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Last week, the Left were giddy with anticipation with the news special counsel Robert Mueller was going to announce indictments in relation to his investigation into whether Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians. And with the indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, the Left were happier than Bill Clinton at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch while Hillary is on her book tour. They even have a term for Mueller’s investigation: Mueller Time. They’ve even printed t-shirts with the slogan, so you know they’re serious.

Of course, the enthusiasm has dulled somewhat now that it’s come out the scope of the investigation into Manafort’s involvement with Russia was when he was working…with the Democratic National Committee. But just you wait! Mueller is going to reveal the collusion between Trump and Russia just like Scooby and the Mystery Machine gang!

Meanwhile, let’s talk about “Mueller Time” for a bit.

Mueller Time

What the Left believes it means – a federal investigation into whether Donald Trump conspired with Russia to win the 2016 election

What it really means – spending federal money on an investigation that has zero basis in fact

I know it’s shocking to think a federal government that spent money on a bridge to nowhere, a money pit in Boston, and stealth bombers that don’t exist would waste money on an investigation that would make Don Quixote tell you to cool it with the cray-cray, but it’s true. The whole basis of the Mueller investigation is a poorly-sourced assumption driven by fever-pitch partisanship in the hopes of finding something, anything that can be tied back to the President in the hopes the 2016 election can be nullified and Hillary Clinton can be installed as President.

Meanwhile in the real world, some of us are shaking our heads and/or laughing said heads off at the sight of Leftists clinging to their anti-Trump fantasies in light of factual information.

Let me be perfectly clear here. I believe Russia may have had an impact on the 2016 election, but as of this writing, the credible impact appears on the Left not the Right. Of the two major party candidates, only Hillary Clinton received direct money from Russia in the form of a donation to the Clinton Global Initiative from Ukraine. Although it wasn’t a direct donation to her campaign, it is still a financial contribution to Hillary Clinton through a layer of plausible deniability via bureaucracy.

Of course, there are other ways Russia could have impacted our election, such as through Facebook ads and other propaganda purchased by Russians. One tiny problem: Mueller Time isn’t going into that depth, at least not yet. Even if they paid for agitprop, so what? It’s not like every voter is spoon-fed information from partisan sources. That’s strictly a Leftist thing. Besides, if we really want to go down that rabbit hole, we would have to go after just about every major media outlet for colluding with Hillary’s campaign by giving her mostly softball questions no tougher than “Where would you like us to kiss your butt today, Madame President?”

Which brings us back to Mueller Time. The investigation may open up far more than the Left wants us to know, such as…oh, I don’t know…the Clinton campaign having more actual hands-on contact with the Russians than the Trump campaign. That would explain why the Left’s argument regarding the Trump dossier went from “We need to find out everything in the dossier” to “We don’t need to know who paid for it, just whether it’s accurate.” And even that doesn’t get the Left out of the woods. If Mueller’s investigation proves the Left was in Vladimir Putin’s back pocket so much Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has permanent stitch marks on her butt, the narrative will switch to “This subject is boring. Let’s focus on Trump’s connections to Russia!”

In any case, the Mueller investigation will continue on with or without my support (but will continue with my money) and we will be in for…well, something that will be more disappointing than a striptease from Lena Dunham. Whatever happens, the Left will try to put on a brave face and spin every little indiscretion into a major scandal, but for those of us on the outside of the Leftist bubble, it will be like opening the biggest package under the Christmas tree and finding it full of the ugliest sweaters, socks, and underwear.

But for you Leftists out there hoping Mueller Time will get you into the White House, you’d be better off joining a tour group.

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Endangered Swamp RINOs

I for one am very thankful that Donald Trump won the election of 2016. And it’s not because I voted for him since the Iowa Caucus or that I am some sort of Trump fanatic or “cultist” either.

The President isn’t a regular politician. And like any man he does have his faults. I do not agree with everything he had done as President either. And I know he isn’t a Conservative.

But President Donald Trump does have common sense and many Conservative values are rooted in common sense. His Presidency shines a light into the heart of the dark swamp that is Washington D.C. and Establishment politics of both Republicans and the Democrats.

