the number of anonymous sources they can put into a story, it might be time for us to take a closer look at journalism.


What the Left believes it means – the reporting of indisputable facts

What it really means – the reporting of thoughts, feelings, and agendas where the facts may be sketchy

As you might have guessed, my opinion of today’s journalists is lower than a snake’s belt buckle. That’s not without cause, however. In my younger days, I studied journalism in college. Everything was going along great (especially when it comes to racking up student loan debt) until I took a class where the final project was to analyze the media coverage of an event and write a report on it. Since it was still fresh in my mind, I chose the Rodney King beating. That one project changed my mind about the journalism profession because I saw how the media manipulated the footage and how they reported the incident to create a narrative. I completed my degree and swore never to go into the journalism profession.

As disheartening as that was, watching the profession I once loved go into being the steno pool of the DNC was worse, but it made me aware of the little things they do to nudge news consumers in a certain direction, as well as the overt things they do to shape opinion. Since my college days, this trend has only gotten worse.

Today’s journalists are all gunning to be the next Woodward and Bernstein (if they even know who they were in the first place), and with news cycles shrinking to a period that is somewhere between a New York minute and the blink of an eye, the drive to be first with a story is greater than ever. And with attention spans shrinking in line with the news cycle, the drive to grab attention with a story is greater than ever. Put those two elements together and you have the current state of journalism: fast and sloppy.

But to hear the Left tell the story, today’s journalists are real heroes worthy of praise. Some have gone so far as to say they’re superheroes on par with firefighters. Yeah, but I wouldn’t want to see a reporter from the New York Times try to put out a tire fire. In fact, given the current ownership, they might try to buy it and put it on the editorial staff (or endorse it for President…oh, wait, they already endorsed Hillary Clinton. Nevermind!)

The image of the heroic reporter is a nice fantasy, but the reality is most reporters in the mainstream media are merely PR agents for a person, ideology, or cause, and actual reporting is rarer than the way Dracula likes his steaks. Anymore, bloggers and vloggers are doing the work reporters used to do, which has the mainstream journalists up in arms. I mean, how dare they actually dig into stories instead of letting the trained professionals determine what stories are important? After all, they went to school to learn how to ignore important stories that don’t follow their ideological mindset!

The thing is we’re seeing people like you and me looking into stories the big guys won’t touch or poking holes in the stories they do touch. In that way, journalism is experiencing a new golden age because it’s no longer being done by a select few, and it’s being done better than the professionals are doing it. Maybe that’s why the professionals feel they can dismiss bloggers and vloggers; they’re threatened by the new kids on the block.

Of course, it doesn’t help matters when the professionals play more favorites than a wedding DJ while simultaneously pretending they don’t. The mainstream media have become more lapdogs than attack dogs, and they don’t see a problem with that as long as their ox doesn’t get gored in the process. The funny thing is bloggers and vloggers wouldn’t have so much sway over people if the mainstream media actually practiced their trade the way it should be: with balance for all and malice towards none.

Until the media start going old school with journalism, any claims of a new golden age are only going to find pyrite.

The Death of Journalism

There has been a lot of talk in media circles lately about President Donald Trump’s comments about the mainstream media. To put it mildly, he ripped them a new asshole. As a result, the media have responded by saying journalism is being threatened.

Yeah. As someone who has studied journalism for decades, I call bullshit. Donald Trump isn’t a threat to journalism; so-called journalists have been.

At one time, journalists could be counted on to report the facts without personal biases. Now, the journalism profession is filled with political hacks advocating for a cause or an ideology with little regard for facts. They may not know or want to admit it, but there is a reason Trump called out “fake news” so many times during the campaign. And I’ll give you media types a hint.

It’s because you’ve engaged in pushing false narratives, knowingly or unknowingly.

For the past 8 years, you were more concerned about kissing up to Barack Obama than you were pursuing a litany of stories that could have and should have been reported. And I’m not just talking about high profile ones like Benghazi or Fast and Furious, either. I’m talking about the little deeds that deserved attention, like the illegal firing of an Inspector General without Congressional consultation, let alone approval. Don’t remember that? Let me tell you who does: former Inspector General Gerald Walpin, the guy Obama fired.

The IRS targeting conservative groups? Another story that you guys missed and/or misreported.

The targeting of James Rosen and Sharyl Attiksson, two people in your profession? Ignored.

The sexual assault of Lara Logan, another colleague of yours, by radical Muslim males? Little to no reporting done.

But you’ll devote column inches and airtime to investigating Sarah Palin’s daughter’s ex-fiance’s cousin’s uncle’s college roommate’s pet groomer’s neighbor’s lawn care guy just to dig up a little dirt?

With journalistic standards based solely on ideological grounds, the heart and soul of the profession have been ripped out, stomped on, pissed on, burnt, pissed on again, and used for compost. And that’s if the profession is into organic farming.

Journalists have the power to shape opinion with how stories are presented. A turn of a phrase, the use of a particular descriptor, how people are presented, all of these and other tricks of the trade can turn a renowned professor of history into a woman-hating monster who would rape a woman at the drop of a hat. And believe me, it’s happened.

But to blame Donald Trump for the well-deserved assault on journalists is disingenuous at best, delusional at worst. The journalism profession is dying the death of a thousand paper cuts, and the journalists worrying about the way Trump is treating them still aren’t getting how they are responsible. Trump may be an easy target for their ire, but a little self-reflection is long overdue for them to see why they’re less trusted than a used car salesman working straight commission.