The First of Eight

The President’s first State of the Union speech was worthy of being called Presidential. It was well written and executed by our nation’s chief executive officer. If President Trump ad-libbed anything you couldn’t tell. Bravo Mr. President.

In typical fashion the President remarked on the successes of the past year. The concerns currently facing our great nation. And his hopes for our coming future.

After any State of the Union address many news organizations reach out to the public and ask them for a letter grade. My grade for the President is A-.
Far better than a grade of B but not quite good enough for a solid A or an A+.

With any State of the Union address it is important to watch the reactions of our Senators and Congressmen in attendance. No matter what party affiliation they express to have, as their true colors will come to light.

Most of the nights applause came from the Republican side of the chamber. This is expected during the speech of a Republican President. But it is worth noting what the Democrats did not applaud.

The Democratic Party did not applaud to any of the advances made under the Trump Administration to the economy.

They did not applaud the creation of new jobs or the lowest unemployment ratings across all segments of our nations population. Including the lowest figures on record for black and Hispanic minorities.

They did not applaud the boom in small businesses. The very backbone of the American economy.

They did not applaud the near total destruction and loss of territory once held by ISIS and Alqida.

They did not applaud the recent tax cuts that enable businesses to reinvest in America. That bring jobs and manufacturing back to our shores instead of leaving them overseas.

And they did not applaud those same tax cuts that put more money in the pockets of the hard working middle class Americans. More money that I have already seen on my paycheck. The Democrats don’t want me to have that income.

The Democrats also did not applaud the President’s plans for the future either.

They rejected his call to remove funding limits on military and defense spending imposed under the Obama Administration. With additional funds available our military can complete the work they started against ISIS and Alqida and eradicate them. And American can build up her defenses to the point that no one will dare threaten or attack our shores or interests abroad.

They rejected his call to improve infrastructure. To repair our crumbling roads, bridges, and waterways. Removing the needless governmental regulations and permits that take decades to get anything approved. We built the Empire State Building in just over a year but it takes decades to fix a road. This must come to an end.

The Democrats even rejected the President’s immigration reform package that includes one of their most expressed talking points.

A path to citizenship for the 1.8 million illegal immigrants that arrived as children, the so-called DREAMers.

All of these plans by President Trump were rejected by the Democratic Party in attendance by their actions of not standing, not applauding, and looking sour-faced at every opportunity when the cameras focused in on them.

Given the Democratic Party reaction to the President’s State of the Union address. They are against defeating ISIS and terrorists. They are against having a strong defense against foreign aggression. They are against a thriving and strong economy. They are against minorities from being employed and having good high paying jobs. They are against a path to citizenship for the DREAMers.

Be sure to remember come the mid term elections this fall. And again in 2020 when we decide who leads our nation for the next four years.

Day of Illegals

Yesterday was the Day Without illegal Immigrants. It would have passed relatively unnoticed in my home town save for one major event. The blocking of traffic on a major road through town just north of downtown.

I remember that there was a similar protest back when President George W. Bush was in office. To protest against immigration reform being purposed then as it is now. It too went by without really being noticed.

But yesterday struck me a bit. It would have been a great day for ICE to make arrests and determine who was blocking the traffic. Not only is that stupid, but it should be criminal if it isn’t already. But with all the illegal aliens skipping work, school, and shopping. Which wasn’t noticed and I work retail in the evening. ICE could have deported a large lot of them.

Also with this year’s event. They were chanting they were the future of America while waving the Mexican flag. Sounds like an invasion to me. If you want to gain support for your cause and be the future of America. Wave the American flag, not the flag of any other country.

Signs and banners were at this rally too, declaring that “no human being is illegal”. Well I would agree, no person is illegal. Only their actions which have consequences. Coming to a country by sneaking into it is a crime and the punishment is deportation.

Another banner proclaimed that they paid taxes and have rights. Well no you don’t. The Rights guaranteed in the US Constitution are for US Citizens. Not foreign nationals, not illegal immigrants, refugees, or even legal immigrants. If you have a permanent resident visa then yes you pay taxes, but that doesn’t grant you any rights as a citizen. Your status can be revoked at any time.

If you want to immigrate to the United States, do it lawfully, like members of my family did when they first came to this country. Become an American. Speak English, at least in public. Adopt American customs and values. Don’t send all your money back to the mother country. That doesn’t help the American economy. And if you want to be here, be here to support America and American interests. Otherwise just be a tourist and stay a short time for your visit and return to your own country.