Had Hillary Clinton won in November of 2016, even with a Republican win in the US House and US Senate, we would have seen more of the same that we saw in the previous 8 years under President Obama.

The House and Senate would have passed the complete repeal of ObamaCare only to have it vetoed by President Clinton. Likewise they would have passed immigration reform and all the other changes they are now dragging their feet on. However, they would have approved President Clinton’s cabinet and appointees in record time.

We the People, would have cheered the actions of Congress. For moving swiftly with the change of power in the White House and for passing the legislation that would benefit the majority of the nation. And we would be duped into thinking and believing that Congress was the vanguard protecting us from Liberalism. That would be the world if Hillary Clinton had won.

Without President Donald Trump, those so-called “neverTrump Conservatives” would have fooled us into believing that they are Conservatives. But thanks to the light being shown on them from the President. We see that they are only RINOs (Republicans In Name Only.) And a year from now in the mid-term elections. We will send the majority of them packing their bags.

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Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

Remember when the Left was obsessed with President Donald Trump’s connections to Russia waaaaaay back a whole week or so ago? Well, this past week has blunted that enthusiasm now that there are alleged connections between Russia and the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Now, they want us to ignore their possible crimes to focus on the crimes they’ve alleged President committed.

What is at the core of both of these situations? Leftist double standards, for one, but I’m referring to Russia. The Left’s relationship with Russia makes Sybil look well-adjusted. One day, they’re our ally and we can trust them when they have information that hurts Donald Trump. The next day, they’re our enemy and we can’t trust them to tell the truth when they have information that hurts them. Complicate is hardly the word for this kind of Jeckyl and Hyde relationship.

Let’s take a closer look at the elephant, or bear in this case, in the room.


What the Left thinks it means – a country that has aided Donald Trump in stealing the 2016 election and is, therefore, our enemy. Also, a country that wasn’t our enemy when Barack Obama was President.

What it really means – our worst frienemy

There was a time when the Left looked up to the Russians. Usually, it was when the Russians were communists, but that admiration never quite went away. Now, the Left tries to relive the wonder years of the former Soviet Union while making tons of money in the pursuit of it.

Let that sink in for a moment.

On the other side of the aisle, the Right adopted Ronald Reagan’s approach of “trust, but verify.” For a while in the mid 80s and early 90s, the US and Russia had a burgeoning relationship, but that changed when hardcore communists hung around and kept just enough power to remain relevant. Then came the rise of Vladimir “Rudy” Putin. A former KGB member, Putin didn’t want the former Soviet Union to die out completely and adopted many of the same draconian ideas that were popular in the Soviet Union. (Oddly enough, college Leftists are adopting those same ideas today.) As a result, the Right went back to not trusting Russia.

This conflict of approaches came to a head during a 2012 Presidential debate between Republican Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. While Romney warned people of the threat Russia posed, Obama brushed it off with a comment about the 80s wanting their foreign policy back. Good times. Of course, that was before the Left lost the 2016 election while collaborating with the Russians, so naturally the Russians are bad guys now, right?

Well, actually, they are, but unlike the Left, my distrust of Russia isn’t situational nor political. Call it my Cold War Spidey Sense, but whenever you have a former member of the KGB heading up a former enemy turned fairweather friend, it tends not to end well. And unfortunately our foreign policy has been slow to pick up on this. Then again, when you’ve had Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, two of the most ineffective and unintelligent Secretaries of State in recent memory, heading up foreign policy, I’m amazed Russia hasn’t already taken over the country. (Note to the Leftists who think this has already happened, respond to this column so I can send you money to buy a clue.)

Meanwhile, we still have the Russian threat to address, and they have friends. I’m speaking of China, another geopolitical thorn in our side. China and Russia haven’t always gotten along, but in recent years they’ve found a common enemy in America. Let’s just say these two countries wouldn’t be too heartbroken if we got knocked down a peg or 20, and both countries have a means to do just that with enough provocation. China owns a lot of our debt, and Russia has a significant oil reserve. Combine those two, and you have the makings of an America economic disaster that would make the mortgage crisis of 2008 look like you lost a nickel down a sewer grate.

And it’s not like this is a new phenomenon, either. Russia and China have been getting chummy for a few years now, including when a certain President mocked Mitt Romney’s prescient warning as being an outdated concept. Yeah, now the party of that President now thinks Russia is a bad guy because they believe (falsely) Russia cost their 2016 candidate the Presidency. (Yeah, it totally has nothing to do with the fact she was unlikable, inept, and couldn’t seem to find Wisconsin on a map…of Wisconsin.) Now that their own connections to Russia are coming to light, the Left isn’t so keen on digging into the situation further, but they are totally on board with continuing the investigation into the Trump-Russia connection to the point Don Quixote is telling them to seek help.

And while all of this political theater is going on, Russia is biding its time, waiting for the moment when they can drop the hammer. And possibly the sickle, too.

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DOJ has Failed

The Department of Justice under the Trump Administration has made a grievous error in judgment. The Assistant Attorney General Kevin Boyd has announced that the DOJ will not pursue charges against Lois Lerner for her direct role in denying tax-exempt status to conservative organizations during the Obama Administration.

The reasoning? Not enough available evidence to reopen the investigation. That is absurd. The very purpose of an investigation is to gather evidence that will lead to prosecution and conviction. Again the Trump Administration is failing to do the job it promised to do during the presidential campaign.

Two very important actions must be taken by the Department of Justice. These actions will not only save face for the Administration but they will fulfill the President’s campaign promises to the American people who elected him to that high office.

The Attorney General of the United States must open investigations and bring charges against Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton. Both have committed crimes against the United States and the American people. One has committed Treason. And both should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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It’s Not My Fault!

We are totally living in a police state, kids! How do I know?

A college professor got fired for expressing an opinion. Granted, that opinion was that President Donald Trump should be shot, but it was totally because we’re living in a police state!

The former professor in question is Kevin Allred, a women’s studies professor formerly of Montclair State whose claim to fame (prior to wanting the President to be shot, that is) was teaching a class about…Beyonce. Think of all the brilliant young minds cut short without Allred’s class. I’m sure all 2 of them are greatly disappointed.

There is a reason behind this blog outside of having a Schadenfreude-palooza. Allred took to Twitter complaining about how his free speech rights cost him his job, a job he got fired from before he actually started teaching at Montclair State, and how he got fired because of “Trump trolls.” Yep, it wasn’t the fact he threatened the sitting President repeatedly on Twitter, it was because people got upset at what he said.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Left isn’t big on accepting responsibility for their mistakes. Whether it’s Allred or Hillary Clinton or Kathy Griffin, the Left is quick to point fingers at everyone else, but slow to consider they might just be the only ones to blame for their missteps. This can easily be explained by one three letter word: ego.

It may be hard for people who haven’t been Leftists to understand, but a lot of their political ideology involves their belief they are the smartest people in the room at all times, even when they’re in a room full of people far smarter than they could ever dream of being. Naturally, this creates an exaggerated delusion of grandeur to the point Narcissus would look positively Amish. Combine this with the Left’s self-imposed sense of superior morality, and you have a hubris cocktail devoid of self-awareness.

Now, remember this isn’t based on Leftists being smarter or more moral than the rest of us. This is all them. They hang out in the same circles, hearing the same rhetoric regurgitated ad nauseum, and thinking the same thoughts. When you’re in an echo chamber, it’s easy to mistake volume for sensible agreement. And when someone dares to disrupt the echo chamber, the Left doesn’t consider it a possible opportunity to defend their position; they consider it a personal assault and react accordingly.

That is to say they go on the attack.

If you want to see a prime example of this, check out the recent debate between conservative Ben Shapiro and Leftist Cenk Uygur. During the debate, Cenk decided to insult the audience when he thought they questioned his intelligence. In fairness to Cenk, though, it was wrong of the audience to question his intelligence when it cannot be confirmed he has any. Bad crowd!

By talking down to the audience, Cenk cemented his image as a condescending know-nothing, which apparently is a resume enhancer to the Left. But to those of us not in the Leftist bubble, it comes off just as it sounds and looks, and it doesn’t help win friends and influence people. And if these Leftists want to make gains in the 2018 and 2020 elections, they need to cut it out.

Of course, they won’t, so it will give birth to more fingerpointing at everyone but themselves. Plus, it will give me a lot more material to work with for future blogs, so it’s a win-win. Yay me.

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Ya’ll Don’t Comey Back Now, Ya Hear

What a difference a week makes!

We return to the thrilling days of yesterweek and to the story of now-former FBI Director James Comey. After Congressional testimony where Comey looked more out-of-sorts than Gary Busey on a day ending in y, Democrats were up in arms. Comey was incompetent and was responsible for Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election! (Little did we know the FBI had so much control over Hillary’s lack of campaigning in key states!) Comey was compromised and he needed to go, like, yesterday!

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. President Donald Trump fired Comey after another brutal day of Congressional testimony after it was clear he was more of a liability than an asset. Who knew Trump had a history of firing people? And Democrats reacted by…claiming Trump fired Comey because he was getting too close to the truth with a probe into whether Trump colluded with Russia to help him win the 2016 election.

If you ever wonder why I stopped being a Leftist, this is why. Keeping up with the day-to- day narratives requires either flexible morals, the attention span of a mayfly with ADD, or a flow chart on a dry erase board. One week, Comey is horrible. The next, he’s a valiant warrior for truth, justice, and the People for the American Way (a wholly owned subsidiary of our good friend, Uncle George Soros.) Even Leftists are having a hard time keeping up with the narrative, if Stephen Colbert’s recent audience reaction to news of Comey’s firing is any indication. (Spoiler Alert: Colbert didn’t expect cheering and had to tell his audience how to feel about the news. Hmmm…maybe Colbert has more experience being a news anchor than we thought…)

There is an easy way to cut through the crap, though: stay consistent to your beliefs. Granted, that’s hard for the Left to do, but for the rest of us, it’s not that hard. I’m on record as saying I felt Comey wasn’t doing a good job under the spotlight, and I still feel that way. In fact, I still think he may be angling for something else just like Joe Wilson, husband of CIA Barbie Valerie Plame, was. We’ll see what comes of Comey now that he’s out of a job. If my hunch is correct, he will show his true colors and give the Trump Administration more fits simply by existing, and the Democrats and Leftists will eat it up.

Just a word of warning, Mr. Comey. Remember the last time you saw either Wilson or Plame? Neither do most of us. That’s the fate that awaits you if you try to curry favor with the Left after being fired. They will chew you up and spit you out faster than feces flavored chewing gum. These fairweather fiends will never let you into their inner circles no matter what you do for them. You are a means to their ends, and that’s all you’ll ever be.

But give the Left time. They’ll pull another Jeckyl and Hyde act soon enough.

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We’re Just Not That Into You

So, Chelsea Clinton is a thing. Or not.

The reason this is up in the air is because we’re seeing two different perspectives. One is being generated by the media, who have treated the Clintons like the royalty (even though the Clintons have royally screwed them over many times…and that’s just Bill!). After the Hillary experiment failed twice, their sights are on the next generation of corrupt politicians, Chelsea.

The superlatives read like a romance novel. She’s smart! She’s popular! She’s cute! She’s a successful businesswoman as well as a wonderful mother! In other words, she’s everything her mother isn’t.

But as you might have guessed, I’m skeptical. For one, I’ve read her Twitter feed on occasion. She’s as sharp as a bowling ball on League Night. Her resume is great if you like light reading with a touch of fiction. And she seems completely oblivious to the world around her. As much as she tries to sound like she cares, it comes off as either forced or out-of-step with the rest of the world. It’s like she lives in her own little bubble and doesn’t venture out for anything. In other words, she’s everything her mother is.

The question that comes to mind is why Chelsea is getting a push now. It’s only a few months from her mother’s stunning defeat at the hands of Donald Trump, so the wounds are still pretty fresh. Perhaps the reason for the push is a direct result of Hillary’s loss. Without a second Clinton Presidency to fall back on and Hillary getting long in the tooth for a third potential failure, the press needs new blood to keep the Clinton name alive in political terms. That brings us to Chelsea, who at least on some level is being groomed for a possible Senate run in the near future. When you consider the Senate is where intellectual midgets like Joe Biden, Al Franken, and Elizabeth Warren reside, Chelsea will fit right in. That would be a repeat of how her mother won her Senate seat, and it would be a nice place for her to get her political chops in order for a possible Presidential run.

But the question remains of whether America wants another Clinton in office. Granted, Chelsea could easily run for Senate in a blue state where a moldy sandwich could get elected if it had a D behind its name (see the aforementioned Senators for proof). Having said that, even the Left is getting tired of the Clinton family, and when you consider what the DNC and the Clinton campaign did to hamstring Bernie Sanders, it will take a lot of work to bring the party together. Just ask current DNC Chair Tom Perez, provided he’s taken his meds and had his shots. Add to this the fact the Clinton name has been damaged more than a balsa wood bedroom set at Michael Moore’s house, and you have the recipe for an electoral drubbing.

And we haven’t even gotten into the Clinton Global Initiative, a potential treasure trove of mismanaged money and political favors. Just like the DNC, but with 300% more Clinton!

It may be time for Americans of all political stripes to just say no to Chelsea Clinton. Or if we can’t say no, then maybe just point and laugh at all the attempts to make her seem like a winner.

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Swing and a Mis-ogyny

Recently, it was announced Hillary Clinton would be writing a memoir about the 2016 Presidential election. And, surprisingly, it’s not going to focus on the fact her campaign made Pat Paulsen look like Ronald Reagan, circa 1984. Instead, it’s going to focus on Russia, James Comey, and, get this, misogyny. Since the Russia and Comey angles have been discussed so often PETA is protesting the news coverage after the dead horse has been beaten, I’m going to focus on the misogyny claim for a bit.

Mrs. Clinton, maybe you weren’t watching the same campaign I was, but you were tossed so many softballs the stock price for Nerf skyrocketed when you talked to the press. And by “press” I mean your lapdog reporters hanging on your every word and deflecting any bad news away from you. I swear Andrea Mitchell was a few drinks away from going all Brokeback Mountain on you.

If anything, Mrs. Clinton has it pretty easy. Take the homebrew email server scandal, for example. When the press weren’t ignoring the implications of a Presidential candidate eliminating emails requested by
Congress to determine whether she broke the law, they were making excuses that would make a five year old look mature. Yes, I know previous Secretaries of State used private emails for State Department business, but it wasn’t illegal until 2009. Now, tell me when you became Secretary of State again…

Regardless, it’s hard for me to believe misogyny played a role in the Clinton campaign’s failure to capture the White House last year. When you look at all the females who supported her, ranging from celebrities to average folks, the fact women came out in droves for Hillary cannot be discounted. If the campaign was the victim of misogyny, female celebrities would be scared to come forward in support of Hillary out of fear of retribution. Since that doesn’t happen (except to Hollywood conservatives), blaming the 2016 Presidential loss on misogyny is laughable.

What isn’t so laughable is how quickly Hillary is playing the woman card again after it failed to work in 2016. Look, you weren’t entitled to be President because you’re a woman. In fact, you weren’t even entitled to it because you lived there for 8 years as First Lady. You have to earn the position, and you can’t do that when you’re looking for misogyny under every polling number. If you want to see real misogyny, ask your husband for some examples. I’m sure his little black filing cabinet is full of them, among other sundry items not suitable for public knowledge.

Granted, Donald Trump has a bit of a history with mistreating women, either directly or by not treating them as well as they could be. Even so, that doesn’t mean the press and campaign swung to his side. If anything, Trump was taken to task for every misstep, every vaguely insulting comment, every ill-advised Tweet that could be turned into an attack on women. When you look at the media coverage of Trump’s comments about some women and compare it to the homebrew server story, the former used more ink than an octopus family reunion. And which one actually mattered more? The email server story by a country mile. What Trump said (or at least what he was said to have said) was vulgar. What Hillary did was illegal.

So, you’ll excuse me if I don’t buy into the notion The Man kept you down, Hillary, and I won’t buy your book. However, in the spirit of bipartisanship and no hard feelings, let me offer you a title for your book.

How does I Got Beat By a Reality TV Show Host and All I Got Was This Lousy Book Deal grab you?

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Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

I have been called many names over the years for my viewpoints. Some of them have been pretty benign, while others have been viler than a Courtney Love STD test. But one that has garnered favor from the Left over the past few years is “the wrong side of history.” That sounds rather ominous when you think about it. Imagine being wrong on a temporal scale. You know, like Joe Biden?

This phrase bears further examination. Now, if only I had an outlet to do just that?

Oh, wait! I do!

wrong side of history

What the Left believes it means – being against what they believe to be right

What it really means – a phrase that means nothing and can’t be supported

The Left loves to think it’s visionary and can see into the future based upon current events. Well, you don’t have to be Kreskin to realize how unsuccessful they’ve been in recent months. After all, these were the same folks who said Donald Trump would never be President. Yeah, how’s the Hillary Administration coming along?

The claim you’re on the wrong side of history on a particular decision or position is an appeal to your ego. We hate being wrong about anything, and when you throw in the possibility we could be wrong for all of history, it adds a lot of pressure to whatever position we take. And, naturally, the Left believes the only way to be on the right side of history is to agree with them. This also plays into our egos because we want to belong to a group. Unless that group is a bunch of asshats, then you don’t want to belong to that group. But enough about Congress.

It is a pretty heavy charge to be accused of being on the wrong side of history, but it may not be an easy charge to prove. As the saying goes, history is written by the victors, and the Left hasn’t been in the winner’s circle that much recently. To presume the Left will get to write history is pretty bold to say the least. They may be able to write the history books, but that’s not the same as history. And even then, the history books may have to twist the facts in such a way that it would make a yoga class look like a forest of redwoods.

Whenever a Leftist talks about being on the wrong side of history, my first instinct is to ask him/her/them/it what the Powerball numbers will be next week because, well, reasons. Of course, they typically don’t, but hey, you want to give them a chance. But it illustrates a larger point: these folks don’t know how history is going to view anyone yet. Of course, these people may not know how to use soap, so it’s not outside of the realm of possibility they wouldn’t know the future. It’s also a good way to refute the notion of being on the wrong side of history.

Of course, there are times when the Left are on the wrong side of history, but they won’t admit it. Take abortion for example. No matter how much they try to pass it off as an essential right that should never be questioned, the Left is definitely on the wrong side of history because they cannot admit this essential right kills a human life. It’s not a clump of cells. It’s not a Buick or a basketball. It’s a baby.

Imagine the Left having to answer for supporting the killing of millions of babies for decades. And these jackholes want to lecture to us about being on the wrong side of history?

When you boil it right down, the Left wants to claim the moral high ground by citing history (that hasn’t happened yet) as their justification.

Yeah, it makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I need a beer.

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The Americans are Coming

The Left was outraged when Donald Trump stated during his presidential campaign that he might not accept the results of the election if he didn’t win. Hillary Clinton and her supporters all claimed that such action was unpatriotic, unAmerican, shameful and wrong.

Yet here we are just 4 months after the election where Donald Trump won the election and is President. Hillary Clinton and her supporters, including the mainstream Liberal media, have not accepted the results. And for them it is patriotic, American as apple pie, and the right thing to do.

Proving once again that the Left has two sets of rules. One for them and one for everyone else. They are the leaders of the double standard.

So I’ll say it again. Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States of America. He was legitimately and lawfully elected by the People of the several States according to the US Constitution.

The Russian’s did not influence the election and steal the victory from Hillary Clinton in any way, shape, or form.

Hillary Clinton lost the election on her own for a number of reasons. Chief among them were her proposed policies which did not coincide with the values of the American people as a whole. And unlike her husband, Hillary Clinton lacks people skills and is just a very unlikable person.

Had the DNC actually allowed their members to nominate a candidate of their choice instead of handing it to Hillary Clinton. The election results would have been different. We might still have President Trump but it would have been a hard fought victory.

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